Chapter 730. Red Flying Monster


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“Let me go …” Mo Fan gazed at the red-brown monster, his eyes clearly reflected sincere hatred.

When you use the control of the magic of space, the mind should be particularly focused, because it is necessary not only to create a constellation to perform magic, but it is much more important to firmly fix your intention, and only then can you change the space!

This is indeed an extremely difficult process that requires lengthy training, so at every opportunity Mo Fan tried to raise women’s skirts, yes, of course, a gust of wind is enough for that, but to lift the skirt to the desired height, so as to see that only it is under it, using claws of control is a special kind of art!

Therefore, the main criteria for quality Fake Claws for Mo Fan are their speed, accuracy and strength!

Now he seems to be fine with everything okay, but with their strength they are clearly lacking.

Indeed, after Mo Fan released the Fake Claws, but the three red-brown monsters rushing at full speed, they did not slow down at all, as if there were no obstacles in their way.

– Brother, all to no avail? – Said standing next to Zhao Man Yan.

– Now I can grab an item of no more than fifty kilograms, each of these three red-brown monsters weighs under 200, in addition their speed, and it becomes simply impossible to make it difficult! – grinned Mo Fan.

– Well, you made bullshit, and all the red-brown monsters ran away! Said Zhao Man Yan.

“Didn’t I train hard, okay, then somehow I’ll catch the sea brown monkeys!” Said Mo Fan.

– Do you think you can find them? – asked Zhao Man Yan.

– I say stop talking, you have to do things!

Seeing the power of Mo Fang’s space element, Zhao Man Yan was ridiculous and woeful for his friend.

But Zhao Man Yan understood that the element of space is the most difficult to understand, in addition, he awakens on going to a high level, which requires very good concentration and lengthy training from the magician.

But if it is good to master at least Control: Fake claws, then with them you can already invent many different tricks!

– Coldly!

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan have just returned to the team, as they froze to the bone!

Everything around was in the ice, large snowflakes were dancing in the air, even sea water was covered with a thin layer of ice, and it seemed that everything around had stopped.

** woo **

Not far from the cave came a strange roar, and there one could see a red vortex coming out, breaking up frozen objects into pieces!

Mo Fan stared in the distance.

The breath of the red-brown monsters was unusually strong, after all, they are monsters of the level of the pack leader!

“There is a commander-in-chief, a red crackling monster!” – shouted someone nearby.

They stood in the middle of a battle, where red-brown monsters fought with each other on icy ground, and the commander-in-chief emerged from a cave, near which was Nan Jue.

“Nan Jue is in danger,” he just said, and immediately ran toward the cave of Zhao Man Yan.

With the help of magical artifacts, Zhao Man Yan’s speed was impressive, but Mo Fan was much faster, he used Shadow Absorption several times in a row, because the savior should arrive as quickly as possible!

The red whirlwind was already circling at an incredible speed, Nan Jue was in the clutches of three more than four-meter red-brown monsters when he hit them, and even her protective magic artifact could not stand against this whirlwind!

** bang **

A wooden clarity shield stood in front of her, but the red snappy monster beat without paying attention to him.

The wooden clarity shield in an instant crashed to smithereens, and a powerful blow threw Nan Jue back.

Nan Jue did not lose her composure at all, having performed a pirouette in the air, she landed successfully, getting rid of her disheveled hair.


Turning to the sound, Nan Jue saw a man, it was Ai Jiang Tu.

– Everything is good? – asked Ai Jiang Tu.

– Everything is normal, can you handle it? Asked Nan Jue.

“We’ll see,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

Nan Jue did not show off, and retreated. But these red-brown monsters were not going to let her go, and ran after her, in the end they turned out to be seven or eight, each of which was four, or even more, meters above the average person!

Mo Fan just arrived on time and hit them with fire and lightning!

– Zhao Man Yan, you are responsible for my defense! – Zhao Man called Yang Ai Jiang Tu when he saw him running towards them.

“Are you going to fight this red, bursting monster?” “Zhao Man Yan wasn’t a thirsty for battle, after all it was a monster of the level of the commander-in-chief who could easily break his defensive magic of the average level, once he was able to erase the wooden clarity shield of Nan Jue!

Ai Jiang Tu did not answer, he looked ahead, intending to use the large rock in front of them. His pupil flashed a silvery light, and a huge boulder flew at tremendous speed and hit the red crackling monster!

The monster did not shy away, and hit his paws on a boulder, so much so that he scattered into pieces!

** woo **

The red crackling monster sped in front, suddenly jumping up, he threw open his paws, intending to tear apart Ai Jiang Tu! His speed was extremely high, as if he were a red shadow.

Ai Jiang Tu did not have time to dodge, but at the moment when the red, bubbly monster struck, the space around him became dull, and the next second he disappeared, finding himself on a high cliff!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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