Chapter 728: Create Yourself Problems


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“Could God have created such ugly beasts like you?” – Mo Fan stepped on the sea monkey’s head, cursing.

* Crackle *

Mo Fan was going to kill this sea monkey, but who knew that he would be surrounded by several hundred of these monsters who began to yelp nasty. What are these terrible creatures! At that moment, the glowing claws began to beat monsters from all sides.

“Little bastards, how many of you there are.” Mo Fan, let’s get away from them – Zhao Man Yan quickly said, realizing that they were in a difficult situation.

– Let them fit one at a time, I interrupt them. Mo Fan is not afraid of anyone! “Mo Fan was determined to destroy these creatures.”

– But the red-brown monster is about to catch up with us!

– Ha, and I will finish him off at the same time!

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan did not want to get involved with these sea monkeys, so they quickly began to run the other way from these creatures.

They fled in the same direction where the detachment was. Mages have long felt the cold that spread around the island. Wet grass and trees were covered with ice.

When the two magicians ran past a section of the island that flooded with water, they noticed that the water was covered with ice. So, Mu Ning Xue used her high-level ice element magic here. It could be said for sure that it would not take much time, as the sea space between the islands is completely covered with ice.

“Mo Fan, do I have eye problems?” asked Zhao Man Yan.

“No, the power of the magic element of the ice of Mu Ning Xue is special, it spreads over most of the space – Mo Fan explained Zhao Man-yan why the water was frozen.

In fact, these two magicians were quite far from the place where Mu Ning Xue was located. The fact that the power of the ice magic of Mu Ning Xue extended to such distant spaces was a clear exaggeration.

– I meant something else! When you grabbed a sea monkey, you used the same magic as Ai Jiang Tu! Said Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan thought he was wrong, he knew perfectly well how many elements Mo Fan owned. He even knew about the element of the shadow.

– Oh, yes. This is an element of space – Mo Fan answered.

– What do you mean?

– What I mean?

– Ai Jiang Tu became the undisputed squad leader only because he owns an element of space. Have you not seen how he freely uses his magic when he kills monsters with one stroke of his hand? My father told me that if I can awaken an element of space, he will give me half of the money that he has, and you know how big this half is? : “Yes, is it an element of space”? What do you mean, your mother ??? – Zhao Man Yan was healthy and strong, these words he just simply yelled into Mo Fang’s ear.

Mo Fan laughed while looking at that hefty Zhao Man Yan

He still had to confess.

– Ok, now I will try to explain everything in detail to you. The element that I have awakened in myself with high-level magic is undoubtedly an element of space! But I ask you not to tell anyone about it … Your clever dad obviously adopted you, since you didn’t guess about my new element – Mo Fan answered.

Zhao Man Yang’s face turned white. He had never seen such a brazen man!

“When did you become a high level wizard?” Wait, they catch up with me, I will send them a storm wave. Said Zhao Man Yan.

He deliberately ran along the shore to take control of the water, which turned into swirling white waves, raising a twenty-meter wave.

The waves rose and fell, breaking strong coconut palms, ripping apart the trees. And in the end, they moved away in the direction of the red-brown monsters.

Zhao Man Yan skillfully mastered the magic of the element of water, especially since he had a sea near him. From this, the force of the wave increased many times.

The wave was like ancient wild animals, rushing to the red-brown monsters. Zhao Man Yan was very pleased with the way he used his magic. In those places where there was a sea, the power of his magic increased.

“Didn’t you hear that red-brown monsters also control water well?” Said Mo Fan.

The complacency that was on Zhao Man Yan’s face disappeared without a trace. Water, which rushed madly to the monsters, stopped abruptly!

Water stagnation?

The power of control of the water is deformed!

Having carefully considered, Zhao Man Yan noticed that the fish-like eyes of the red-brown monsters turned dark blue, the blue light that emitted their eyes controlled the raging wave.

Gradually, all these waves began to move strangely back!

Zhao Man Yan did not think that the waves would begin to return. And the more monsters began to emit blue light from their eyes, the faster the wave, which was a “wild beast”, began to approach the magicians!

That wave rose to 30 meters under the control of red-brown monsters!

“I became a high-level magician in Xi’an …”

-Yeah, high. You better grab my hand and run away from here! Shouted Zhao Man Yan, who at that time didn’t give a damn exactly when Mo Fan became a high-level magician.

– You said that we two do not have the ability to move, why would it?

– Brother, I was wrong. Use at least something, the wave will soon give in our ass as it should!

Mo Fan wanted to use the absorption shadow he used most often.

But the peculiarity of this absorption by the shadow was that it could not be used at will.

Where there was a shadow, one could easily move by absorption. But in the place where there was no shadow, it was impossible to run far.

– Control! Use control to dispel that wave! You are the magician of the element of space! Shouted Zhao Man Yan.

– I just started to take control, sometimes I can not even build a constellation. The control was only enough to grab these monkeys, but if I meet something more serious, then I can’t use the control … ”said Mo Fan.

* Silence *

Mo Fan has truly awakened the element of space!

Mo Fang needed to focus on building a constellation, and besides, you had to use your thoughts to control the subject. If the object was light and did not move, it would be easier to control it, and this was a thirty-meter wave that raged furiously behind their backs!

“You are a high level mage!” Fuck you! The wave is already above us! – Zhao Man Yan screamed like a girl.

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