Chapter 746: The Destruction of the Chief Commander (Part 1)


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– In the direction? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

– Not far from the borders of security there is a cluster of reefs. From them move to the east, and there you will see a reef island! Said Zhao Man Yan.

Now his magical powers were running out: he spent them on his magical wings. For this reason, Zhao Man Yan could not go along with them, and all he had to do was to send them.

The road took a lot of time, and Mo Fan’s serpentine mail was already noticeably battered, and could not withstand for a long time.

After Zhao Man Yang pointed out the direction, Mu Ning Xue immediately set off using her wind magic.

Out on the open sea, Mu Ning Xue began to freeze an ice track on sea water, on which she could step from time to time.

She moved with the wind, but every time her foot touched the water, she turned into ice.

The girl’s silver hair fluttered in the wind, and the ice way that lined up behind her spoke of the powerful ice magic that Mu Ning Xue had.

Others could not move also by air, and Mu Ning Xue also had an icy path under her feet – she was in a hurry to help Mo Fanyu, as long as there was hope that he was still alive.

Calm sea water now and then rolled on the reefs.

On the reef island continued the confrontation of Mo Fan and the red snappy monster. And although the magic of the space of Mo Fan was not very powerful, this was enough to activate the shield of darkness.

The shield of darkness is very effective in confronting the animal with the level of the leader of the pack, but there is little use against the creature at the level of the commander-in-chief. It was lucky that the monster did not have time to recover from the spiritual torture of Ai Jiang Tu. And although the monster was still strong, Mo Fan could hold out against him for some time!

Mo Fan has already managed to attack a biting monster several times in the chest area – this is where his most vulnerable spot was now. The poison that hit the monster’s wound gave Mo Fang many opportunities to attack.

The red crackling monster continued to attack, and the shield of darkness finally dissipated. Mo Fan could now only rely on the help of the firehead!

– Flaming sword!

After that, before Mo Phan, two different fiery forces began to intertwine, which were embodied in a long fiery sword that reached ten meters!

This fiery sword engulfed the county with a fiery carpet and headed straight for the stern monster sternum!

Red crackling monster managed to react: in front of him a wave formed a water wall, which blocked the path of a flying sword!

Faced with a water wall, the flaming sword was visibly lost in strength.

In this case, the sword can not have a significant effect!

– Deadly lightning!

Mo Fan immediately released another magic, sending lightning into the air!

Lightning immediately began to create a network of electrical discharges, that every now and then fell on the body of a striking monster.

The monster’s protective scaled breastplate on the sternum has finally collapsed, and now meat has already appeared from a large wound.

The effect of Zu Jiming’s poison was still going on, and now the thunder of thunder Mo Thang of the fourth stage had the maximum effect!

Lightning magic continued to harass the monster, he roared fiercely, trying to summon waves of sea water for help, so that they destroyed Mo Fane … however, echoes of spiritual torture prevented him from doing this …

What kind of person is he who does not die for half a day already ??? The monster now and then recalled all the people whose lives he had killed. Having collected his last strength, he again attacked Mo Fan, intending now to surely destroy him!

– Do not think that I am afraid of close combat with you! Growled Mo Fan.

Absolute unity with the fiery music made it possible for Mo Fan to use all the fiery power of her pet.

– Flaming sword!

Mo Fan again released the magic of fire, making it even more destructive!

He raised a ten-meter blazing sword of fire with both hands and sent it straight at the crackling monster!

Red crackling monster has finally lost his mind. The sword pierced his belly, leaving a cut on the body.

The monster tried to use its sharp claws to cut the enemy apart!

– Get out of here!

Mo Fan’s body was now completely engulfed in fire, and wings of fire appeared behind him!

The wings flew wide, engulfing the whole district in flames – this caused the monster to retreat, despite the fact that it was already approaching Mo Fang.

Touching the body of the monster, Mo Fan’s wings literally exploded ….

Over a thousand fiery feathers covered the body of a red, bubbly monster, covering every part of his body!

These feathers had such a destructive burning effect due to the fiery hetero. After Mo Fan strengthened this blow with the seed of a fiery rose, the power of this magic even exceeded the crushing fist of nine dragons! This time, the monster without his protective cuirass certainly could not remain unscathed!

The monster staggered in the rain of fiery feathers, but still not in a hurry to surrender.

– Heather, help me entangle him so that I can kill him with one blow! – Mo Fan’s face has already begun to turn pale.

A student who has survived on the path of death can now confront a creature at the commander-in-chief level only with the help of a fiery fucker.

* Ding

Gheterka immediately flew out of Mo Fan’s body, taking with him the brown flame of his body.

The power of the little naughty girl was already equal to the strength of the animal level of the pack leader, so it was not a question for her to set the heat on a seriously wounded creature at the commander-in-chief level.

– Burial celestial flame!

Mo Fan understood perfectly well that if he wanted to destroy this monster, then he must use high-level magic, and the burial with a heavenly flame was the only spell that was available to him.

Elemental systems began to intertwine with each other, forming a star cloud. And although Mo Fan was not yet a master in releasing high-level magic, he diligently concentrated …

He himself no longer had any protection, so now the battle was going to death!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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