Chapter 760. Name Verification Again asked the name !!


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Only Mo Fan heard this question, as he felt uneasy.

Mo Fan faltered, he did not know how best to answer the seemingly innocuous question of the girl, after a couple of seconds the guy said: “She has a very complicated name, oh yes, one of my friends had a faint, besides his body went cold . You’ve been living here for quite a long time, don’t know what could have happened? ”

Mo Fan did not go ahead, because he did not know if she really was to blame for what happened to Zhao Man Yan.

Even if this is her handiwork, then a team of the best magicians-students of China will quickly cope with it. There is absolutely no point in immediately spoiling the relationship.

Well, the most important thing is that Mo Fang had absolutely no understanding of what she was and how to make her disenchanting Zhao Man Yan.

“Your friend? And who is your friend? ”Said Gong Tian with a blank look.

“You didn’t see him, tall handsome blond, certainly not as handsome as I am. So you know what happened? ”Said Mo Fan, trying to give his face the most confusing look.

Meanwhile, Mu Ning Xue stood on the trail and looked surprised at Mo Fang talking to herself.

In truth, for Mu Ning Xue, it looked as if Mo Fan was obsessed with devilry: he talked by himself, he smiled to himself. It was very similar to the fact that he was talking to someone.

However, Mu Ning Xue did not make a sound.

She had a lot of questions, but she was such a person: if she can guess what’s the matter, then there’s no point in asking, and if she can’t guess herself, then reluctance to be interested.

It was obvious that Mo Fan communicated with that unnoticeable girlfriend. Moreover, according to the responses of Mo Fang, which she could hear, it was not difficult for her to guess what exactly his girlfriend asked.

But why only he can see her?

This question did not give her peace of mind the most.

“I also do not know, it seems that your friend has caught some strange disease. I heard that here and before that someone had gotten sick of something similar, I could not recover … ”, said Gun Tian in a whisper.

Mo Fan understood that nothing could be done about it. It was not like she was hiding something. At least it is difficult to associate her image with a monster who bewitches people …

“Let’s just say, then I deceived you, my name is not Zhao Man Yan, that is the name of my friend, who is bewitched now. And I heard about these places unpleasant rumors that there is something or someone who is capable of bewitching a person. My friend seems to be direct evidence. Besides, it happened just after I called you that name, ”- Mo Fan saw that the girl continues to pretend, so he tried to act differently.

The girl, as she heard it, then immediately frowned, looked at Mo Fanya with an unusual look and said: “Do you think this is connected with me?”

Mo Fan nodded and replied: “I also do not want to think that you are involved in this, but I hope that you can help me to restore my friend.”

Gong Ting looked down at Mu Ning Xue and said, “So you did not tell me her name, then?”

“Um …”, Mo Fan didn’t find what to answer. The appearance and speech of this girl denied the possibility of suspecting her. However, this incident was directly related to it in some way. In the end, she was an incomprehensible ghost of a girl. There was a feeling that she was not the resting soul of a dead girl nearby.

“You didn’t believe me from the very beginning, you were afraid that I would harm you, that’s what someone else’s name said, right?” Said the girl in a hurt voice.

“No,” said Mo Fan.

“You were afraid that I could harm her, so you did not tell her her name, did you?”, The girl continued to ask.

“No, not at all. You’re just really strange, it’s hard to deny, that’s why I called myself not my name. I thought that this would not break the rules of decency. If I really thought you were dangerous, I would never have called my friend’s name, I would call mine. I would not want to put my friend in danger, ”said Mo Fan.

Only after these words the girl seems to start believing. It seems that when she looked into the boy’s eyes, she saw a note of sincerity and said: “Let’s do this, I will help you solve this problem, only now I will not do anything for a person who does not believe me. And to prove that you believe me, you must tell me her name. ”

The girl seemed very ordinary, but she was very clever.

She understood that Mo Fan was afraid to give her name. The connection between the fact that after Mo Fan was presented to her by the name of his friend was quite obvious, he fell into the power of some spells. Therefore, in order to prove his confidence, the guy must name this girl.

However, Mo Fang didn’t like it at all!

He looked at Mu Ning Xue, and she, in turn, looked at him. Doubt and misunderstanding read in her eyes.

“I allow you to ask her what she thinks about this,” said Gong Tian.

This really put Mo Fan in an awkward position. Mo Fan’s quick temper immediately woke up after these words. He wanted to grab this girl and punch her hard. He was eighty percent sure that she was involved in what happened to Zhao Man Yan.

Only here Mo Fan tried to slightly injure this girl and realized that his magic does not cause her any harm. It remains to act on the circumstances.

Mo Fan approached Mu Ning Xue and conveyed the contents of their conversation.

“She wants to know my name?” Asked Mu Ning Xue.

“Yes, it seems to me that so far it is not necessary to agree, this girl is some kind of strange … let’s first look for another way, and therefore we will already agree to her deal” – Mo Fan has already thought about this situation and decided that he does not want to risk his life Mu Ning Xue.

“Do you think this is her handiwork?” Mu Ning Xue asked bluntly.

“It seems to me that yes. I think she may demand other names after that, and then she will be able to cast a spell on all of us, ”said Mo Fan.

“I think we can try,” Mu Ning Xue said.

“No, we now do not know what happened to Zhao Man Yan, and if we do that,” Mo-Fan stopped her.

“I’m convinced that others will not be able to find any valuable information about Zhao Man Yan’s illness. And if we use my name as bait, will she not be obliged to help Zhao Man Yan? Well, if something happens to me, then it will immediately become obvious to everyone whose work it is. And as Nan Rongni said, this disease will not lead to instant death, ”said Mu Ning Xue Mo Fang.

This case is really extremely strange. And this girl is probably the only clue to what happened. So it is certainly worth the risk!

“Well, okay, since we reveal your name, then we will reveal mine!” Said Mo Fan.

“You can’t be. Only you are able to see this girl, which means that if the problem is really in her, then most likely only you will be able to cope with it, ”said Mu Ning Xue.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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