Chapter 722. Here is a rage!


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The absolute part of chopping magic artifacts is disposable, so using them only once, the magician gains short-lived power, after which the chopping artifact simply disappears.

However, Guan Yuy’s magic artifact was specific: he could use it against red-brown monsters at the same time as his movement magic (like earth and wind magic from Zhang Xiao Hou).

If Guan Yu can use claws along with the magic of movement, it means that he can not be afraid of monsters at all, because after piercing them, he can immediately disappear, avoiding a reciprocal attack!

Such artifacts are extremely rare, but it is precisely because of these magical advantages that Guan Yu got into the national team list!

Confronting such monsters can be dangerous, but among all the magicians, it is the wind magic that has the advantage: the counter attack does not threaten them!

This was the first time that Guan Yu showed his magical abilities to everyone. The rest of the guys from the team did not mind, but Guan Yu himself was extremely proud of himself.

Indeed, such magical power in killing magical creatures is considered rare even at the national level!

– The rumble of thunder – deadly lightning!

As Guan Yu continued to admire himself, a crash sounded somewhere off to the side.

Electric discharges appeared from nowhere, making everyone blind, so that no one could even open their eyes!

Purple lightning flashed with all its fury, creating an electrical network around! Three red-brown monsters could not even resist surging magic, because they fell into the net! Deadly lightning struck their bodies, making holes in them …

Mo Fan’s lightning bolts were never ordinary. On a wave of a magician’s hand, one more portion of lightning fell on monsters, they wanted to run, but it was not there!

– Stay there and have fun!

Kill one by one ???

This concept did not correspond to the explosive temperament of Mo Fan, who did not want to exchange small things for some monsters of the level of the pack leader!

Peals of thunder / dance of passion had the killing effect of relatively small creatures at the level of the pack leader, but peals of thunder / disastrous lightning were even more cruel! They could destroy three creatures at the same time!

Mo Fan was not exchanged for cubs – mature red-brown monsters were of more interest to him! These three creatures tried to attack him, but against the rage of Mo Fan’s magic, it was impossible to resist! Deadly lightning literally pressed them to the ground, why they could not even rise!

– This is tin! – Jiang Yu was nearby. The palm of his hand already had the magic of the light of the initial level, however, due to the effect of Mo Fan’s lightning bolts, the magic of light was not even necessary.

– Seal of the fourth step lightning! Yes you are rich! – I heard a voice.

The specific magic of Guan Yuy, of course, was delightful, but the thunder of thunder of Mo Fan of the fourth stage did not even allow for a breathe! When Guan Yu killed only one monster, Mo Fan destroyed three at a time!

– Everything is here, where else to run?

Mo Fan did not cease to release lightning. Electric discharges began to sparkle around his hands again, but in appearance they were not as violent as deadly lightning. These lightning bolts were paralyzing!

The entry-level lightning magic was released in the direction of disastrous lightning, now the fourth-step lightning seal of Mo Fan has started its action!

Fourth-step lightning prints can have up to a hundred electrical discharges, which means that each of the three monsters had more than thirty lightnings! Now their bones cracked …

– Thunder – a blow to the head!

Mo Fan was very accurate: not a single monster was deprived of his attention!

Three monsters, although they were very close to the magician, could not attack him at all – they simply had no strength left!

– Three. These red-brown monsters are something very weak — Mo Fan was already pulling out three gallbladders, despite the fact that they were all black from electrical discharges.

Red-brown monsters are by no means strong, in any case, their defensive skills are completely nonexistent.

Of course, Mo Fang, with his fourth-degree lightning magic, was easy to talk to, but the red-brown monsters were very dangerous, especially during the attack.

– Ha, against such little things spent so much energy! – Guan Yu said displeased.

Seeing Mo Fan in action, Guan Yu now also could not sit still, so he immediately went to kill the next monster.

Although the four monsters had already been killed, this animal differed from them in its strength and speed of reaction – Guan Yu could not even grasp the opportunity to pierce it with its claws!

The main element of Guan Yuyu is the wind, the minor element is the earth. And although this type of magic in itself is not distinguished by its destructiveness, Guan Yu was a very aggressive magician – all because of his claws!

Realizing that Mo Fan had set to work, Guan Yu made it clear to his friend Zu Jiming that he needed help.

Zu Jimin threw the monsters far, far away, without giving Mo Fang the opportunity to cover them with lightning.

If you kill them one by one, then Guan Yu can deal with them even faster than Mo Fang!

Mo Fan, realizing that his opponent was using the help of Ju Jiming, smiled imperceptibly.

Thinks that from a distance his lightning will not overtake them ???

Of course, the rumble of thunder Mo Fan could not spread too far from him, but in this case he had the magic of fire!

– Fire rose!

– Flaming fist!

– Tower!

Mo Fan didn’t budge. In front of him was a stone rock, behind which Mo Fan was not visible …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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