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The sound of sword cry is more and more exciting. Chu Xingyun lifts the spirit sword and looks like lightning. Just like seeing through all the swords, the sword is pierced and the sound of Wind and Thunder is completely blown up.

This sword, the sword light is vain, as if it is not an existence, like a thunder that hides under a thick black cloud, can tear everything away and destroy it.

The two men’s offensive approached quickly, colliding in midair, suddenly rolling up strong wind, sweeping the entire Martial Dao arena.

“Broken!” A cold word, spit out from Chu Xingyun’s mouth, his wrists are lightly lifted, the overlapping palms can’t touch his body, and the sword light is Shui Qianyue cry out in Surprise, body crazy back.

“Shui Qianyue’s palm is broken like this?” Gu Qingsong’s look suddenly solidified. He is very familiar with “Bibo Jiuzi Lang” and knows how powerful this palm is. First Level is followed by First Level. Unstoppable.

But it is such a mysterious palm technique, which was actually broken by Chu Xingyun’s sword, and was forced to retreat by hard, what is going on in the end, is it Shui Qianyue?

Everyone saw that Shui Qianyue was forced back by Chu Xingyun, and his expression was extremely wonderful. They thought that this battle was about to end, and didn’t expect there would be such a reverse ending.

“The sword just like the wind is like a thunder, it’s almost peak, and it’s sharply grasping the gap between the blue waves, the terrifying insight, only the soul technique of the thousand refinements, can do this. “Yang Yan experienced and knowledgeable, at a glance, I saw the trick, looking at Chu Xingyun’s gaze, but also became deep.

Shui Qianyue retired to the edge of arena, glanced at the broken corner of her clothes, her face immediately swelled, coldly said: “Just you are lucky, I will not be merciful!”

“Hurry?” Chu Xingyun smiled dumbly. The face of Shui Qianyue was really thick. To conceal his own embarrassment, he said that he was lucky enough to break the blue palm.

“Martial Spirit fusion!” Shui Qianyue indifference, the Profound Water Spirit Fox immediately blended into her body, making her whole figure a little higher, soft water around the body, like a soft armor, hands and probes, There is a sharp edge between the fingers.

“Can let me merge Martial Spirit, you will lose, and there is a show of capital.” Shui Qianyue smiled at Chu Xingyun, ruby-like eyes flashing like real Profound Water Spirit Fox.


Shui Qianyue’s body disappeared. At about the same time, Chu Xingyun felt that there was a dangerous breath on the side, and the figure moved and moved three feet.

The sound of hōng lóng lóng sounded, and in the eyes of Chu Xingyun, a blue palm was pressed down, and the bombardment was in the position he had just stood, and even the solid arena ground was shattered.

“Hurry!” Chu Xingyun’s face was a little shocked, but he saw the dissipated palm of the hand, immediately turned into a blue water wave, re-aggregated, move towards his direction.

Not only that, but on his left and right sides, there are also palms to kill, and the three sides lock, it can be said that it is pressing step by step, not letting Chu Xingyun have a chance to breathe.

“Profound Water Spirit Fox has the characteristics of water, and it is endless. As long as it is covered by my spiritual power, it can continue to launch an offensive. It is almost perfect match with “Bibo Jiuzi Lang”, Chu Xingyun, what do you take? Resist!” Shui Qianyue figure fleeting, soft voice echoing over the entire arena.

Chu Xingyun has no expression on his face, and his spiritual power has already surged out and he is condensed on the spirit sword.

“Who said that I have to resist?” Chu Xingyun whispered, staring at the slap in the face, the spirit sword trembled in a flash, in an instant, as if stabbing numerous swords, but each sword did not Shadow collision, the sound of xiū xiū xiū.

Immediately, under the horror of the crowd, the path of Wind and Thunder sword light cut off the connection between the palms, and Chu Xingyun took the opportunity to grasp this moment, continuously close to Shui Qianyue until she came to her. before.

“Nine palms are stacked!” Shui Qianyue suddenly panicked, silver teeth biting, and the strongest hand against Chu Xingyun.

Nine roads were condensed, and a shocking giant palm was pressed, accompanied by rolling waves, as if to completely immerse Chu Xingyun.

However, this palm still can’t stop Chu Xingyun’s footsteps, a plain sword stabbed, Wind and Thunder sword light whistling, piercing the water wave on the surface of Shui Qianyue body, and coming to her.

That Sen’s sword qi, Shui Qianyue’s face changed dramatically, avoiding the inevitable, one palm shot out, the spiritual power was torn away, and a hot fresh blood spewed out.

“Shui Qianyue was actually hurt!” The hearts of the people were hard to conceal, Martial Spirit and cultivation base, both of which dominated Shui Qianyue. Instead, they fell in the wind and were cut by the palm of their hand.

“Bibo Jiuzhenglang is indeed a perfect match with Profound Water Spirit Fox. Unfortunately, if you only learn fur, you will feel that the master has mastered the essence, and the nine palms are just the same.” Chu Xingyun looks at the front. Shui Qianyue, some scornful shook his head.

Shui Qianyue’s face was a little distorted, her hands clenched her hands, and the words she had just said, each sentence, was like a slap on the face, which made her lose her face.

“this is what you are looking for!”

Suddenly, Shui Qianyue furiously shouted, her momentum rose wildly, actually reached the Spirit Gathering Fourth Level realm, the water wave is more like boiling, it becomes extremely violent.

“Shui Qianyue breakthrough?” The crowd was very surprised. Immediately, they saw Shui Qianyue rushing toward Chu Xingyun again, which was 30% faster and could not be seen clearly.

“Secretary, Shui Qianyue used the secret method!” Qin Yuyan always pays attention to the battle, and immediately found that Shui Qianyue is not a breakthrough cultivation base, but relies on the secret law to force the strength of own.

This secret method of improving the cultivation base is very rare. Once it is motivated, it can have superior combat power in a short period of time, but the body load on the own is also extremely large.

“Ancient elder, Shui Qianyue forced the use of the secret law, this battle, there is no need to continue.” Qin Yu smoke loudly.

“The secret law is also part of the strength. I think there is nothing wrong with it. Even more how, even Chu Xingyun did not speak. What are you worried about?” Gu Qingsong did not look at Qin Yuyan, but did not drink more than the test.

“You…” Qin Yu smoked, and looked at arena with eagerness.

At this moment, Shui Qianyue’s eyes became scarlet, make a move faster and faster, and the more ruthless, almost every palm wants Chu Xingyun’s life, the sound of the bang is endless, and the arena blasts a lot of holes.

“Monstruous talent genius in everyone’s eyes, in order to deal with me, but do not hesitate to make the secret law, Shui Qianyue, could it be that you are not afraid of being laughed at by everyone?” See Shui Qianyue kill, Chu Xingyun still keeps a smile, figure like the wind Swept, continuously retracted.

“You shut me up!” Shui Qianyue was anxious, his mouth opened slightly, and his body was covered with the savage of the fox, facing Chu Xingyun said coldy: “Today’s battle, my ultimate goal is to make you Waste, as long as I become the last winner, they will naturally obediently close their mouths!”

With a glimpse of his eyes, Shui Qianyue’s speed is raised to peak, his hands are clawed, and he is screaming in the air.

“To make me a waste, do you think you have this ability?”

The smile on Chu Xingyun’s face dissipated, the spirit sword flipped, and the grayish black light spread from the sword body, letting him and the spirit sword suddenly become blurred, like a lone wolf hidden in the dark, ready to make a move absolute kill.

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