Chapter 734. Burial of the High Level with a Flame of Heaven


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The speed of compiling the star elemental systems Mo Fane was very slow, he himself was already out of the habit of high-level magic, but that was enough to attack the monsters!

Time passed, and the stellar fiery systems intertwined around the magician, giving him an unusual look ….

Star cloud!

Now seven element systems, forty nine constellations and three hundred forty three stars have merged together!

The stars sparkled surprisingly very brightly, and their number simply could not be counted!

Constellations intersect like threads …

The star cloud itself looked very harsh, attracting the attention of others.

– Burial celestial flame!

Now one could see how Mo Fan himself controlled the magic of fire.

A huge flame as if ascended to heaven at the behest of Mo Fang!

Mo Fan raised his head, and the flame that burst above his head looked like a huge firework from afar!

However, it was not a festive firework, but terrifying and striking in its scope! Reaching the heavens, the flame began to spread in all directions, as if setting fire to the clouds!

– Way down!

Mo Fan lowered his head, and with him collapsed and enveloped in a cloud of clouds.

The rain of fire broke out right above the sea-brown monsters, and they immediately began to step over and over, trying not to burn themselves.

As soon as Mo Fan smiled fiercerly, the flames became even more ferocious and cruel!


The fiery rain was silent at first, but then it became just frantic!

Now everything around has ignited, turning into a fiery sea!

Heaven’s flame!

In the midst of this fiery spectacle stood Mo Fan, who, without ceasing, let out the flame right into the heavens, which opened up even more like a scorching rain!

The burial of the heavenly flame without effort enveloped the entire territory in which the sea monsters were and where they were trying to escape – one could hear their moaning everywhere!

From this magic, all those present eyes just climbed on his forehead!

They all thought that there was only one high-level magician in the team – Ai Jiang Tu, however, when they saw that this unscrupulous Mo Fan was also such, they were incredibly surprised!

Burial heavenly flame!

The magic of high-level fire was not only extensive, but mega destructive!

The flames engulfed not only monsters, but also numerous monkeys that jumped from excitement. Sea monsters were the level of the pack leader, so their organisms could somehow withstand exposure to high temperatures, but the sea monkeys were not so lucky! Fire magic immediately enveloped about two hundred monkeys, really burying them on the spot!

The cries and screams of animals were heard from all sides, but they had no way to escape.

Sea monsters from such an attack began to run away in a panic, but the fiery sea overtook them everywhere!

In the midst of all this, there was Mu Ning Xue, who was not in flames. She was surprised to see Mo Fang’s magic.

She could not understand how Mo Fan for such a period of time could cultivate so highly …. Does this sacred source really give him inexhaustible energy for development?

High level!

He not only reached a high level, but also easily controlled all 343 stars! Amazing

“Is he … is he a spare?” – surprised Ju Jiming, clinging to the icy ground.

He has not seen such a daring spare!

There are not so many people in this team who have reached a high level, and people who can control high-level magic, even less!

No one could have imagined that the situation would not be saved by a high-level magician Ai Jiang Tu, but by this bastard!

– Well, how? Isn’t it cool? “Mo Fan now no longer fed the sky with his flame.” Seeing undisguised surprise on the face of Mu Ning Xue, he could not resist the question.

“You have melted all my ice,” Mu Ning Xue replied.

Mo Fan was numb. Of course, from his fire all the snowflakes and all the ice in the area noticeably melted, but not completely …

– Well, that’s okay. With this spell, I destroyed more than ten monsters accurately, and the rest can be killed by hand. Laughed Mo Fan.

Mo Fan looked around: the burial of the first-stage celestial flame destroyed more than ten sea monsters, and the remaining 20-30 individuals were shaking with fear to such an extent that now they certainly would not dare to come close to Mo Fan!

He well remembered the tragedy in the city of Bo, when he first encountered the magic wolf of the level of the pack leader – then he was afraid to even move at the sight of this creature, but now he has destroyed more than ten creatures of the same level with one blow!

In the past few years, Mo Fan really quickly cultivated, and now he himself felt a change in himself, and the way he became stronger.

Now space is subject to him … if he reaches a high level in other elements, then his fighting ability will be simply invincible!

If the element of space that was now in secret from everyone else also reaches a high level, then Mo Fan can shake heaven and earth !!!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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