Chapter 76: Gailadete Expedition Test


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The week after that…

Delzo Gate, second coaching ground.

All the students gathered had brought a lot of luggage.

Not only do they pack weapons and magic equipment, but they also pack large leather bags and bags with plenty of food, change of clothes, water, etc.

However, the journey schedule and so on.

When the bell at the beginning of the class sounded, the owl jumped in through the window.

“Good morning, everyone”

What I hear is Menow’s voice.

Magically mediate the owl, I guess he’s talking.

“Well, we’re finally leaving for Azesion today for the college exchange. The destination is Gailladite, the king’s capital. As I’ve informed you in advance, there’s no college rate on this expedition. I’m sure everyone in 3rd regeneration already knows, but for 1st regeneration, I’ll explain it again.”

Another owl is in the 3rd regeneration classroom, and I guess I hear Menow in the same way.

“In Delzo Gate, when you’re on an expedition like this, there’s mostly no deduction. I can’t even reach my destination on my own when I say I want to be demon emperor. Yeah, but of course, I don’t mind helping each other out at all.”

Is it part of the class to reach your destination?

“There are all kinds of obstacles to getting from here to Azesion. If you want to cross the ocean, you have to cross the Dell Test Mountains or bypass the Torah Forest if the Eruga Strait is by land. Even if you fly out of the sky, Azesion’s airspace is messed up by magic fields, so it’s not easy.”

Of course I guess the wisdom of choosing the right route for me is being tested as to which route to go fast.

“Azesion is not like Dilhayd. I’m sure you’ll all come across a lot of things like this that you’ve never even seen. I want you to learn not only what you are taught in the college, but how to deal with the unknown in this expedition.”

That sounds pretty interesting compared to previous classes.

At any rate, both the Strait of Eruga, the Del Testo Mountains and the Torah Forest have been there several times.

Well, I guess things are different again than they were 2,000 years ago.

“The deadline is ten days. By then, students who fail to come to the third quarters of the College of the Brave in Gailladite will not be eligible to participate in this College Exchange. Of course, it depends on your grades how many times you get to number one and how long you get to it, so good luck with that. 3rd regeneration can be this kind of expedition, so when 1st regeneration gets there sooner than that, you’ll have a high point.”

Ten days? Well, that’s a reasonable place.

Even if you go by road, if you keep running at that speed, you can get there sparingly.

“By the way, the teacher arrived in two days. 3rd regeneration should be the guide.”

Two days. Just teachers, that’s reasonably fast.

Sometimes you teach 3rd regeneration, you seem more magical than Emilia.

“Well, I’ll start the Gailladite expedition exam now. Hey, don’t!

On that signal, about half of the students who were in the second training ground jumped out in unison.

The rest of us are checking the map and discussing which route to go.

“Hey, Anos. I was just wondering, you know, you didn’t bring anything.”

Sasha talks to me.

She doesn’t have much luggage like that either. I guess we’re going to get there in a couple of days.

“What, it used to be a day trip to Gailladite”

If humans had made a smart move, they would have had to crush it.

“A day trip… as usual, it’s impotent…”

“Which route do you want to go?

Misha said.

“I don’t like the sky. Azesion’s airspace is messed up by a magic field, so you can handle it. In other words, someone hated the magic field so much in self-study…”

Sasha preferred the magic of flying, making it a little difficult to fly in self-study. It’s worth it, even if it’s not suitable for flying, it can fly quite well.

“What about Ray and Mass?

Misha sees them both.

“Hahaha, I can’t fly, but I think if I use Rain Spirit Mist Consumer (Fuska), I can keep up.”

Mass can move freely within the bounds of. It’s a little inefficient, but if you use it continuously, the travel speed will be pretty good.

“I say one way or another, it’s faster to run. I’m not very good at flying.”

“So would you rather be by land? You just have to fly low. Then something we can all go to.”

Sasha magically maps the scene and shows about three expedition routes with red lines.

“There are three possible paths through the Torah Forest on the shortest route. The earliest of these is going through the Mileyne Desert over here. Of course, if we can get through without anything, but if we do it right, we’ll be there in a day.”

Menow told me to use the third regeneration as a guide, so I guess we’re sticking together.

It sounds like Sasha.

“If you’re going to walk away, it’s pretty accurate, Sasha. What are you going to do with the map and everything?

“… Huh?

Sasha gives me a decent look.

