Chapter 755. The Monk and the Girl


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Mo Fan’s mood plummeted. No matter how he tried to “help”, everything was useless.

– You said about some kind of naval punishment, what is it? – asked Mo Fan.

– All sea smooth surface, which you see, and even that which is hidden from your eyes – the whole sea is under the protection of the monster. We live by the sea, how can we slander … dunce! Do not rely there! – the monk swore.

“Aha, yes,” Mo Fan rose, let the gesture of the monk understand that he continued.

– I’ve already said everything. Do not dare to touch this sacred turtle, otherwise, as soon as you find yourself in the sea, you will be overtaken by a penalty! Said the monk.

– Wait, I was already ready to listen to the heartfelt story … oh, yes, by the way, monk, what’s your name? – asked Mo Fan.

“Nara Yuankun,” said the monk, and went on, taking the book with him.

Mo Fan watched as the monk in the white robe was gradually removed. After some time, Mo Fan’s gaze was chained to a girl who was slowly climbing the mountain steps, and her hair was gathered in a tight horsetail.

The girl was very pretty. Even if no emotion was expressed on her face, the pretty dimples tenderly stood out.

Her camp was very graceful, even though she was still far from Mu Ning Xue or Jiang Shao Xu, the soft outlines of her body attracted attention.

Outwardly, this Japanese girl was no different from a Chinese woman, except that her makeup was aesthetic: a bleached face with red lips. Mo Fan for a long time did not meet among the twenty-year-olds who would be painted so naturally.

The girl continued up the stairs. Encountered with the monk Nara Yuankun, she smiled and her face lit up with spring freshness.

– Mr. Yuankun, good day! I collected petals, and when they dry, we get a fragrant tea! Said the girl, holding out her hand to the monk.

Nara Yuankun just glanced at her and quickly turned to the other side, leading himself quite arrogantly.

The young girl was upset to see the monk leaving. After seeing how he was removed, the girl immediately found herself near Mo Fang.

Mo Fan had an unbearable temperament, so in such a situation, he unwittingly grinned. The girl, turning to him, only smiled respectfully in response, and in a soft voice said: “Sorry, I did not notice you.”

Mo Fan asked her if she could speak English. The girl’s speech was not fluent, but it didn’t represent any problems for communication.

“So you like this monk, don’t you?” – immediately said Mo Fan, barely noticing the disappointment on the girl’s face.

“I …” the girl thought that she could be seen communicating with a foreigner.

– Do not be shy. Like, like … Surely you can fall in love with a Japanese monk? – Mo Fan wanted to find out the details.

He was a man far from geographical knowledge and different cultures.

– Do not say so …. Let’s better walk around the monastery, and by the way, I forgot to introduce myself …. I … you can call me Gong Tian! – cast girl.

Mo Fang was also bored, why not stroll with this cute Japanese girl?

– Idiot, what are you doing!

Mo Fan was only walking with the girl in a different direction, as from there came the fierce cry of the monk Nara Yuankun.

Without waiting for Mo Fan’s answer, the monk immediately ran up, fixing his gaze on the girl.

The monk’s gaze was very fierce, and it seemed to Mo Fang that he had sensed the magical aura that came from the monk.

“I … I didn’t do anything!” I just wanted to walk around the neighborhood with him so that he could talk to me! Said the girl, almost crying.

– Do not pretend! Cried the monk. Turning to Mo Fan, he asked: “Can you see her too?”

“Why shouldn’t I see her?” … E * oat! – Mo Fan only now thought of looking at the way the girl walked.


The soil here was very soft and pliable, so the traces of Mo Fan’s shoes and the monk were clearly imprinted. However, no trace of the girl was visible!

Mo Fanya shaken involuntarily.

Well … your spirits in broad daylight?

This girl is unusual!

– In the near future there will be guests here, and you’d better not attract their attention! Otherwise, my patience will burst, do you understand? Said Nara Yuankun to a girl named Gong Tian.

“I … I …” the girl had already begun to cry. Mo Fan did not stand: how can you shout at a girl like that?

The girl did not linger any longer, and, turning around, stomped away from the monastery.

Mo Fan turned to the stairs and saw that there was no one there. Wow, girl speed! She could not evaporate by herself … well, only if she is not a high-level magician!

Mo Fang was also struck by the fact that the monk was also a magician, and a magician with a good level of cultivation.

– Monk, so what happens? Is this girl a ghost or what? – asked Mo Fan.

– Well, since you can see her, why not tell! – answered the monk.

“She obviously runs after you.” Looks like she likes you very much. And yes, I can see her – what’s so strange about that? – in reply asked Mo Fan.

The monk, looking around Mo Fan, said: “So you are not a tourist … but a magician. However, even this does not mean that you should see her. ”

“Can you explain to me first what she is?” – said Mo Fan.

This girl was like a living person. If she were a ghost, Mo Fan could easily sense the aura of death that was supposed to surround her. Seeing a huge number of the undead Mo Fan could not understand what this girl was.

– You should not know so much! Said the monk.

“She wanted to hurt me?” – asked Mo Fan.

– I do not know. But since you can see her, you’d better not to contact her – she is not of good girls! Said the monk.

– Yes, what is she? Why can I see her, and you say that other people cannot? Hey hey, why are you so rude? Answer me, monk! – A lot of things in Mo Fan’s head now did not converge logically.

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