Chapter 74: Unique sword Sigshesta


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a day of mind-boggling meaningful self-study, and after that school-

I followed Ray to a treasure trove in an underground dungeon in Delzogate.

Seeing a bunch of devilish swords and magic implements lined up, Ray looked back at this one as surprised.

“Is this Anos at all?

“It was collected 2,000 years ago.”

“Heh. I’m starting to think it’s true that you’re the demon king of tyranny.”

Ray says as he distributes his gaze to the Devil’s Sword.

For this man, I wonder how much more important the Devil’s Sword is now in front of him than it was about the Demon King two thousand years ago.

“Pick what you like”

Ray traces the demon swords he keeps one at a time.

They are all delicacies from the Mythical Age, but if you ask him if he deserves them as much as Initio, it’s hard to say so.

Initio is certainly an excellent devil’s sword, but it’s actually not so powerful or anything. Though the Devil’s Sword that slashes and rips the magic ceremony, it doesn’t mean you can dispel the magic without asking questions. You have to kill the magic with your own skill.

For example, if you are shot in so much magic that you cannot deal with it with your sword, you cannot slash all of it. When Mass used it, the magic ceremony complicated < Demon Ice Demon Flame Sake Wave (Je Glade) > could not be slashed.

Redundancies in magic ceremonies and releasing magic will still make it difficult to kill that much magic.

Besides, you can slash and tear down anti-magic and magic barriers, but the slashing taste of the Devil’s Sword itself is mediocre. Its power depends heavily on the user.

But if Ray, who possesses the skill of an ordinary man’s sword, uses it to turn it into a fearsome demon sword that slashes all attack and defensive magic. It was only with his moves that Ray slashed his opponent’s Demon Sword at the Demon Sword Games.

Even for Ray, who is not so good at non-sword magic, Initio was quite compatible with being able to disable his opponent’s magic with a sword.


Ray turned a blind eye to a wave of sword placed in a corner of the treasure trove.

“Can I unplug it?


He pulls the Devil’s Sword out of his sheath.

The sword body shining in silver is so beautiful that it takes away your eyes.


Hmm. Do you have eyes for that?

Quite how, that’s an odd edge.

“Unique Sword (Ichin) Sig Shesta. That’s a pretty nasty devil’s sword.”

I will use the magic of Creative Architecture (Ives) to prepare a stone statue for trial killing in front of Ray.

“Slash it.”

Ray leaves a step forward.

Sigshesta was swung down from the upper section at a rate that could not even be stopped by the eyes.

“… Huh…!!

The sword body passed through the stone statue as if to cut it both ways from his head.

But the stone statue has not been slashed. It was completely intact.


Funny, Ray smiled in such a way.

“Sigshesta’s sword body holds a demon that changes as I think it is. It is the crook who thinks so. If we don’t focus our minds exclusively on that, we can’t kill anything.”

If it is also a slight clutter, the Unique Sword does not show true value. For the first time, the mind moves body, and the demon, everything concentrates on one thing, and Sigshesta turns it into the Devil’s Sword as he thinks it is. But it’s easy to say.

It is not a technique that can be accomplished that way, such as being uniquely focused. Not to mention that in the middle of the battle, if you concentrate only on that, you will die first. Anyway, you just have to prepare for the opponent’s attack, so you can’t focus uniquely.

“Can you use Anos?

“I can’t use it, but in my case, I’m just trying my best to make you listen. There’s only one person I know who could really use Sigshesta.”

“If there’s someone like that, I’d definitely like to work with them. The fact that the demon sword that the person was using is here already means Anos?

I laughed.

“No, you said you’d be reincarnated. Originally this demon sword was given to me, so I must have returned it to you in discipline.”

Sigshesta is the Devil’s Sword that Sin, who was my one arm, preferred to use two thousand years ago.

You might be able to use that sword.


“You look a lot like him.”

Then Ray smiled refreshingly.

“Does that mean I’m the one who reincarnated?