“I told you I’ve been there. What kind of magic do you think I use when I go home?

Oh, and Sasha spills her voice.


Misha said.

“Can you even use it for such a long distance?

“In the wind today, < metastasis (gatom) > is a magic developed for busy demons who have to travel long distances many times a day.”

“… okay, but you don’t have to say it in the wind right now”

He said he explained it clearly.

“Well, that’s why. Less than a day. I’ll be there in a second.”

I reach out to Sasha.

Everyone held hands and used.

The brightened landscape regained its colour, and what we saw in our eyes was a vast lake. On the other side there is a castle wall, with streets stretching out behind the gates.

The King’s capital, Gailladite, is a fortified city built in the heart of the lake.

This Sacred Ming Lake (Seimeiko), which is said to spring out of holy water, itself acts as a natural magic formation and has the power to seal the demons.

Two thousand years later, it’s still the same, and holy water seems to be gushing, but is there anyone who can use this in this day and age?

“When you come so light, you don’t taste good.”

“Brave men say they’re good at swords, and if you’re going to see them before the college exchange, it’s funny.”

Sasha’s gaze returns to Ray, who said so.

You’re also thinking about how you’re going to challenge a sword battle because we met before the College Exchange.

“Ray, it’s always about the sword.”

Then he laughs refreshingly.

“Maybe so. As long as you keep thinking about the Demon King.”

“hey… what did you say…”

Sasha blushes.

“I don’t think it’s a problem for a student at Demon King’s College to think about the Demon King all the time. You look like an honorary student.”

Sasha will surely stare at Ray with regret.

“… remember, this sword fetish…”

Rarely, Sasha and Ray had such a skirmish.

We headed straight for the castle gate.

The soldier standing at the entrance checks the uniform we wore and the school badge, and he walks right through it. On my way through the castle gate, from my back, I heard a strange voice saying that I wasn’t here yet today.

“By the way, where is the third quarters of the College of the Brave?

“It is in the true east from the College of the Brave. By the wall.”

Misha says.

“Hmm. Which one is the College of the Brave?

“Don’t you even know Anos?

“It didn’t happen 2,000 years ago.”

Misha then pointed to a tall building that was visible far away.

“That. College of the Brave Arklan Iska. It was in the dossier I got.”

Hmm. Did you turn the royal castle Arklan Iska 2,000 years ago into the College of the Brave?

A military facility that has become a peaceful world and is no longer needed, but it is a shame to lose its magical equipment. As a place of education, I guess I make the most of it. Delzo Gade is also a Demon King’s College, and there’s nothing unnatural about it.

On the contrary, it seems suspicious that there are no seemingly unnatural points.

“For now, let’s go. I got here first, and I need to see Dr. Menow.”

“But are you there? You don’t think he’s coming today.”

“… sure, yeah…”

Anyway, trying to get there, we set our feet on the third quarters of the College of the Brave.

After a while walking through unfamiliar streets, eventually, I could see a stone building with beautiful decorations in front of me.

It’s quite large and seems like a room for nearly two hundred people at all times.

The gate said Arklan Iska Third Quarter.

“There he is.”

And, Misha points.

Menow just came out of the dorm.

“Hmm. Menow, we’re here.”


Menow looked at us and stiffened her body as if time had stopped.

“Sort of a record.”

I hear my words, but Menow hears them in a dazed manner.

And a few seconds later, she finally opened her mouth.

“Hey, hey… lying, right…? ‘Cause it hasn’t been an hour yet… instead of a day… how the hell did you get here…!?

You’re screwing it up in such incredible shape, Menow.

Through the owl’s eyes, he’ll have confirmed that we were in Dillhayd.

There is no question of wrongdoing.

“< Metastasis (Gatom) > was used. I’ve been to Gailladite before.”

“… I heard you could use lost magic, but I can’t believe you’re connecting spaces so far away…”

Menow is right and has a look of heartfelt consternation.

“… now I know you have a magical talent… I am also a teacher, so I have seen many children called geniuses so far. There are many students who are good at magic, even in mixed blood. But you’re not the kind of genius that can be cleaned up in a common language.”

stared straight at my face with that demonic eye, Menow asked.

“Anos, who the hell are you…?

“I’ve said it many times. You don’t seem to trust other people’s words, not your own demonic eyes, and you won’t be able to get to the truth for life.”

Demon King of Atrocities.

The word turned his head, or Menow had no choice but to remain silent.

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