Chapter 759. May I Know Her Name?


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Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue had already gone half a step and stopped at the place where they had seen the girl.

Mo Fan headed towards another path. It was overgrown with vines, was unlike the path that people usually walk.

The trail was blocked by a hanging white ribbon indicating that no entry is allowed. The longer Mo Fan looked at this tape with the inscription, the more different thoughts covered him. What is there that no one is allowed?

Maybe it already seems to him, but the longer he looked at the path, the more sullen and terrible she seemed to him.

“Is it that here that you saw that girl?” Asked Mu Ning Xue.

“Yes, only after lunch I saw her again. She seemed to be looking for a young monk, with whom I had just spoken. That is why I had a chance to talk with her. At first she didn’t seem strange to me, ”said Mo Fan.

“With the onset of the evening, most of the monks descend from the mountain and leave. They say that after a few days, he returns, ”said Mu Ning Xue.

“Well, yes, surely they are looking for the same fool as me, who is able to see a girl?”, Said “Mo Fan.

Only now it has reached Mo Fang. All the monks had already left, only one old monk was left who was looking after the temple. And he was already seriously scared after seeing what happened to Zhao Man Yan. You want such a person – you won’t ask.

“Yeah, this is strange,” said Mo Fan.

– What?

“That girl asked for my name, well, I thought that she was a little strange and said that I was Zhao Man Yan.” Who would have thought he was bewitched? It seems that this girl needs to know the name in order to bewitch.

Mu Ning Xue listened to Mo Fang and came to the same conclusion: it is strange. She had never heard anything like it.

However, this Mo Fan too unpredictable, without a twinge of conscience introduced himself as a friend, after which the latter was also bewitched. Yeah, being friends with this guy is like that.

“Come on, let’s see what is there,” Mu Ning Xue did not want to guess what was there, so she confidently went in the direction of the white protective tape.

Mo Fan quickly followed her.

They walked and did not notice that they were already on the other side of the mountain. From here it was not visible the lights of the city, only the moon coldly illuminated this place.

It was very quiet, the only sounds they heard were the sounds of their own footsteps. Mo Fan was a man who does not like such deafening silence, therefore he joked: “Do you think when we reach the end of this path, will we find a grave with the name of this girl?”

Mu Ning Xue turned her head to Mo Fang and replied: “Have you really thought that I am Mu Ning Xue?”

Mo Fan was dumbfounded and looked at her in disbelief.

Moo Ning Xue did not pay attention to this and continued to go further. Whatever terrible story this fool told, it would still fearlessly go on.

Mo Fan just came to his senses and laughed: “Well, you scared me, but I didn’t know that you were so humorous, haha”

“There is no longer a road ahead,” said Mu Ning Xue and stopped. She stood at the very edge of the road. Then there was only grass. Greenery looked like it had never been a man’s foot.

“It looks like the road is just being repaired, only they did not write it,” said Mo Fan.

However, where did that girl go then?

“It seems that there is nothing here,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“Well, then there was only one way …”

“What is the method?”

“Gong Tian! Gong Tian! Can you hear me? Come on, I have a business for you! ”

In the silence of the night, Mo Fan’s voice sounded especially loud. Echo passed through the neighborhood, after which he heard a dog barking. Apparently the dogs at the foot of the mountain heard a guy.

Moo Ning Xue looked at Moo Fang and in her eyes read the question: are you really sick or something?

However, as practice has shown, screaming was meaningless.

Well, there’s nothing to be done, they just had to go back. When they had almost returned to the beginning of the road, they felt that the wind was blowing from somewhere in the distance. The wind was light and gentle, but in that wind there was something familiar, there was some familiar smell of flowers.

“Wait,” said Mo Fan Fan Mu Ning Xue and looked at the mountainside where the chrysanthemums were growing.

“What is it?” Asked Mu Ning Xue.

“Yes, I remembered that this girl had a basket in the afternoon. She told the monk that she brought fragrant herbs that she could brew tea. And now it seemed to me that I smelled the same scent, it looks like chrysanthemums, ”said Mo Fan and pointed out several chrysanthemums growing on the slope.

The chrysanthemums were a pale yellow color, seemingly nothing unusual, but the smell, there was something in the smell that made you think that it was not just flowers.

Mo Fan immediately climbed the slope and sniffed the flowers.

The guy wanted to turn to Mu Ning Xue and say something, when he saw the beautiful dress and legs standing next to him. After a moment, he said: “These are these flowers.”

Having said that, Mo Fan reached out and plucked a flower. It was unclear whether this would make any sense …

“Are you sure? There are a lot of flowers here … ”, said Mu Ning Xue.

“Yes, for sure, my nose …”, – Mo Fan wanted to reply when he suddenly stopped.

Mu Ning Xue’s voice came from below, about five or six meters away. After all, the girl did not climb behind him on the slope, then this dress …

Mo Fan was not cowardly, so he immediately got up and looked at the girl’s face.

Her charming face was very close to him.

If it were not for the unpredictability of such an appearance, then Mo Fan would be glad to see such a charm so closely.

Mo Fan thought that once he was beside her, he would see her face turn into the terrible face of a monster, or she would shed skin, and a terrible monster would come out of it.

However, as time went on, Mo Fan continued to look at the girl, but she still remained beautiful. She looked like Li Zhu when she was weak, only she didn’t have that grim expression.

“Gong … Gong Tian?”, – after some time, Mo Fan said.

“So we met again. Is she your companion? Such a beauty! I’m even a little jealous. May I know her name? ”Gong Tian smiled. She looked cute and innocent.

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