Chapter 745: Emergency Assistance


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Thinking that Mo Fan had stayed down there and struggling with a red, bursting monster, his heart began to bleed.

In fact, he also wanted to stay there to fight shoulder to shoulder with Mo Fang against this terrible monster.

At such moments, you can not be afraid of the enemy, because it is – the essence of male nobility.

These reefs were located near the borders of security, but it is likely that the monster will come to avenge, having barely healed its wounds.

If the bursting monster had not been seriously injured, he would not have sent monkeys to attack coastal areas in search of life-giving human babies.

Zhao Man Yan was flying in the air, covering his baby with his cape. From time to time he looked at him to make sure that he was still alive. This child was barely one year old. Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan used to consider themselves frivolous guys: they didn’t really bother about who was dying and who was still alive. Faced with such a terrible thing, even they could not keep calm!

“Baby, be patient a little, already a little bit left …” said Zhao Man-Yan to the bleeding child.

Finally, the boundaries of security appeared, and Zhao Man Yan added speed.

– Where is Nan Rongni? I ask where is Nan Rongni? – on the radio, there was a cry of anxious Zhao Man Yan, as soon as he returned to the city.

“I’m at the bay,” the girl sounded.

– Send me the location, in two minutes I will. Get ready to save a man! This is about little Xiao Di, his life is in danger! Said Zhao Man Yan.

– Did you find him?

– Yes!

People, having heard that Zhao Man Yan brought the child, immediately began to flock to the bay.

Zhao Man Yan sank right in front of Nan Rongni. Jiang Shao Xu, seeing that too many people had crowded around, created spiritual protection so that no one could interfere with the healing magic.

As far as Zhao Man Yan understood, the kid was really in great danger!

Nan Junni and Jiang Shao Xu took off their outerwear and put them on the ground. Zhao Man Yan neatly laid the baby on top. The child has already begun to turn blue … Blood flowed from his little nose, without ceasing, and everyone around was worried.

– This is an internal injury, in this case, the healing spirit will not help … – having examined the baby, Nan Rongni said.

The internal organs of the child suffered, and the healing magic is effective only with external wounds and bone injuries – in this case, the initial and average healing magic is simply useless …

Nan Junni began to drive her hand around the body of the child in order to find a specific place of injury.

Jiang Shao Xu, who saw what was happening, unwittingly began to cry.

Although she herself was not a healing magician, she was well aware of the essence of her actions: the healing magic can only accelerate the body’s natural regeneration processes at times, and the stronger the body itself, the better the effect.

Xiao Di was just a baby, his body’s immune system and regeneration are relatively weak. Even in the hands of such a healing magician as Nan Rongni, the child had little chance. The situation could be changed if it were a high-level mage ….

High-level healing magicians even in large cities can be counted on one hand, therefore it is useless to search for such a bird in the city. It remained only to hope that Nan Rongni would find a way to save the baby.

Nan Rongni continued to run her hand over the child’s body. Finding a place of internal injury, she immediately took off the suspension that was hanging on her neck, and put it on him.

The small pendant radiated a warm glow, and medicine gradually dripped from it, which immediately penetrated the body of the baby.

Nan Rongni closed her eyes and began to look for a wound on the internal organs with her gaze. Like a surgeon with a scalpel, cuts through the internal organs, the girl was looking for a trauma, which was required to direct the healing effect of the medicine, clearing the blood vessels.

– What’s happening? They asked to save the child, why did he look like that?

Zhao Man Yan stood nearby. Without turning his head, he already knew to whom this voice belonged … Guan Yu!

Zhao Man Yan just boiled over! Always this idiot says everything that comes up in such inappropriate situations! The two of them, together with Mo Fan, chased the sea monkey first, then fought with the red, bursting monster, and now he has to listen to it ???

“Get out of here, Guan Yu,” Zhao Man Yan swore.

– Whom are you sending? You, the magician, who only because of his money was in the reserve, and you tell me … to dump me ??? – Guan Yu got angry.

– Do not Cry! Nan Rongi must concentrate! – said Jiang Shao Xu.

Zhao Man Yan has calmed down, but Guan Yu decided to continue the conflict.

– What’s happening? – Ai Jiang Tu, Mu Ning Xue, Nan Jue, Li Kaifeng and the others, too, hurried to come here.

“We came across a red, snappy monster that was going to eat the baby.” Sea monkey passed him a child. Mo Fan took the child away from the monkey, but suddenly a monster attacked … Said Zhao Man Yan.

“A red fierce monster … were you two fighting with him?” Asked Nan Jue.

Only Ai Jiang Tu of their team was able to withstand a meeting with such a monster, from the rest they would not even have a wet place.

Hearing from Zhao Man Yang that the monster unexpectedly attacked, it was a miracle that a small child survived in such a situation.

– What about Mo Fan? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

The battle with the monster level commander in chief – it is not easy. Seeing that Zhao Man Yan was back alone, the girl was visibly agitated.

– For the sake of saving a child, Mo Fan himself was injured. He told me to return to the city as soon as possible with the baby … – answered Zhao Man Yan.

– You want to say that Mo Fan was there alone?

– Gods! He will surely perish! Monster level commander in chief! – pleaded Jiang Shao Xu.

– We need to save him! Said Nan Jue.

“Hm, now we can only save his bones,” grumbled Guan Yu.

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