Chapter 743. Fighting on the reef islands


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The sea monkey that kidnapped the child wanted to take this chance to realize its ambitious plans. Very soon she would have been at the place of the cluster of reefs where her master dwells. She had already planned her future life, which was fundamentally different from the usual life of other sea monkeys. But who knew that these terrible people would descend from the sky who frightened her to death!

The sea monkey wiped her eyes properly, it would suddenly appear that she was mistaken. But very close to her was the stern face of Mo Fang!

The monkey was surprised, she did not think that she could get into such a trouble with her companion!

– Control!

Mo Fan grabbed his hand in the air and, while the monkey was still in a state of confusion, he took the child away from her.

The baby was wrapped in a sea monkey’s hair. It was clear that the monkey guarded him well during transport; there was not a drop of water on his clothes.

The crying child was frightened by this strange creature. But when he saw Mo Fan, the child began to calm down, crawling in the arms of the guy in search of protection.

Mo Fan held the child, staring coldly at the sea monkey that had taken the child away from his own mother!

– Now you can die! – Mo Fan was not going to have mercy on this creature, his eyes sparkled with a silvery light of anger.

The mage’s gaze was directed into space, the sea monkey was lifted into the air by an unknown force.


Suddenly, a monkey hanging in the air was flattened between two walls. Her body seemed to burst, the blood and brain of this creature were splashed in all directions.

The blood fountain poured on Mo Fan, but he covered the child with his hand so that the blood of this dirty creature would not fall on an innocent child.

Seeing Monkey’s corpse, Mo Fan sighed deeply. Then he glanced at the child who was safe and the cruelty in his soul seemed to dissipate …

How nice that time …

– Mo Fan, be careful! – the voice of Zhao Man Yang was heard in the air.

Mo Fan, unable to turn, felt threatened from behind.

Turning into a shadow, Mo Fan could quickly escape a dangerous situation. But he subconsciously felt that the shadow would be useless in front of this powerful deadly force!

– Snake mail!

Mo Fan invoked his defensive magical item. It is good that there is a snake mail that is perfectly suited for unforeseen circumstances!

The blue-black scales, tightly closed, covered Mo Fang’s body.

Snake mail was keen. Knowing that Mo Fan was attacked from behind, the scales first of all covered his back.

Without waiting for the mail to completely cover Mo Fan, the terrible claws hit the guy on the back. He felt an unbearable pain, as if shattered by this force!

– Mo Fan!

Zhao Man Yan used a holy shield, golden light enveloped Mo Fang. But the monster’s terrible power was very powerful, the holy shield was easily broken by that power. It’s good that Mo Fahn had snake mail!

Zhao Man Yan saw the power of these claws dragging Mo Fanya over the reefs. Sharp claws threw Mo Fang to the reefs with all their might, and only then stopped.

The reefs smashed to pieces, overwhelming Mo Fan with splinters.

Mo Fangu thought he had broken his spine, the pain was indescribable.

What kind of creature is this, whose power was terrifying, it can not be the leader of the pack!

* Roar *

The air shook from the roar, the creature was only 5 meters tall, but his face was fierce and covered with red scales. His eyes were red, his paws had long sharp claws, which the monster sent to Mo Fan with a cold grin.

Red crackling monster!

It’s a monster commander level sea monster!

He recognized Mo Fan, this man who tore his cuirass in his chest.

Only he had planned to receive a gift from the sea monkey and heal his wounds with nourishing food in the form of a baby, as these little people again appeared from nowhere and spoiled everything.

The anger of the red, bubbly monster has reached its limit. The blow that he recently delivered to Mo Fan, contained in himself the full strength of this monster. He had to wipe this nasty man off the face of the earth!

Despite the fact that such a blow, the human baby also had to turn into mincemeat, the monster did not spare his strength!

Suddenly, a pile of stones began to move, Mo Fan began to appear from under her, throwing stones in different directions.

Soon the stones that flooded Mo Fan were out of the way. Mo Fan, in whose mouth there was blood, rose to his feet.

The magician stood on the spot where he was struck by the force of the blow. His arm was almost broken, he gently moved it and looked at the baby, who was bleeding from the nose from such a blow. Mo Fan didn’t know if the baby is alive or dead.

Mo Fan breathed deeply, veins protruded under his skin, and his body began to shake with anger!

* Scream *

Mo Fan shouted violently, bloodshot eyes released silver light on the hated creature.

This silver light set in motion heavy stones around Mo Fang.

A soul filled with pain and anger allowed Mo Fang to concentrate, his thoughts could already control the objects around him.

The stones flew in the air, controlled by Mo Fan. Transformed into huge shells, they began firing at the crackling monster.

A cracking monster stood still, indifferent to the rubble of stones, flying in front of his face. Most of all he was surprised by the vitality of these people. How could such a strong blow fail to kill this man ?!


Stones beat a crackling monster on the body, but he did not dodge. It was as if all these stones were hitting the steel wall — some of them were crushed into powder by the force of the blow, but there were no wounds left on the monster’s body, and he did not even retreat a single step.

Why do not such strong blows hurt this creature level commander in chief ?!


Suddenly, a huge stone fell on a red bouncy monster!

This stone was 5 meters in diameter. Having fallen to the ground with great force, he knocked down a monster who could not resist, and split this monster in half!

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