Chapter 738. Helping Sea Monsters?


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Upon returning to the boat, Nan Rongni immediately began to use the magic of healing, when she saw that Ju Jimin was seriously injured.

Mo Fang seemed to have dawned when he saw that Nan Junni was using the healing element.

The team must have a nurse, and since Nan Junni is a magician of healing, it will be necessary to establish good relations with her later. In addition, she is also a friend of Mu Ning Xue, so Mo Fan simply cannot ignore her.

Zhao Man Yang’s eyes lit up. Pushing Mo Fan, he said in a whisper: “Have you noticed the regularity that all girls have a big chest healing element?”.

– Seriously? – Mo Fan just now saw those mounds that were heaving under the clothes of Nan Rongni. He was so busy looking at and probing Mu Ning Xue’s waist and hips, that he completely lost sight of her.

Mo Fan stared as anxious to such an extent that even he himself began to be embarrassed.

If you think carefully … then Bai Ting Ting also stands out for its roundness, and can make any girl of her age.

And if you still think … Xin Xia … hell, and after all Zhao Man Yan is right!

Zu Jiming recovered very soon. Despite the fact that after the battle everyone was exhausted, it was necessary to monitor the sea in case the sea monster decides to attack them. Those who still had at least some strength were on guard, the rest rested on the boat.

“He doesn’t seem to be chasing us,” said Li Kaifeng, looking at the water.

On the water surface, only the waves from the boat diverged; besides this, no extraneous movements were observed.

“He is also seriously wounded, so he will not rush after us.” – said Ai Jiang Tu.

Spiritual torture is not a simple spell, and any creature needs restoration. Ai Jiang Tu knew that the probability that the monster would not take revenge on them was negligible, which means that the Bird City is in danger.

“I gave him a little thought, so it’s not a fact that he will attack,” said Jiang Shao Xu.

– Let’s all discuss on returning to the city. If he does not come for us, then we ourselves will go to look for him. In addition, we cut out all of their lairs, and the commander without the army will not dare to attack alone, ”said Nan Jue.

– Yeah …

Upon returning the magicians to the Bird City, Lin Junxian was overwhelmingly pleased when he learned that they had carved a whole den of monsters.

Ai Jiang Tu quickly spoke about the whole situation to Mr. Lin and insisted that he help them set up a trap for the red crackling monster.

“You say that the monster of the commander-in-chief level is still there … Even in this situation, you cut out all the sea monsters? – not believing his ears, Mr. Lin asked again.

From the point of view of Mr. Lin, the situation was very good. Nobody could even think that a group of young magicians would be able to destroy a whole lair of monsters!

The fighting capacity of these young people was simply amazing! In any case, on this day they were on top!

Mr. Lin was also not an easy man. Carefully looking at the guys, he asked directly: “Are you the very same magicians who became members of the national team?”

At this age, with such abilities and the type of educated people, there could be only those who belong to the national magic team. And although all the lists were classified, and everything was shrouded in mystery, after seeing the power of these guys, Mr. Lin immediately thought of the national team!

Exactly, that’s right … Only the magicians of the national team can be so talented that they destroyed the monsters’ den in one day!

“Okay, okay, you shouldn’t speculate….” It is better to find a place near the sea, where you can climb through the border. We will help you to completely eradicate the threat, and you will immediately keep your promise! Said Ai Jiang Tu.

One of the conditions of the judges was that they should in no way disclose their personalities.

However, if others still guess, then there is no escape.

It was easy to guess about the guys’ personalities: they were all about the same age (about 22 years), and they were all magicians, who had the capacity to destroy a whole den of monsters. Who else can they be if not the magicians of university competitions?

– Um, relax! I got it! Of course, I will help you destroy the monster! – said Mr. Lin.

He was just about to withdraw his assets from the Bird’s City, but these students appeared like heavenly warriors who saved this city!

Mr. Lin did not know how to express his joy to him. As soon as the last monster is destroyed, its urban assets will soar in value!

The bird town is really a wonderful harbor. Very soon, many people will beg him for cooperation, they will offer investments, and how many people will want to buy out all this property!

Realizing who these magicians were, Mr. Lin seemed to come to life!

He then thought that all his investments had gone bankrupt, and a lot of money just flew into the pipe … Now the magicians have appeared, and he intends to call this rogue, deputy mayor, so that he will raise the entire police to his feet and help in the destruction of the commander-in-chief monster!

Deputy mayor, hearing this news, at first did not believe it. He decided to personally see these gallbladder monsters, which should be more than a hundred!

After that, he personally sent a group of magicians to that island to make sure that the lair was completely destroyed. Only after that he rolled his eyes in surprise.

Are these people ??? How could they destroy so many monsters?

Of course, the purpose of the expedition directed by the deputy mayor was only one thing – once more to lure this monster at the commander-in-chief level so that he decided to take revenge on the city!

Having learned that the last monster could be destroyed, the deputy mayor decided to personally participate in the placement of the trap.

Mo Fan and the others rested at the hotel while Jiang Yu and Mu Tinying were on reconnaissance. After a while they brought bad news.

– You say that there is someone in the administration who intentionally helps sea monsters? – Ai Jiang Tu rose from his seat, gripped by anger.

– So far this is just my guesswork. All that is known is that they deliberately hide the facts of missing babies, and exactly that it smells like death, said Jiang Yu.

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