Chapter 75: Mystery of Brave Academy


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Coming to the top floor, there was Melhayce.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Master Anos”

He kneels before me and drips his head.

“How about Gaios and Idol?

“Resuscitation was a success. After all, two thousand years ago, someone attacked us, and it seemed that we were taking over our roots and our bodies.”

Is it the same as when Ives?

I think the rest of the Seven Demons, the Emperor, are the same, so there is no mistake.

“There are three old Seven Demons on this side. I wonder if it is also possible to strengthen the forces of the Unitarian…?

Only Ives has so far not been enlightened that he is alive by Avos Dilhevia.

Melhayce, Gaios, and Idol are the three men on the table who can move into action as my men. The other hand pawn, Lady Seven Demons, also has three left.

It would be possible, in a political sense, to antagonize the balance of power between unity and royalty. That way we can also rein in Avos Dilhevia’s plot using royalty and royalty.


“It doesn’t matter as always. No matter how much it changes, it doesn’t change the consciousness of the Demons that way. If you hit it bad, Dilheid cracks it in two.”

Mixed blood and unity are making a lot of people because the royalty and royalty hold on to much of the power. If both powers antagonize, so too should the Unitarians remain silent. Like Emilia, it’s not strange for a runaway to come out.

I wish I could rule, but now is not the time for power to be everything. How many people do I have to kill to keep the royalists quiet? If we unite the Demon Nation that way, Avos Dilhevia might step on two legs.

He won’t be able to get away with it later. I’m not going to lose, but I’ve been preparing for 2,000 years. Hundreds of millions more years and opportunities await.

For a while now, it would be best to get him on the other side of the thought. If you let them think things are going as they please, they will eventually show up. You can stop then.

“I understand. And in the meantime, I have one question.”

“Why didn’t you take over the roots, you mean?

Melhayce nods with a strange look.

“It’s the left. All the other Seven Demons, the Imperial Elders, were merged with their roots and taken over. But in my case, I was only stabbed with a slave demon sword. Maybe this difference means something.”

“Did you think I’d spot you in the same way? Or maybe he didn’t have enough handkerchiefs.”

“I don’t have that many subordinates,” he said?

“If it’s going to take you over, it’s going to have to be quite a trustworthy subordination. If it’s disposable, it may be as much as it takes, but when it comes to stomach, it’s not that many.”

Think of it that way, and his belly will only mean the other three who are taking over the Seven Demons Emperor.

“Or maybe you want me to think I only have three more pawns.”

At least, Avos Dilhevia is not an idiot. Besides, be careful. It would be putting up a double triple trap and waiting for me to fall for one of them.

“There’s something I’d like to hear from you too, but I hear you’re not the head of the Unitarian”

“… That’s Master Anos, have you grabbed that far…”

as frightened, says Melhayce.

“Who is it?

“… that’s what I don’t know… Of course, if you’re royal, it’s natural to try to hide who you are. If you are the demon emperor who delivers the area of the absentee, or someone close to it, you will be pursued by the throne of power if you are known as the Unitarian. That would make your work as a Unitarian irresistible.”

There’s a reason to hide who you are.

Conversely, you can hide your identity with dignity, even if you are not the Demon King or someone close to it.

For example, even if it is Avos Dilhevia.

“That you’re not at the top means that he formed a unified faction?

“From what I’ve looked into, it does. I had explored who I was, but I was brilliantly erasing traces of magic and couldn’t reach it. At that point, I thought it might be the demon tribe of the Mythical Age, just like me.”

I am distressed by the current situation of Dilheid and I cannot even think of it as forming a unified faction.

“But if so, now that Master Anos has been reincarnated, he should appear before you.”

At least it’s reasonable to assume that I’m real or that I’m coming to make sure.

If you are a demon tribe two thousand years old, it is also hard to believe that you can ignore the demon king of tyranny.

“You still don’t show yourself, you mean you can’t show yourself before me?”

“I think that’s likely.”

To see from the series of events at the Demon Sword Games, that masked man can’t even be considered the head of the Unitarian.

Avos Dilhevia or something like that?

“One more thing, let’s ask. What do you know about the College of the Brave?

Then Melhayce’s complexion changed.

“… what, were you there?

“They’re going to have a college exchange. It was a quick story that the other system of acceptance looked into it, but I was a little suspicious.”

“I don’t know if the College of the Brave is what took Avos Dilhevia’s breath. So far, they don’t see any demon shadows.”

Merhayce said in a harsh tone.

“But be very careful with them. Once a hater, I have also put my exploration into the king’s capital Gailladite. Indeed, the country of man has also become peaceful, and there has not been a very warlike war. But Gailladite says, no, Azesion spends 10% of the country’s tax revenues on the College of the Brave.”

(i) 10% of the country’s tax revenues against the college?

Let’s put more effort into this than usual.

“What was the College of the Brave built for?

“The facade is the cultivation of brave men familiar with swords, magic, and all disciplines. After graduating from the Academy of the Brave, they have wielded their power throughout Azesion, contributing to the development of the country.”

I guess it’s a similar role to the Demon Emperor in Dirhade.

“But it can smell pretty bad for that. The College of the Brave has a selection class called ‘Jergacanon’, and a considerable budget is used here. But if you look into it, you don’t get the details.”

Hmm. Jergacannon?

I guess I took my name from two brave men who would have been legendary in this day and age.

“A brave man is a hero of the war. Unlike the Demon King, who rules the Demon Nation, it doesn’t seem so necessary in times of peace. Of course, I’m not talking about trying to make the power of the brave to help the country develop this time…”

“You don’t think it’s just a college?”

Melhace nods.

“Jergacannon says it’s a class of reincarnated braves. I was wondering if we should be vigilant, even if we are not involved with Avos Dilhevia.”

Humans themselves are up to something, huh?

Well, for inferior to magic, it’s humans who come up with something so shady and less bottom-line than the Demons.

“Human life expectancy is short. Now, two thousand years later, if there’s a reason to be hostile to the Demons, it’s probably because those reborn braves are trapped in past resentment”

Nevertheless, when I built a wall in the world, I reconciled with Cannon.

That man wouldn’t want to leave his remorse of the Demons until the next generation.

To the other brave men, I don’t think they were reincarnated and completely handed over their memories.

Or couldn’t you tell?

But I don’t think I can do it.

“Until the reason, I don’t know. Maybe there are reincarnators with memories from two thousand years ago, I’m not sure. You’re right, people have a short life span. If the brave men of two thousand years ago were in modern times, they would have been reincarnated over and over again.”

The magic of < reincarnation (silica) > depends on the circumstances, but life expectancy and magic change the time to reincarnation. Humans are reincarnated relatively quickly, and it’s not uncommon for the Demons to take two thousand years, like me.

“Delzo Gade also now has some interaction with Gailladite and the College of the Brave. Humans didn’t seem particularly hostile to the Demons.”

Well, even if you’re willing to wage war, you don’t have to take an obvious attitude.

It would be even more so if the Seven Demons representing the Demon Nation, such as Merhays, were the opponents.

“Hmm. Then I’ll look into Brave Men’s College directly on the ground. I never dreamed the students of the College Exchange would be mixed with the Demon King of Atrocities.”


“You keep an eye on the movements of the Seven Demons in Dirheid. Pay me back if you need anything. I’ll be right back.”

“Yes, sir.”

I’ll turn my heels back and put the Union Tower behind me.

But the selection class’ Jergacanon ‘?

If you remember, if you don’t, if Kanon the Brave is reincarnated, you want to see him.

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