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Chu Xingyun’s body emits a chilly sword light, which makes the heart’s heart madly twitching. In addition to this sword glow, the spiritual power is equally shocking.

If we say that the spiritual power they radiated is a rope that can withstand thousands of pounds of force.

Then Chu Xingyun’s spiritual power is the steel wire forged from Hundred Refinements steel, which can not only withstand the tens of thousands of pounds, but also is very strong and can easily penetrate the rock.

“Good pure spiritual power!” The eyes of the representative of Wufu trembled fiercely. Even Yang Yan was in a sluggish state. Even now, the spiritual power he controlled did not reach such a pure level. Chu Xingyun, in the end How did it do it?

Staring at Chu Xingyun’s cold scorpion, Shui Qianyue actually felt the fear, even her Profound Water Spirit Fox, as if they were beginning to retreat, do not want to be an enemy.

“This must be Chu Xingyun’s little trick, I want to give birth to fear, he is just a Body Tempering Ninth Level realm, it is impossible…” Shui Qianyue in the heart constantly comforts the owner.

However, the next moment, she suddenly felt a cold in front of her, it seems that there is a gust of wind to care for long hair, but this squally wind, but also contains the thunder of the violent, difficult to describe in words.

“Wind and Thunder is angry!” Chu Xingyun screamed, and a sword went west and stabbed straight toward Shui Qianyue. The thunder filled the waves of water in the void, and the palm of the hand, in front of the sword, all turned into a cloud.

Shui Qianyue’s pupils are constantly magnifying, and the body is slightly trembled.

This sword, so amazing, is already completely locking her body, to the point where she can’t escape. It seems that this piece of Between Heaven and Earth, except this sword, does not contain anything.


Just as Shui Qianyue Mind was in a mess, the screams rang, and a figure landed from the sky, punching out, and the thick punches swept away, smashing the Wind and Thunder sword glow.

Chu Xingyun’s body twisted in midair, the spirit sword pierced the ground, and pulled out a long sword mark, only to offset the overbearing fist, the figure fell, the eyes inside, the cold raging.

“Arene compares, just as soon as possible, you still dare to anger Killer!” The make a move, naturally the ancient pine, I saw his eyes wide open, full of anger glaring at Chu Xingyun.

Chu Xingyun wiped the fresh blood from the corner of his mouth, indifferently said: “Which dog eyes saw my sword, want to kill Shui Qianyue? Instead, you, make a move disturbed the test, and wounded me, Yunmeng Wufu, a great prestige!”

“impudent!” Gu Qingsong roared again and again, Chu Xingyun actually dared to call him a dog, but also said that he disturbed the order, too much, and simply did not put him in the eye.

I saw his palm pressed toward Chu Xingyun. At the top of his head, a huge Black Tortoise illusory shadow condensed from the sky and pressed directly into Chu Xingyun.

“Ancient elder!” A number of representatives of the Wufu have made a statement, Gu Qingsong, seems to be really angry, actually directly display the Black Tortoise Martial Spirit, to suppress Chu Xingyun on the spot.

“Teacher, can’t wait any longer, make a move!” Qin Yuyan was so anxious to cry, Gu Qingsong is the Earth Spirit powerhouse, the strength is 100 times stronger than Chu Xingyun, and then dragged down, Chu Xingyun certainly did not end well.

However, Yang Yan still has no movements.

I saw him sitting in the same position, eyes slightly narrowed, and found that Chu Xingyun, who was oppressed by the Black Tortoise Martial Spirit, had no panic on his face, but his eyes suddenly sinked, staring coldly at the ancient pine.

“From the very beginning, I doubt the fairness of the selection of the military. Now it seems that I am right. Yunmengwufu is simply interested in sheltering Shui Qianyue. In this case, the selection of the military is still there. What is the point, let Shui Qianyue directly choose Wufu, why waste time?”

Chu Xingyun raise one’s head Let the crowd immediately whisper.

Counting this time, Gu Qingsong has been maintaining Shui Qianyue for the second time, and even forced make a move to save Shui Qianyue.

