Chapter 740. Speed Dialing


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Three kilometers north of the Bird Town there is a mountain villa, which belongs to the company Lin.

There are not many passers-by here, usually people come here with their families to relax. Nearby is the sea, which automatically turns this place into a resort.

It is especially beautiful here in the afternoon: the sun burns the sand, which is shimmering with golden hues in the rays, and the water in this light is especially clear with its blueness.

On the edge of the shore lay a woman who was crying, and she had a mobile phone in her hands.

After the tragedy that happened to Lin Qi three years ago, only the laughter of her one-year-old baby helped her recover.

And although at night she still secretly recalled her first baby, carrying Xiao Di under her heart, she still returned to these places … Who knew that it would happen here that would break her heart again!

– You have to calm down, hear me? Listen to your brother! – from the tube came the voice of Mr. Lin.

– How … how can I calm down ?! My child…!!!

– Everything happened quite recently, so you can still save the child! And if you really want to save Xiao Di, then you just have to calm down! Tell me immediately what happened! – said Mr. Lin.

Only after these words, a woman lying on the sand was able to recover a little.

Her child is her everything, and if something happens to him, she will not forgive herself!

In these few seconds, Lin Qi pulled herself together and told everything to Mr. Lin in the smallest detail!

– Good. I already sent people for you. Now you need to be in a safe place, ”said Mr. Lin.

– Brother, you must definitely save Xiao Di, I conjure you !!! – cast Lin Qi, barely holding back tears.

Eyes of Mr. Lin, who was in the meeting room, were in the wet from the words of his sister.

He exhaled heavily and in a trembling voice said: “Your brother has already let you down once, this time I will not let that happen!”

The phone has been disconnected. Everyone in the room could hear Mr. Lin’s heavy breathing.

The wailing of this woman has already touched the hearts of all, and if you think that the same thing happened with a hundred more families ….

“It looks like the sea monster likes to eat live babies,” said Mo Fan’s voice in silence.

– Are you sick or something ??? In such a situation, declare such … – Guan Yu swore.

“You don’t have a sense of justice here alone!” As it became clear from the words of the woman, the child was abducted by a sea monkey. Monkeys in this way pay tribute to sea monsters. And if the monsters like to eat living children, then this means that the monkeys deliver the children still alive. And if we have time, then the child may still be alive! Said Mo Fan.

– Mo Fan is right. The sea monkey has secretly penetrated the safe borders, and it will also have to be chosen through them with caution, so we still have time! – cast Nan Jue.

– Yes, Director Lin, it is necessary that someone helped your sister write a statement about the disappearance of the child, but in no case should we mention the sea monkey! Said Mo Fan.

– What do you mean? – Mr. Lin asked with a blank look.

His sister herself said that it was the sea monkey that stole the child, so why now keep silent about it?

– There is no need. In fact, the authorized authorities already know that all this is a trick of the sea monkeys, and at the same time they do nothing. However, this time we should definitely find an intruder, otherwise, further abductions of children cannot be avoided! Your sister has already lost two children, so she understands that it is useless. We hope that she will help us to solve this case, including for the sake of justice for her first child …, ”said Mo Fan.

Mr. Lin at first took everything as nonsense, however, having calmed down and thought it over again, he agreed with what was said.

If he could deal with everything when the first child disappeared, this situation would not be repeated!

“Well, I’m going there right now,” Mr. Lin said.

– I will definitely calculate this intruder and release him guts! Said Jiang Yu maliciously.

– Of course, right after we take Xiao Di alive and unharmed, we will immediately cut out all the sea monkeys! – decisively said Mo Fan.

“Save my nephew, and I won’t be left in debt …” said Mr. Lin.

– If we were only outsiders in this situation, indifferently looking at what is happening, then we would be no different from these monsters! – approved Mo Fan.

Mr. Lin soon left, and Jiang Yu and Mu Tingying went to the appropriate authorities.

– I have a flying magical artifact, I can take another one with me. Mo Fan, this business is urgent, we must immediately go to that shore! Said Zhao Man Yan.

– Well, then right now and go! “Mo Fan, too, didn’t want to raise more empty discussions.”

There was very little time, and from this center to that coast about 30 kilometers! If the monkey is faster, they may not be in time!

Climbing onto the roof of the hall, Zhao Man Yan immediately activated his wings, which began to appear behind him with a golden glow.

Mo Fang thought that these wings were too dazzling, however, Zhao Man Yan, without waiting for the reaction of Mo Fang, grabbed him and flew from the 50-storey building of Lin Business Center.

– When did you manage to get wings? – asked Mo Fan.

– It’s me, Zhao Man Yan! I have nothing special except money, ”he answered indiscreetly.

“Well, after saving this child, you can say that humanity is added to you,” said Mo Fan.

– And we have time? – asked Zhao Man Yan.

– We will have time! – confidently answered Mo Fan.


Only when they descended to the height of the 30th floor could the wings behind Zhao Man-yan open up completely.

The building of the business center was very high, which allowed Zhao Man Yan to quickly pick up speed.

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