Chapter 724: Screaming Food (Part 2)


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Ai Jiang Tu went to the body, and with his bare hands broke the belly of the monster.

“Commander, why are you so, this is disgusting,” Mu Tinin’s face twisted, as from the stomach of a red-brown monster was terribly stinking.

Everyone stood in surprise, not understanding why Ai Jiang Tu is doing this, what is important inside this red-brown monster?

Ai Jiang Tu was not particularly cruel, he carefully opened the monster’s belly, slowly, and then put his hand in it, and pulled out this little creature by the leg.

Mo Fan was standing next to him, and when he saw what Ai Jiang Tu pulled out of this monster’s belly, his expression changed dramatically, and it was obvious in what rage he was!

Ai Jiang Tu’s hands were running down gastric juice, fresh blood, the remnants of food that was already rotting.

– Commander, you are still … Aah! “Mu Tinyin was just about to ask a question, when she saw in her hands Ai Jiang Tu a nauseous baby.

The rest of the heart almost jumped out of the chest, from the squealing of Mu Tinyin, and when they saw the body of the baby in the hands of Ai Jiang Tu, the atmosphere immediately changed, and the expression on their faces, too, the girls, mostly turned away, not wanting to look at this filth !

Too angry, too disgusting, too awesome.

Ai Jiang Tu pulled a roughly one-two-year-old baby out of his red-brown monster’s belly.

He was swallowed alive, apparently recently, since the skin, although it was slightly eaten by gastric juice, was still whole.

It was just incredible!

How did this red-brown monster swallow the baby?

Did he recently attacked the village, and decided to taste the fresh flesh?

Ai Jiang Tu’s hands were dirty, and he headed towards the sea to also wash everything from the baby’s body.

The baby has already died, and died of suffocation.

And if Ai Jiang Tu did not find him, then in the next day or two, the baby would have already dissolved in the gastric juice of this red-brown monster, and if you imagine this, then the horror just hairs stand on end!

“I was swallowed alive, and floundered in my stomach for a while,” said Ai Jiang Tu coldly, after he had washed the baby.

The baby’s eyes were open, it was clear from that, that when he was eaten, he was still alive.

– Commander, that’s enough … – from the girls heard it was nauseous.

“One more here,” said Mo Fan.

They all turned around and saw in Mo Fane’s hand another baby’s dirty body, he looked like he had been for two or three years, his skin had basically rotted away, as if they had torn off her …

“Give it to me,” Ai Jiang Tu handed over the clean body of baby Mo Fanyu, and he himself took the baby from his hands.

Ai Jiang Tu washed thoroughly, but the child rotted much more strongly, because as he did not try, he looked terrible anyway.

“It’s worth digging in,” Mo Fan sighed.

Ai Jiang Tu nodded.

“Let’s better use Shining: Cleansing,” said Zhao Man-Yan.

A beam of light lit up the edge of the cliff, descending from heaven on the children’s remains.

It doesn’t matter if the flesh is well preserved, or it has already decayed seriously, because of the strong flow of light, they very quickly decayed, cleaned, and within a few seconds these little bodies turned into a handful of ashes, swaying under the golden radiance …

Suddenly, a wind blew from the sea, in a moment carrying a handful of ash behind it, leaving behind it only the pensive look of all those present.

“They seem to be hiding carefully,” Jiang Yu said, frowning.

Anyone who personally encounters this will definitely not be able to leave as if nothing has happened.

“Jiang Yu, Mu Tinying, you two return to the Bird Town, find out which villages have been attacked by monsters lately, especially young children,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

“We didn’t go to destroy the monsters, kill everyone, and that’s the end of it,” Mu Tinien said, not wanting to do anything.

– Do you really think that the five scientific leaders just threw us into some seedy fishing village? – asked Ai Jiang Tu.

Moo Tinyin had already opened her mouth to protest, but could not find the answer.

Ai Jiang Tu, with his phrase, clearly hinted to everyone.

– You say that the scientific leaders gave us a difficult practical task? Said Guan Yu.

“I think that something terrible is clearly happening here, but at the top they haven’t completely understood what is happening, and the five scientific leaders decided that we could, in the process of practice, solve this strange problem,” said Jiang Yu seriously.

– Check us out? Said Nan Jue, frowning.

Ai Jiang Tu shook his head: “It doesn’t matter whether it’s a check or not, but in any case, everything must be clarified. If a magician was swallowed up, a fisherman who went beyond the safe areas, we will simply bury them, but for the children … ”

Ai Jiang Tu was already in anger!

Children, they are in the city, in a safe zone, how could they get into the territory of monsters, and how could these red-brown monsters swallow them?

It can be understood that the population of magical monsters is growing and growing, the border of the safe zones is getting smaller, but they should not be allowed to appear in the territories where people live, especially if they decided to eat human children mercilessly swallowing them alive!

Monsters are so brutal, and the rule of the Bird Town still does not sound the alarm!

It is not surprising that the city fell into decay, the security borders are becoming less and less, and its prestige has fallen so much.

From the very beginning, Ai Jiang Tu, having heard about sea monsters, calmly referred to this, but now he was just furious and would have gladly returned to the Bird Town, and would have lifted all of his military to the ears, showing personally each of them two children

“Commander, even if this is so, calm down, rely on me, I will quickly return and tell you all you can find out,” said Jiang Yu.

“I need all the information about the Bird town military,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

– No problem!

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