“I don’t know yet. Are you aware of anything?

Ray thinks by sticking out a unique sword and focusing his spirit.

“Somehow, I feel like I was outside of this era. I don’t remember.”

I guess so.

“If you can use that sword, you may remember a little.”


“Unique swords are swords that change as you wish. That’s where the minds of the former owners are put in. If you have the same roots, you may find yourself in tune.”

Or maybe in anticipation of that, Singh left a unique sword here.

so that one day I will have it in my hands after reincarnation.

“Well, where I found out from my previous life, I don’t care what happens. I don’t know if I need to remind you.”

“Right. But in the meantime, I’ll make it this devil’s sword.”

“Don’t you have to look at anything else?

‘Cause I like this.’

I guess I was attracted to the Devil’s Sword.

But where you choose the most troublesome demon sword still resembles Sin.

“Then go back.”

We left the treasure trove behind.

Back on the ground, Ray and I broke up and I headed to the Union Tower of Anos Fan Union with that leg.

Go inside and go up the stairs.

I’m promising to talk to Melhayce.

I just plugged upstairs and a familiar voice sounded.

“Well, Dear Anos, this is the third lyrics to the support song chorus, but if you have any opinions, raise your hand.”

“Ha! After all, I think we should make it feel like it’s named after a dialogue that Master Anos often says!

“What’s a commonly said dialogue?

“That one, you see, he said in the Great Devil’s Sword Coach, ‘Did you think my head would crack as much as I broke the mountain range?'”

“Oh, good. That’s absolutely fine.”

“That’s it, isn’t it? If you break the mountain range, it usually cracks about your head, but in Master Anos’s case, it means nothing at all, so that’s a good direction, right?

“Yeah, yeah, right.”

“Think of that as a lyric, and what would it look like to be like to be like Anos?

The fan union girls think still.

It was like I couldn’t come up with a plan, but eventually, one said softly.

“‘Did you think I was dating you because I kissed you?

I’m sure the girls screamed yellow.

“Outside road – Dear Anos, outside road -. But there goes!! Outdoor outfit! I’ll tell you what, Master Anos.”

I won’t tell you.

“So, what’s this? ‘Did you think that just because you held him, you took him to heart?

“Nooooooooooooo!! Oh no, no, absolutely, I want to be told!!

“‘Didn’t you think just because you wanted to see me at noon wasn’t your body purpose?

“Straight ball! It’s too straight, Master Anos! We’ve been celebrating since daylight.”

“Well, this. What’s this? ‘Did you think I could marry you just because I love you?

“I don’t know why anymore. Ooh! It’s too mysterious, it boils my head!!

“Finally, this is the last time. ‘Did you think it wasn’t mine just because you threw it away?

“Hey, I want to be dumped. No! No more, no more, Master Anos. If you say that, I’d be a convenient girl… it’s terrible…”

Hmm. What the hell is this?

“Right now, sounds good, doesn’t it? Isn’t the lyrics storyline just the same?

“Ugh, I think so. So, Dear Anos, the support song chorus number three is the love song of the uncut system. Like this!

“Wait a minute. But love songs aren’t backup songs, are they? What about singing when Master Anos is fighting?

“Oh, well.”

“Weird… right…”

“So why don’t you think about it like this? I hope Master Anos is too strong and represents the heart of Mr. Anos, who wants to enjoy a night of burning love with him sooner than that, because the battle is a bit of an end!?

For a moment, silence came on the spot.

And the next moment…

“And you’re a genius. Ooh! Hey, hey, I can’t tell too much about Master Anos’ will!?

You haven’t spotted it.

“Eh heh… just because it’s a backup song, didn’t you think it was a love song?

A yellow scream was ringing in the Union Tower.

Hmm. Well, that’s it.

Let’s just say we didn’t ask.

Doesn’t it seem like fun more than anything?

More than that, I need to talk to Melhayce.

I went up the Union Tower.

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