Chapter 758. The Incident in the Temple


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On the tatami lay a man with golden hair, which was covered with a thick blanket. For some strange reason, at the entrance to the room, a strange chill ran through the skin, which seemed to come from a man lying under a blanket.

Mo Fan approached, pulled the blanket over and saw Zhao Man Yan’s face there.

He was very pale. Zhao Man Yan could always boast a blush-filled skin, so this pale look was not typical of him.

Mo Fan began to probe Zhao Man Yang through the blanket, realizing that it was icy cold.

– He was discovered by Zhou Xu. He sat in a room and cultivated when he felt a sudden cold. Starting to look for the source of the cold, he realized that the frost emanates from Zhao Manh Yan’s body – that was frozen. Zhou Xu called him, but he did not react at all, continuing to lie in the same form, said Nan Jue.

The situation was more than unusual. Besides Zhou Xu, Zu Jiming was in the room – these two did not notice what Zhao Man Yan had become! It scared everyone.

After this happened, everyone began to gather in one room, where they found that Mo Fang and Jiang Shao Xu were still missing. When the general alarm began to spread, the two returned from the city.

Now the situation with Zhao Man Yan was unclear.

– He is alive, only now he is in a deep sleep. Nan Rongni says that you should not force him to wake up, as this can lead to serious spiritual trauma. Now we need to urgently determine what poison he was poisoned with … It is also strange that when we called the monk here, he got scared and ran away, shouting something. He didn’t say anything to us. It seems that relying on this temple is not particularly worth it, – said Jiang Yu.

– The healing magic is also powerless? – asked Mo Fan.

Nan Rongni nodded her head.

– Is there a threat to life? – again asked Mo Fan.

– Not yet. However, his body is in a numb condition, and I am afraid that it may harm the internal organs, said Nan Rongni.

Mo Fan nodded his head, understanding the situation.

He turned around and saw Jiang Shao Xu, who was very shocked: “Did the words of the owner of the bar really be true?! Zhao Man Yan looks like he has no soul! ”

– What kind of witchcraft?

– Jiang Shao Xu, can you explain everything properly? Don’t scare us all ahead of time, ”said Mu Tinjin.

They were all magicians, and if it was about some kind of magical creature, then it was not a problem to deal with it. But if no one can really explain the situation, then how will they save a person?

Jiang Shao Xu told what she heard at the bar.

After her words, the hair on the head of those present stood on end, was Zhao Man Yan really bewitched?

– Do not blindly believe these words, but we belong to a magical society! Said Nan Jue.

– Mo Fan, you said that you recently saw a young girl, is it really true too? – Jiang Shao Xu asked Mo Fang.

Mo Fan did not answer, but Jiang Shao Xu already understood everything in his eyes.

It would be better if she did not mention it! Mo Fan was internally angry.

– By the way, why Zhao Man Yan? There are so many people here, even if we are talking about witchcraft, then why did Zhao Man Yan become a victim? – asked Mu Tinin directly.

Mo Fan slapped his lips: say or not?

Mo Fan was thinking the unthinkable!

First, the fact that only he, Mo Fan, could see this girl. What is the reason? Since he is a high level mage?

Secondly, did he personally drove Zhao Man Yan into such a state?

He remembered that when a girl asked for his name, he introduced himself as Zhao Man Yan!

Is it possible to bewitch only one whose name is known?

All were at a dead end. The things that Mo Fan and Jiang Shao Xu told us simply didn’t fit in my head!

– Who knows where Zhao Man Yan went in the evening? – asked Zu Jiming.

– Yes, he did not go anywhere anywhere. On the other side of the mountain, to the well, in the corridor was, in the temple … We were all in these places.

– Now we all walk only together, in no case do not go alone. You go and ask the monks what is happening in this temple. And you will go a little bit to the places where Zhao Man Yan was, be careful with the plants, it is quite possible that he could have poisoned them … ”said Ai Jiang Tu.

Everyone went in search of the cause of Zhao Man Yan poisoning.

As Nan Rongni said, the healing magic will have no effect until the cause of the poison has been established. And since Zhao Man Yan moved only around the monastery, then finding the cause of his poisoning would not be a problem.

Mo Fan, on the other hand, thought that he should find that girl.

Jiang Shao Xu also thought about this, so she volunteered to go along with Mo Fang. Mu Ning Xue and Jiang Yu were in the group with them.

– What you said before, right? – asked Mu Ning Xue, walking alongside Mo Fang.

– Why would I be joking in this situation? There really is something wrong with this temple. “I think you should go down the mountain and find out what the residents in the area think and know about the temple,” said Mo Fan.

Since only he could see this girl, there was no point in others going with him. That bar owner and other tenants should know something else.

“I’ll go with you in case something happens to you, too,” said Mu Ning Xue.

– Yeah, do not go alone. Jiang Shao Xu, we will go to interview residents, ”Jiang Yu said.

Jiang Shao Xu went along with Jiang Yu.

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue headed towards the stairs. Mo Fan remembered that there was a fork in the stairs, and did not even know which way to go next. Then the girl appeared on the steps that people usually do not walk on, so Mo Fan decided to go there first!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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