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Gu Qingsong’s heart twitched, Chu Xingyun’s Martial Spirit affinity, so high, even the test of the monument can not be measured, so terrifying Martial Spirit affinity, it seems that Yunmengwufu is not a few.

“Chu Xingyun, I am in the blue Wufu welcome you to join!” Almost in an instant, the representatives of the three major Wufu said, and looked at the front with a pleasant look.

Super 9-Rank Martial Spirit Affinity is too rare. If you can get such a Talent enchanting, you will become a great tool in the future.

“Teacher!” Qin Yuyan looked at Yang Yan next to her face, and she was surprised. She also didn’t expect Chu Xingyun’s Martial Spirit affinity to be so high that even the soul of the monument could not bear.

“People are there, what’s so urgent!” Yang Yan rolled his eyes and did not say anything about it, but his gaze was to carefully look at the representatives of Chu Xingyun and the other four major military houses.

“The First Round exam ended here, take a break, and continue to the second round assessment later.” Gu Qingsong’s face is not very good-looking, and some angry walked down the stands.

“What is this in the end? You are not saying that Chu Xingyun is a waste. Taking a lot of medicine pill, is it hard to bring the cultivation base up? Why is his Martial Spirit so high!” Gu Qingsong walked Beside Shui Qianyue, with a bit of anger.

Shui Qianyue looks stiff and bites: “The ancient elder, Martial Spirit has a high affinity and can’t represent anything. A year ago, Chu Xingyun really only had Body Tempering Second Level cultivation base, even if it was a natural selection. Within a year, it is impossible to even rise to Seventh Grade, so he must have taken medicine pill, and he has no strength at all.”

Gu Qingsong calmed down a little and nodded secretly. Evening Seventh Grade in a year, it was indeed awkward, and it was impossible to actually cultivate it.

“Cin Xingyun’s innate talent, which has just been shown, has already made the three big martial arts all interested in recruiting. We have to do it. It is a bit difficult. You must seize the opportunity to take the opportunity and use Wind and Thunder to completely abolish him. There are many long night dreams.” Gu Qingsong’s eyes are full of gloomy and cold. He does not want to see the rise of Chu Xingyun.

“Don’t worry, under my full power make a move, he is not a match!” Shui Qianyue’s voice is cold, and obviously she also feels Chu Xingyun’s threat to her.

The other side of the stands.

Qin Yuyan tightly frowns, not joyfully said: “Teacher, why didn’t you just say Chu Xingyun, super 9-Rank Martial Spirit affinity, could it be that not qualified enough?”

Originally, with Chu Xingyun’s Pill Dao innate talent, it is more than enough to join Lingxiaowufu. If you add the super 9-Rank Martial Spirit affinity, I am afraid that even the top management of Lingxiao Wufu will be alarmed.

However, Yang Yan did not speak, but also showed a very impatient appearance, it is really to let Qin Yuyan do not understand.

“The last time I met, this brat was extremely arrogant. I put on a look that I asked him to join Lingxiao Wufu. If I just said that I was recruited, wouldn’t I lose my old face?”

Yang Yan curl one’s lip, an old urchin looks like, “I am a Pill Refining Grandmaster, I have always asked others, I want others, there is no door!”

“If he was taken away by other military forces, are we not losing money?” Qin Yuyan was speechless.

“Reassure, this Blat’s Pill Dao innate talent, except for you and me, people don’t even know, wait for the second round assessment, he will definitely make a big appearance, we will make a move to recruit, and definitely a trick.” Yang Yan chuckled, the smile on his face, all of which showed his confidence.

After half an hour, the rest is over.

Gu Qingsong stood tall and stood up. Lang said: “The second round assessment is to test the strength. The person who is called is able to enjoy the battle on arena. We will judge whether you are eligible to join according to the strength you have shown. Wufu, this battle, is focused on showing strength, nothing to lose or win, remember not to use foreign objects, not to hurt your life!”

“Now, Ye Xunfeng and Lin Chuan, have a battle!”

After the voice fell, a crowd immediately gave an amazing voice. The first battle was so wonderful. It was a decisive battle between the two Talents, and it would be extremely exciting.

In a short time, Ye Xunfeng and Lin Chuan boarded the arena, and the four eyes were opposite. The body also exuded a sigh of relief. One was holding the sword and the other was overbearing, making the atmosphere hot.


Under a drink, the two almost make a move at the same time, no one wants to let anyone, in the center of arena collided, the sword light flashes, the blue glow is diffuse, making the audience screaming.

In the end, the two men joined the Ziyang Wufu and the Indigo Wufu respectively, and many people voted for envy. It is the wish of all of them to join the five major military houses.

“The next battle, Su light and gentle Shi Lei!”

Second battle immediately begins.

The boy who called Shi Lei was from Black Water City, and the cultivation base was not bad. Spirit Gathering First Level Realm, however, he heard that he was soft to the upper Soviet Union and the whole face turned green.

However, afraid of fear, he still bite his teeth on the arena, a make a move, he called the own Martial Spirit, rushing toward the Soviet Union.

Shi Lei is very self-aware. He knows that own cannot win over Su, but this arena battle does not win or lose. As long as it can show the strength of own, it may be selected by the five major military.

Bang bang bang !

After Shi Lei repeatedly blasted three punches, Su gently called out the wind butterfly Martial Spirit, and easily broke through Shi Lei’s defense line, shot it out, and shocked him outna to win.

“movement technique is good, it is very suitable to join my Cangfeng Wufu!” The representative of Cangfeng Wufu with a smile, the path of Su gently walking, is agile all the way, worth training.

Subsequently, indigo Wufu and Ziyang Wufu also made a confession, so that Su’s gentle face floated a smile, looking back, but found that Yunmeng Wufu and Lingxiao Wufu did not move.

“It seems that my strength is not enough to join the two big martial arts.” Su sighed with a sigh, thought for a moment, made the decision of own: “I am willing to join the wind Wufu.”

Afterwards, the battle continued, and the people who appeared in the back all whipped up. Every time make a move, they showed the owner’s Martial Study, and they did not miss the opportunity to show their own.

However, the five major military houses were lacking in interest. After the Soviet Union was soft, only a few people were valued. Yunmengwufu and Lingxiaowufu did not open their mouths from beginning to end, and did not recruit any one.

When the second round check is coming to an end, on the arena, only Chu Xingyun and Shui Qianyue are left.

“Last battle, Chu Xingyun vs. Shui Qianyue!” Gu Qingsong raised his voice a bit, and the tired people immediately recovered, and their eyes glowed brightly.

They all remember that when Wufu selected beginning, Shui Qianyue said that she had a year of appointment with Chu Xingyun to see who was the stinking under the ditch.

Now, the last round of the second round assessment is the two of them.

That agreement, just through the results of this war, to make a judgment!

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