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Shui Qianyue and so on, have been waiting for a long time, step by step, directly in the center of arena, looking at Chu Xingyun’s eyes filled with high-priced battle intent.

Chu Xingyun also stared at Shui Qianyue. He knew very well that he and Shui Qianyue were arranged in the final battle. It must have been that Gu Qingsong had secretly moved his hands and feet.

It is estimated that this ancient Qingsong is also a little panicked. He wants to take the hand of Shui Qianyue and remove the owner, so as not to have a long night dream.

“Chu Xingyun, why are you still not coming up?” Seeing Chu Xingyun does not move, Shui Qianyue’s eyes reveal a sarcasm.

“As far as you are concerned, I advise you not to use the radical method.” Chu Xingyun did not have conceal own’s stunned eyes, the figure flashed, and slowly fell in front of Shui Qianyue.

The two men, four eyes, collided together in an instant, so that everyone could hold their breath in the same breath, for fear of disturbing the two.

“Today’s World War I will know how small an own is.”

Shui Qianyue’s voice is full of self-confidence, behind it, like a wave of blue brilliance blooms, condensed into a fox illusory shadow, all blue, eyes like a ruby, contains a trace of water Spirit Qi.

This fox is Profound Water Spirit Fox, which ranks at the Fourth Grade!

Shui Qianyue’s eyes changed at this moment and became scarlet. The body was covered with a wave of water, soft and fox-like, belonging to the spirit of Spirit Gathering Third Level.

“Is this the strength of Shui Qianyue?” The crowd’s gaze, Fourth Grade Martial Spirit, is really strong, even if it stands like this, it has a sense of oppression.

This feeling is not comparable to the Third Grade Martial Spirit.

“Sword!” Chu Xingyun corner of the mouth slightly raise, the right hand vacant, holding the sword of Martial Spirit tightly in his hand.

“Chu Xingyun’s Martial Spirit, how can it be so weak, only to the Second Grade level?” Unlike the look at Profound Water Spirit Fox, the crowd saw the Martial Spirit’s sword as if they were stunned.

In their eyes, Chu Xingyun has the Martial Spirit affinity of 9-Rank, his Martial Spirit is no longer good, and it is also the Third Grade level, and may even reach Fourth Grade.

But in fact, Chu Xingyun’s Martial Spirit, only Second Grade, and the exhalation of the atmosphere, is also very weak, no color.

“Super 9-Rank Martial Spirit affinity, Martial Spirit is so weak, this brat, it is really weird.” Yang Yan Zhang opened his mouth, what he said, it is exactly what the crowd thinks, too weird.

Cangfeng Wufu, Indigo Wufu and Ziyang Wufu, the representatives of the three major martial arts, look at each other, are some regrets, regretted just saying that they are recruiting Chu Xingyun.

For a Martial Artist, Martial Spirit is a top priority.

Chu Xingyun’s Martial Spirit, which has only the Second Grade level, has limited his development.

Perhaps, at first is not reflected, but as the cultivation base increases, the gap will become larger and larger, even if your Martial Spirit has a higher affinity, it can not make up.

Shui Qianyue looked at the sword of Martial Spirit and had some doubts in her mind: “I remember that Chu Xingyun’s Martial Spirit is the most junk First Grade Martial Spirit. How did it suddenly rise to Second Grade?”

The doubts just appeared. It didn’t take long for Shui Qianyue to figure it out. I think that Chu Xingyun’s Martial Spirit may have some strange features that make people unable to make accurate judgments.

“This kind of weird character is not useful for actual combat. The waste Martial Spirit is a waste Martial Spirit.” Shui Qianyue shook her head and didn’t think too much. The next moment, her figure suddenly disappeared, and the blue rays of light were like water waves. Rolling over and screaming over arena.

Figure flashing, Shui Qianyue rising like an eagle, palm flipping, Chu Xingyun under the move towards, and the palm of the hand, the First Level followed by First Level, the sound of the waves rolling.

“Blue Wave!” Shui Qianyue shouted in a low voice, the palm of the hand will completely lock Chu Xingyun.

What’s even more amazing is that the Profound Water Spirit Fox is not integrated into Shui Qianyue’s body, but turned into a blue phantom, behind the at Chu Xingyun, sharp sharp claws with a broken voice, straight to the whole body.

“Shui Qianyue can be used with one heart and one mind. While the Martial Study is being used, Commander Martial Spirit can also launch the offensive!” In the stands, the crowd was shocked and shocked.

Martial Spirit’s attack methods are diverse, can be integrated into the body, enhance strength, and can directly attack, forming a siege, but in any case, Martial Artist must be absolutely focused, not distracted.

Shui Qianyue’s Martial Study at the moment is amazed by the “Bibo Nine Stacks of Waves”. The level reaches the middle level of the spirit level, and the sound is so vast, but these are far from complete, she can actually separate Mind to manipulate Profound Water. Spirit Fox, the two do not affect.

This kind of fighting innate talent is really amazing for Heaven and Human!

“Shui Qianyue, if you are willing to join the Indigo Wufu, we will give three sets of Martial Study, and you will be given three chances to attend the lecture at the Institute Head.” The representative of Indigo Wufu stood up and took the voice. With a hint of temptation.

“Cangfeng Wufu is willing to give the same conditions, not only that, we can also provide medicine pill every month, so that your cultivation base can be upgraded faster and more stable.” Cangfeng Wufu also attaches great importance to Shui Qianyue, do not want to miss .

“We cultivate resources of Ziyang Wufu, let you choose!” Ziyang Wufu gave more abundant conditions, so that the crowd envied with red eyes, cultivate resources, free to pick, this is how happy.

“The little doll innate talent is not bad, Ling Xiaowu welcomes you.” Yang Yan also has some heartbeat, first opening.

Upon hearing the voices of the four representatives of the Wufu, Shui Qianyue showed a satisfied smile on her face. Even the most demanding Lingfu Wufu invited them. Such a privilege belonged to her alone, and others could not enjoy it.

“This is my real strength. One stroke, just one stroke, can make everyone convinced.” Shui Qianyue gave a chuckle and tried to defeat Chu Xingyun, so that he didn’t even have the chance to show his own strength.

Feeling the strong breath of Shui Qianyue, the spiritual power in Chu Xingyun’s body turned, and the spirit sword trembled. It turned out to be appear indistinctly with a bit of Wind and Thunder.

“The battle is just beginning, you just let go of such madness, not afraid to flash your tongue?” Chu Xingyun faintly smiled, the body does not retreat, in the moment of avoiding Profound Water Spirit Fox, plunged into the rolling waves.

Hōng lóng lóng !

The tumbling blue water shook, and I saw that Shui Qianyue’s palm was getting closer to Chu Xingyun. In an instant, he was completely shrouded, without the slightest escape.

“It’s really looking for dead end.” Shui Qianyue suddenly felt a bit boring.

If Chu Xingyun is madly fleeing, maybe he can find a chance. Who can think that he is so stupid and directly rushed into the palm of the palm.

There is no suspense in this battle.

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