Chapter 723: Screaming Food (Part 1)


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Why did he use the flaming tower fist? Yes, because the flame will go out of the ground!

Then no creatures will be able to create an obstacle on the way, including Ju Jiming with his magic!

Now, Mo Fan was a high-level magician, so his perception was even more sensitive than before. On top of that, Mo Fan was now better versed in space, so he could easily block the monster from a distance!

Mo Fan slammed his fist into the ground with all his might!

The flame quickly ran forward underground. All the fire was hidden in the ground so well that only a red stripe could be seen from above!

The fire quickly overcame a distance of 200 meters, reaching the place where the red-brown monster was located. He immediately jumped in surprise, because he felt that the ground below was very hot!

The stone rock on the way literally cracked, revealing the red-hot inside the surrounding … The very same fire rushed even further …

Waiting until the creature responds, the fiery flame immediately rushed out of the ground!

The fire fountain now looked more like a fiery flower that heated the whole space around!

The monster was now covered with burns, and if it weren’t for Ju Jimin that had thrown him away from Mo Fang, then this animal would have died before this from electric lightning strikes.

As a result, the fiery magic that overtook still destroyed the red-brown monster, turning it into a charred piece of flesh.

– E * at! – from somewhere on top heard the voice of Zhao Man Yan, who looked at the burnt monster.

He, not believing his eyes, looked at Mo Fang, which was located behind the rock, and to the distance that separated him from the monster.

Zu Zimin wilted: even he was surprised at the accuracy of the blow by Mo Fang’s fist!

To sense the monster from a distance of two hundred meters and just blow it up with a flaming fist! Does this tower flaming fist have a remote control ???

– Fourth! “Mo Fan hurried to find the charred monster’s corpse and pull out the charred bladder of this creature.

Mo Fan specifically glanced toward Guan Yu.

Guan Yu was also very tagged and had already managed to collect three gallbladders. If Mo Fan didn’t kill several monsters at once, he would easily have outstripped him. But if it were not for the help of Ju Jiming, then Mo Fan could have killed one more …

In total, at this moment, seven red-brown monsters have already been killed. Apparently, these small creatures of the level of the leader of the pack are too small to bear with the magicians from the national team ….

Although everyone saw that Guan Yu and Mo Fan took the main hunt for themselves, they still tried to release at least some kind of magic in a purely symbolic way.

– There is the last monster. If Guan Yu doesn’t kill him, then it’s mono to assume that he lost.

– Guan Yu is closest to the monster, about 4 meters away.

– These two are completely insane. Compete like mad dogs, not allowing others to even warm up.

The team members now just stood by and watched. All monsters have almost been killed.

Guan Yu was exactly one monster behind Mo Fang, and was by no means about to yield to him. He activated his other magical artifact, which increased the movement speed even more!

The rest of the guys did not even have time to keep track of him, as Guan Yu began to move quickly and shredded with his claws of that red-brown monster.

The animal did not even have time to react. A large wound on his belly simply opened up with blue bleeding.

The monster, as if not knowing what pain is, opened its mouth and threw out some white liquid onto Guan Yuya.

The liquid scattered in different directions, turning into a jelly in the wind. This jelly created a semblance of a network that now flew to Guan Yu.

Guan Yu hurried to respond. Seeing that an incomprehensible mass was flying at him, he wanted to hide, but he was too close to the monster, so both his legs were glued to the stone with this liquid.

– Die!

This liquid, which flew out of the monster’s mouth like saliva, petrified immediately after it touched human flesh. As a result, Guan Yu’s legs were now themselves like a stone!

For a wind mage, such a mistake could cost life.

However, Guan Yu was not a weak magician: the reason for his anger was not the fact that he was attacked by a monster, but that he could not get the gall bladder on the first try!

Mo Fan, seeing the situation, laughed.

It seems that he remained the winner. Cooking the flame in his palm, he moved forward.

Mo Fan threw his flaming fist at the last monster ….

A flaming fist, rounding the arc, flew right on target.

However, at some point, Ai Jiang Tu, who was watching everything from the outside, frowned and released magic!

– Control! * (Control / fake claws – the magic of entry-level space).

In the air, out of nowhere, spatial claws appeared, which literally threw the body of a red-brown monster, dragging it behind them.

The monster in the air has already lost its balance, but in this way he was able to dodge Mo Fang’s fist.

The animal lay on its back, and Ai Jiang Tu continued to drag him back and forth.

The monster no longer has the strength to resist magic. Leading about 60 meters, he was in front of Ai Jiang Tu.

The red-brown monster was furious: he immediately rushed to Ai Jiang Tu.

Such animals are distinguished by their strength and claws, which can shred the victim into pieces even in the air!

Ai Jiang Tu, not giving in and see, put his hand forward.

*** Bang ***

The monster’s body in the air first stopped, and the next second flew again!

With the force of a monster, it crushed to the rock, which from a distance looked like it had been hung there with nails.

– Ai Jiang Tu, you’re just a darling! However, I won anyway, ”said Mo Fan, being in one leap next to the monster.

“Look at his belly,” Ai Jiang Tu replied.

Mo Fan, hesitating a little, approached.

The belly of this monster was already torn with the claws of Guan Yu, and from there, without ceasing, blood oozed out.

However, from there one could see the small legs of a human baby, which now casually fell out!

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