Chapter 747. The destruction of the commander in chief (part 2)


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The flames on Mo Fang’s two palms began to flare up. As soon as the fire reached its maximum temperature, Mo Fan released the flame into the sky.

The fire, reaching heaven, immediately covered the clouds, and the blue airspace lit up with a red glow.

– Way down!

After Mo Fan’s words, the clouds of fire fell down like a fiery rain.

In order to precisely destroy the red, nocturnal monster this time, Mo Fan made it so special that the fiery clouds would gather over the enemy.

The space around it immediately became fiery, which could wipe this reef island off the face of the Earth.

Sea water also became red from the flames, and the rain of fire continued to continually fall on the monster’s body, causing even more damage to his body.

Crackling monster roared in pain.

He violently drove away the fiery fuck that was spinning around him, preventing him from going to sea.

Mo Fan, however, continued to control the high-level magic of the fire, directing the fiery rain following the movements of the monster, which was now wriggling like a tormented fly.

High level magic may well harm the commander-level monster. Mo Fan watched as the red-tapping monster gradually became charred, and the forces continued to leave him.


At that moment, when Mo Fan decided that the monster had already finished, his opponent abruptly picked up speed and began to break through the veil of fiery rain.

Although the body of the red, splutty monster had already burned down badly enough, he continued to rush about. The monster thought that even if he did not succeed in going to sea, he should kill Mo Fang with the last of his strength!

Mo Fan was very surprised at the sudden attack. This monster-level commander-in-chief turned out to be really strong, since even in such a situation he decided to attack!

It is for this reason that magicians fear animals of a similar level: because at the most crucial moment they can attack!

Mo Fan could not even think of a similar outcome: the red, bubbly monster continued to dwell in the fiery space, but now he did not think to run away, he had another goal – to destroy Mo Fan by any price!

The monster began to break through the fire and even found the location of the magician. Now he has to wait for the right moment …

Only by killing Mo Fan, the red, bubbly monster will be able to go to sea. No matter how badly he is wounded – there, in complete isolation, he can safely recover. The most important thing is to survive!

Mo Fan did not have time to hide: his serpentine hauberk was already used up like the shield of darkness.

* Rustling *

The long claws instantly slipped along Mo Fang’s right shoulder, reaching the chest and leaving a deep wound on it!

* Bang *

Through the drops of gushing blood one could see a grin on the face of a monster who was eager for the complete destruction of the enemy!

Although a deep wound appeared on Mo Fan’s body, absolute calm reigned in his eyes.

“Nine … nine dragons!”

The red crackling monster didn’t pay attention to how the flame on Mo Fang’s hand was ready!

As soon as the monster extended its paws, in order to completely cripple the insides of the enemy, a flame burned on Mo Fany’s left hand, which went straight into the wound on the monster’s chest!


Mo Fan had already felt his arm penetrate the creature’s sternum.

A flaming fist burst through nine dragons through the back of the monster, describing fiery trajectories in the air.

The claws of the crackling monster did not have time to fully enter the body of Mo Fan, the insides of the monster itself were no longer functioning …

The red crackling monster slowly backed away. His eyes were already covered with the fog of death, and he himself could not even believe that this little man had done so coolly to him!


The charred huge body collapsed down, and after a few seconds the monster finally died.

Monster level commander in chief lived on this planet God knows how many years … and now all his power has gone nowhere ….

At the same time, the threat that was over the child that was already in the Bird City, finally dissipated.


Fresh blood began to flow to the ground, filling the neighborhood.

Exhausted, Mo Fan took a few steps back, exposing his wound in the chest to the sun, as if sunlight could heal her.

* Ding *

The little fire girl came flying up to her daddy, and her eyes were full of tears. And although she could not cry with ordinary tears, the red fiery liquid sparkled from her eyes, turning into crystals.

– Well, what are you crying, eh? “Daddy was not dead, he was just tired,” said Mo Fan, stroking the pet’s hand.

Mo Fan chose not to hide, not to run away, but to accept the deadly battle, from which he emerged victorious.

Although it was the first time that Mo Fan single-handedly defeated a commander-level monster, his soul was empty.

He was so devastated, as if he had suffered demonization again!

What will happen to the wound on his chest?

– What? – Mo Fan only now noticed a glow that was approaching him.

“The soul of the commander-in-chief is very expensive …” Mo Fang thought about himself.

However, looking carefully, he realized that he was mistaken.

This is not the soul … this is the spiritual essence … the whole spiritual essence of the commander-in-chief level!

“E …” Mo Fan was just about to be startled to shout “bat,” as if he looked like he was.

– Painfully! Painfully!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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