There is absolutely no fairness in such a move. It is simply to use all the efforts of the people to set off Shui Qianyue and make Shui Qianyue the biggest winner.

When I heard the dissatisfaction of the crowd, Gu Qingsong’s face was even more ugly, gloomy and cold said: “Well, you Chu Xingyun, you don’t know what to do, you want to smash my Yunmengwufu, if I don’t make a move, How to serve the public!”

Gu Qingsong buckled all the charges on Chu Xingyun’s body, his hands were pressed again, and the Black Tortoise Martial Spirit became huge, and the ground of Martial Dao arena was hard to squeeze out the close and numerous cracks.

“The ancient pines are overbearing. Under such terrifying pressure, I am afraid that Chu Xingyun will be seriously injured if he is not dead.” Several Wufu representatives sighed, although their status is not under the ancient Qingsong, but this time Selection, Gu Qingsong is the host, representing the entire Yunmeng Wufu.

If they make a move, it is very might to fight with Yunmengwufu. For a Chu Xingyun, it is not worth it.

“No, Chu Xingyun doesn’t seem to fall!” Yang Yan, who had never been open, suddenly said, blink bright in both eyes, staring at Chu Xingyun on Martial Dao arena.

Everyone is a glimpse, Qin Yuyan is also puzzled, looking up, but see the center of arena, Chu Xingyun bears the pressure of the Black Tortoise Martial Spirit, still standing high.

Even, he is still moving, step by step, extremely slow move towards ancient Qingsong, the dark scorpion, full of firm meaning, every step of the way, that firm is a strong point.

“What happened?” Yang Yan’s cultivation base was the highest. He looked at the scene on Arena and found that the air around Chu Xingyun was a little weird. As he walked out every step, the whole arena trembled.

At this moment, Yang Yan even had an illusion that the Earth Spirit forces around him gathered together, and immediately followed the pace of Chu Xingyun, as if they had life.

“In the face of my pressure, you have to forcefully resist, it seems that you are determined to fight against my dreams!” Gu Qingsong flashed a killing intent in the eyes, I want to use this as an excuse to Chu Xingyun Completely scrapped.

The violent spiritual power rushed into his right hand, a path of soil yellow brilliance spread out, forming a giant fist, with a thick and heavy atmosphere.

“Go to hell!” Gu Qingsong slammed out, the fists formed a rolling cyclone, the air was crushed into pieces, and the move towards Chu Xingyun hit the sky and covering the earth.

At this moment, Yang Yan finally stood up. If he didn’t make a move at this time, I am afraid that Chu Xingyun would really have to die on the spot.

Stepping forward, his body, just had the heat of the spirit to bloom, his eyes moved, but found that Chu Xingyun’s fortitude on the face, suddenly picked up a touch of curvature.

It was a laugh, Chu Xingyun actually laughed.

“Old man, just because you want to kill me, think too much!” Chu Xingyun laughed, his mouth opened, and all the Earth Spirit forces around him swallowed his belly.

These days, Earth Spirit gathers in Dantian, turns into a path of ray of light, blends into the Yuanhai, and finally makes the Linghai, which is as thin as a needle, rotate continuously, and suddenly a roaring sound erupts.

Without warning, a strong temperament blooms from Chu Xingyun, and the spiritual power of Between Heaven and Earth rushes into his body, like an endless whirlpool, to devour all spiritual power.

“breakthrough, Chu Xingyun actually broke through!” The crowd was full of surprises. Facing the pressure of Gu Qingsong, Chu Xingyun actually broke through the cultivation base, and in one fell swoop, stepped into the spirit of Spirit Gathering.

“No, this is definitely not a common breakthrough. Chu Xingyun has a power, it seems to be… the world!”

Yang Yan is more clear than everyone else.

In the moment of Chu Xingyun breakthrough, he suddenly found that there is a world of heaven and earth around Chu Xingyun’s body, gathering in a crazy gesture on the spirit sword!

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