Chapter 731: Drop the Monster!


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After that, Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan, who were not expecting anything, saw a red silhouette of a monster that looked like wind in motion. He quickly reached the place where Ai Jiang Tu was.

It was a monster at the commander-in-chief level, which means that he could easily sense the level of spatial cultivation of Ai Jiang Tu. This beast did not even think about grabbing Ai Jiang Tu with a single blow of his claws – after landing on the ground, he would chase after him again!

Everything happened too quickly: Zhao Man Yan, who was supposed to provide protection for Ai Jiang Tu, simply did not have time to react.

At that moment, the monster was already behind Ai Jiang Tu, and it was impossible to release the defense.

– Heck! – Zhao Man Yan swore.

No matter who it was, the monster or Ai Jiang Tu, Zhao Man Yan did not have time to release the defense, because they both moved extremely quickly.

The light shield, of course, was a bit late, but Ai Jiang Tu was apparently ready for this. Now he stood behind the defense extremely close to the monster.

– Deadly spider trap!

On the palms of Ai Jiang Tu, spider threads have already appeared – it was the magic of the curse element!

A dark red spider appeared from somewhere above. The red crackling monster already wanted to pierce Ai Jiang Tu with his claws, but he felt an obstacle.

He looked up and saw that the web was literally covering him, and his limbs were now immobilized!

The curse spider began to suck the spiderwebs into itself, dragging it to itself!

Ai Jiang Tu ran back, and the red snappy monster was already completely at the mercy of the cobweb. His red, angry eyes flashed through the nets, and his body continued to convulse convulsively.


The monster’s body began to radiate a bloody glow, and its internal energy immediately turned into a multitude of blades, which literally cut everything around.

As a result, these bloody blades cut the threads of the web, and the spider itself, which was at the top, immediately disappeared.

The freed monster was now rising to its feet, gleaming with its red scaly protection on its chest.

The spider trap did not particularly affect the physical state of the monster, but its soul, which regulated the strength of the body and its development, has visibly weakened. How many babies will he have to eat to recuperate ???

Red crackling monster gave a growl, why the layer of ice around cracked!

Even the ice of the sea space, which was located 300 meters from this place, gave a crack! It was visible, how ice mixed with water!

The monster made a jump, from which the ice beneath it finally gave a hole, and from there poured a fountain of water 50-60 meters high!


The ice under my feet, Ai Jiang Tu, also cracked, and from there, too, poured a fountain of water!

The power of the water fountain was so powerful that it could break a stone without any problems! A person can just be smashed into pieces!

Ai Jiang Tu continued backing back, however, gushing water streams appeared under his feet. He was forced to resort to instant movement in order to move a further distance!

The monster flashed his eyes, and after the next blow, the space around it became flooded.

The crazy flow of water under the control of the monster turned into a kind of water monster, which was now heading in the direction of Ai Jiang Tu!

He saw the flow of water heading towards him, immediately concentrated, and his eyes began to give off with a silver glow.

Spatial wall!

The water monster slipped ten meters from Ai Jiang Tu, and, having hit a wave against the barrier, dissipated.

Not a single drop of water touched Ai Jiang Tu — the entire wall of the wave took up the spatial wall!

After that, an even more rapid water monster appeared, but Ai Jiang Tu was so tense that he could not even breathe!

The red crackling monster flashed his eyes, and even more water columns began to emerge from the ground – all these water streams turned into water monsters, which demolished everything around.

Mo Fan, seeing what a difficult situation Ai Jiang Tu is in, hurried to use his fire!

– Fire warrior! – Mo Fan turned into a conscription space.

The sweetheart, who slept, opened her eyes and immediately went to help her daddy, warming up his inner fire.

– Blowing fist!

– Nine dragons!

Mo Fan’s body began to flare up with fire that spread around.

This fist went straight to the red, bursting monster: nine fiery dragons began to weave in the air, creating a real fiery arch!

The monster itself did not pay attention to Mo Fang, and was only busy with the opposition of Ai Jiang Tu. When he saw the flames that carried on him, it was already too late to use the water columns under his control!


Water streams could not resist Mo Fang’s collapsing fist, so this fire strike simply threw the monster aside!

After landing, the monster was far away, and behind it was a dark charred trail.

Watching all this, Zhao Man Yang, for fear, just dropped his jaw!

The red fierce monster belongs to the commander-in-chief level of animals, and the usual average magic against him is practically powerless!

However, Mo Fang’s fist was able to throw him so far!

“This is a flame … Mo Fan, is that your fiery thing ???” – Zhao Man Yan asked, drawing attention to the fact that the flame of Mo Fang had become somehow brown.

Is it not such a flame that surrounds the fiery getter?

Zhao Man Yan couldn’t even think that Mo Fan would still be able to grow a small fiery horse, spending all his strength and savings on it!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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