Chapter 732. The Protection of the Wife


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The red crackling monster, staggering, rose. He grabbed chunks of ice to put out the flames on his body.

The monster lowered its head to look at its breastplate-cuirass, and saw on it a lot of cracks … His eyes gradually became angry, and now they were looking fiercely at Mo Fang!


The speed of the monster was just beyond. He turned into a stream of light that moved between the water columns, and having formed a fist from his crooked hand, he sent it to the head of Mo Fan!

Beating the monster level fist of the commander in chief can easily smash the rock to pieces!

The monster tried to block the place where Mo Fan was. Mo Fan used his shadow magic, but now he managed to move only in the space blocked by the monster. The monster was approaching …

– Snake mail!

Mo Fan hurried to activate his defense.

Several black snakes immediately enveloped the body of the magician, covering him from head to toe!

In such a situation, snake mail was Mo Fane’s last chance!

However, even after this, his life was in great danger!

But it was about the essence of the level of the commander in chief, but for such a life of a magician in defense means nothing!

– Mo … Mo Fan!

Nan Jue, who saw it all from the side, was numb from horror at first, and then rushed to his aid.

The monster’s fist threw Mo Fang away, but Nan Jue who came to the rescue did not find Mo Fang on the icy surface of the body.

Is this boy flattened to such an extent ???

“I … I’m here,” Mo Fang’s hand came out of the ground.

He was literally shoved into the crack, and now, having crawled out, he lay prone.

– Su * ina creature! How strong is he! Said Mo Fan, inhaling the air.

It seemed to him as if his sternum had passed, and now it was painful to breathe.

– Are you not dead ?! – Nan Jue looked at his serpentine mail with surprise.

Deep hollows remained on the chain mail, but she did not suffer as much as the shield of Nan Jue. Most shields surpass chain armor with their resistance … Nan Jue was surprised to see what kind of material made this wonderful thing! In appearance, the mail was like an artifact that would not withstand several attacks!

– How can I die? I interrupted so many creatures at the commander-in-chief level, do you think this creature can kill me? – Mo Fan gradually recovered.

Wu Nan Jue dropped her jaw after she saw that Mo Fan was really not seriously injured.

Smashed so many beasts?

That pi * dabol!

“See, I told you that he cannot die!” – arrived Zhao Man Yan and Ai Jiang Tu.

Ai Jiang Tu, seeing that Mo Fan was fine, sighed too. Turning his head, he saw a monster who growled without stopping: “But it’s not so easy to get rid of him. I will distract him first, and you go and help the others. We need to get rid of all the other sea monsters as quickly as possible, and then together decide on this commander-in-chief! ”

Mo Fan, Nan Jue and Zhao Man Yan nodded their heads.

Ai Jiang Tu used instant movement. It was not a very good way, because the speed of the monster was also high, so soon the two became practically intertwined.

If you think about it, there was only one person in the whole team who could withstand such a monster, and this person said that they must join forces!

The three mages retired, heading to where Mu Ning Xue was.

The battlefield has already shifted to the edge of the island, and some of the magicians have already fought on the sea ice!

All were around Mu Ning Xue. Closest to her was Guan Yu, since he moved relatively quickly. He was left on Mu Mu Ning Xue, then departed again, then approached again. There were too many monsters and sea monkeys who wanted to kill a girl!

Mu Ning Xue was in fact already surrounded by corpses, most of which were the work of Guan Yu.

Mo Fanya is, of course, not happy, and he also came to the rescue, but this unscrupulous Guan Yu now and then spun around his little wife!

“I’ll go, and you’re with Guan Yuy … I mean, I’ll go to defend Mu Ning Xue, and you and Guan Yuy will do other things,” said Mo Fang Nan Jue.

– Even at this time you find an opportunity for jealousy ??? – swept Nan Jue.

– Are you jealous too? Said Mo Fan playfully.

Nan Jue was pissed, there was only one word in her language: “Scram!”



Guan Yu within two seconds managed to visit three places, killing three monsters who tried to attack Mu Ning Xue.

– Relax, while I, Guan Yu, are near, they will not dare to attack you! – said Guan Yu Mu Ning Xue with a smile on his face.

Mu Ning Xue continued to stand with her eyes closed, fully concentrating on maintaining ice magic.

She knew that they were already too close to the sea, and the created ice surface broke under the influence of forces of monsters, because of what they easily managed to get into the sea, and there … there they became stronger!

– Xuesyue, relax! As long as I, Mo Fan, is here, this annoying fly in the face of Guan Yuy would not dare loom in front of your face! Said Mo Fan with confidence on his face.

However, Mo Fan acted a little differently: every time when he was near Mu Ning Xue, he specifically touched her waist, as if letting Guan Yuy understand the full authority of his rights to her!

– Take your dirty hands! – Guan Yu got angry.

Mo Fan did not respond at all.

– Do you want to die? – I heard a cold death voice.

Mo Fan, embarrassed, replied: “You concentrate on your magic … come on, concentrate.”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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