Chapter 739: The Case of the Lost


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– Horror! But we, without sparing our lives, killed these monsters! – cast Nan Jue.

– Did you find out how many babies are missing? – asked Ai Jiang Tu.

– Over three years, more than a hundred babies have disappeared, the main peak occurs during the spring season. I stealthily received this information in the archives of the relevant authorities of the Bird City. Then I spent a few idlers who I asked them to bypass the nearby settlements and conduct a survey. In the past five years, babies have disappeared without a trace every spring – all this is precisely connected with our sea monster case! Said Jiang Yu.

All cases are divided into two types: cases of people and cases of magical creatures.

Human cases are mainly investigated by the police, and as far as cases of magical animals are concerned, they are usually investigated by the magical association and the military. As for hunters … if you meet a magical monster, and you cannot go with this case to a magical association or government, because they require proof, or it seems to you that government organizations are ineffective in such matters – then you can safely turn to the hunters!

The fact of missing babies over the past three years has not got into people’s affairs, which means that it should be in cases of magical animals!

“We also found that someone specifically engaged in falsifying information by hiding information about sea monsters …,” said Mu Tinjin.

– This situation in the Bird City really makes people disappointed. Even if we are not talking about magical creatures, then what was happening should have been revealed before! We must collect more evidence and prevent the disappearance of other babies! – cast Nan Jue.

– Hmm, what kind of crappy power is that? I should call my father …, – Jiang Shao Xu said with displeasure.

After these words, all the attention of others fell on the girl.

Jiang Shao Xu blurted it out by chance. Opening her eyes wide, she said: “What are you looking at? Am I unable to call my dad on such a case? ”

– Of course, I understand that you are the daughter of an official, but we work on this case in secret, without giving out our names, so it would be better if we solve the situation only on our own. – said Mu Tinyin.

– Yeah, we should not reveal their personalities. However, the case of missing newborns should be investigated further. Jiang Yu, what did you find out about Mr. Lin? Is he a reliable person? – asked Ai Jiang Tu.

– He is engaged in a family business. In addition to being engaged in real estate, there are no more records. However, it was he who built the bay in the Bird Town and many schools in the nearby settlements. In addition, funds for building roads are all his investments, ”said Jiang Yu with confidence in his voice.

– He has nothing to do with the case of missing babies?

– Not. In fact, in one of the country houses in the village, his cousin lives, who is one of the victims in the case of the disappearance of children, – said Jiang Yu.

“We should talk with Mr. Lin, because he knows the Bird City like no one else,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

Meeting room in Lin Business Center

Mr. Lin sat at the head of a large table, and on his side were ten people.

Jiang Yu prepared very well, collecting all the material he had collected on the flash drive, which was now broadcast through the projector of the conference room.

However, during Jia Yu’s speech, the audience was uncomfortable when they saw in the photographs the suffering and weeping faces of the victims.

Most of the victims were fishermen and simple peasants. They were in the photos, which for the authorized authorities were only part of the evidence in the case of the loss.

For such a long time, these people have not received any explanation. They hoped to the last that the information that Jiang Yu had received for money would be able to return their children to them alive and unharmed …

“It’s impossible to get it off your hands like this …” Nan Rongni could no longer look at the screen, her eyes were red.

– There is no excuse! – Mr. Lin hit his fist on the table.

He is just an investor, a person who is engaged in a family business. In this city, he had only one goal – to earn money through investment and development of the city!

When he arrived in the city, he worked with a clear conscience with entrepreneurial paperwork, and could not even conceive that such information was concealed in the city!

Now he is completely disappointed in the local power!

“I’ll call Li Jingming right now (* deputy mayor / mayor of the city) …” Mr. Lin said angrily.

– Mr. Lin, please do not boil. We came to discuss this situation with you only because we still do not know for certain who intentionally indulges in this. Li Jingming, of course, knows about this case, but not the fact that he is the main attacker – too many details are hidden, and even the mayor of the city may not know half of what is happening, said Ai Jiang Tu.

“Yes, yes, I didn’t think about it …” said Mr. Lin.

“Jiang Yu, you’ve already gotten so much information … can you dig deeper?” – asked Ai Jiang Tu.

“I can, I can, except that the method is a little … inhuman …,” Jiang Yu replied.

– Speak.

– The main attacker carefully covers his tracks, so finding him is very difficult. We can go to him only if one more baby disappears and the case of his disappearance goes further … – said Jiang Yu.

– How is this possible??? Use the child’s life as bait ??? – Nan Jue immediately resisted.

“There is no other way,” Jiang Yu replied.

Silence fell.

The matter was even more complicated … Everyone remembered the babies found in the belly of the monsters … but to solve this case, it was necessary to make such a sacrifice!

There was silence in the conference room, no one said anything.

At that moment, Mr. Lin’s phone rang, and he, glancing at the displayed information, immediately received the call.

At first he wanted to go out to pick up the phone, but then he just answered the call.

Everyone could hear a woman crying from the other end!

Mr. Lin, turning pale, looked at the others.

– What happened? – asked Mo Fan.

– The second child of my cousin … gone! – with mournful voice said Mr. Lin.

As these young magicians said, basically newborn babies disappeared … now it means that one-year-old children can disappear too!

Mr. Lin could not calm down. The cry of a woman who was heard from the handset stunned all the people in the hall!

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