Chapter 727. The element of space, control!


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– Zhao Man Yan, did you hear a stupid story about how two people were walking along the road and saw a bunch of crap ??? Then one of them says to the other: “We argue for 10 thousand yuan that you will not be able to eat this shit?” In the end, he ate shit and earned ten thousand. They continued on the road and saw a bunch again. He who ate the shit on his heart was restless, and he also argued with another for 10 thousand that he would eat shit. As a result, he agreed to this in order to get his money back, and it turned out that they both ate shit … ”said Mo Fan Zhao Man Yanu on the move.

– You want to say that if we compete with each other, we will not get anything? – asked Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan nodded his head.

In short, just a crook.

Now both of them were running very fast, as sea monsters were chasing after them.

The center of the island was like a turtle shell, which was covered with wet plants. In the middle was a reef cave in which all the sea monsters were hiding and who were supposed to be disturbed by Mo Fan with Zhao Man Yan.

Sea monsters just rested nearby, taking mud baths. A few flaming fists were enough for the monsters to rush in full force behind Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan turned his head and saw that about 40-50 individuals were rushing after them, and the vegetation of the island seemed to bow down before them.

The monsters were the level of the leader of the pack, but if they were ordinary servants of the servant level, then Mo Fan could defeat them on the spot.

– Do not, do not run! Your lair is about to burn! – shouted Zhao Man Yan. He was not in the arsenal of the magic of fast movement, so he went through his magical artifacts.

The duration of magical artifacts is always limited, so Mo Fan with Zhao Man Yan should hurry to get away from the island!

– E * at! Well, are these monsters really stupid ??? Do not they see that their island is beginning to freeze? Why do they still keep running after us? – cursed Mo Fan.

These two continued to rush from all forces, and the situation itself painfully resembled the situation from the story of Mo Fang!

– The blessing of light: the holy wall!

Zhao Man Yan on the run compiled the elemental system, after which he was able to release the magic of light towards the beasts.

A golden wall that looked like glass immediately formed between two palm trees. The haunted monsters began to beat against her, and their blue fresh blood began to spray around.

However, only a few monsters were victims of the magic of light, the rest of the creature quickly climbed onto the palm trees and jumped from there!

Seeing this, the faces of the mages became grim.

These are sea monsters … how can they climb trees so well ????

This all made the guys move away to the edge of the island, but they didn’t even pay attention at first to the fact that there were wet monkeys hanging from the trees!

However, these monkeys were some kind of strange: they had fish tails, and instead of cheeks gills!

But besides their bodies, it was strange that instead of fur, they had algae!

Sea monkeys are specially camouflaged by algae and this species, sitting in the trees to catch small food! Very tricky!

“These monkeys … do they really want to block our way?” – Zhao Man Yan began to get angry.

Surely these servant monkeys wanted to take advantage of the sea monsters chasing them?


These sea monkeys were disgusting to humans. They were not going to interfere with Mo Fang and Zhao Man Yanu, but their terrible hairs haunted the guys for a long time.

This hair was very wet and sticky, and even more viscous than sea ooze. Falling to the ground, this hair became even dirtier, and if she climbed onto her face, then it was impossible to see something, it was also difficult to breathe.

– Water shield!

Zhao Manh Yan activated his water shield not only to protect himself, but also Mo Fang, because he did not have a single protective artifact!

– These damn monkeys !!! I will erase them from the face of the Earth! Shouted Mo Fan, looking back. His whole head was in that monkey hair, and his goose was disgusted from time to time.

Do these monkeys sit for days in the water, that their hair stinks to such an extent ??? If it were not for the light cleaning, courtesy of Zhao Man Yan, then it would be unrealistic to endure this stench!

The water shield of Zhao Man Yang was surrounded by its 360 degree protection. Several silk streams of water did not leave any part of the body without protection.

Mo Fan suddenly saw a monkey sitting at a height of about ten meters. With a sly expression on her face, she threw something dirty!

Now, Mo Fan has gone crazy. He is not a slut to treat him that way!

– Go here!!!

Mo Fan extended spatial claws toward the monkey.

Having quickly flipped away, the sea monkey was right at the feet of Mo Fang!

Element of space! Control!

Did it seem ??? Zhao Man Yan was simply taken aback by what he saw. This is an element of space … and Mo Fan ???

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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