Chapter 762. Again This Witchcraft


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In fact, if Gong Tian appeared directly in front of Mo Fan, he would have no hesitation in calling the name Guan Yu.

Obviously, he and Mu Ning Xue could have a great time together, but this guy is always underfoot.

Mo Fan was sitting by the wooden window. He sensed that on the sly the dream took possession of him. Traveling by sea is tiring. This especially affects those who are not accustomed to the sea. Even after you land on land, all the same, after a few more days there will be a feeling that you are swaying.

As soon as Mo Fan’s eyes closed for a second, he immediately saw Gong Tian’s sly, deceptive smile, and the desire to sleep disappeared by itself.

Mo Fan closely watched Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue’s eyes were closed, she must have cultivated. Here is an excerpt! She saw what happened to Zhao Man Yan and practiced anyway.

Mo Fan considered the rouge on Mu Ning Xue’s face. Then he looked at her eyelashes, they were very attractive. The guy could not take his eyes off her. However, after a couple of moments, Mo Fan’s attention was attracted by the girl’s chest. She definitely has resilient, resilient hills. Even a thin dress and corset could not hide this beauty.

And right under the hills was a slender waist. It seemed that you can hug her with one hand. I wonder what it is like hugging her around the waist?

And even lower were the delicious buttocks and enticing folds of clothing right below the waist. There was not a single wart, not a single wrinkle on the body of the girl. In all of this there was something luring, something sexy. Even disheveled silvery hair seemed very charming.

Her body was just amazing, it’s just a pity that this moron Guan Yu was here.


Nothing unusual happened during the whole night, except for the cool wind that swayed the forest outside the window.

Neither Mo Fan nor Guan Yu had an eye on the whole night. It was already getting light, so from the window one could see how the morning sun painted the ocean orange.

Mo Fan got up and stretched.

He approached Mu Ning Xue and gently pushed her, making it clear that it was already morning.

“It seems that we made a mistake and this is not … Mu Ning Xue, Mu Ning Xue! Mu Ning Xue! ”, – Mo Fan strongly shoved the girl.

At first, Mo Fan thought that the girl was cultivating, but who would have thought that she would not open her eyes, even though Mo Fan was trying to push her away.

Mo Fan’s heart pounded. He immediately put his hand on the girl’s forehead.


Her forehead was icy. Even in spite of the fact that usually the air around Mu Ning Xue usually fully corresponded to her temperament and was cold, however this did not mean that the girl’s body was also cold!

It seems that the condition of her body was the same as that of Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan opened the girl’s eyes and noticed that the pupils were covered with a layer of something gray.

“Quickly, go and tell the others!” Said Mo Fan seriously and out of the corner of his eye glanced at sleepy Guan Yu.

“Was she also bewitched?” Guan Yu asked excitedly. He was important to know about the condition of Mu Ning Xue.

Guan Yu knew that the matter had taken a more serious turn, and so he looked angrily at Mo Fang. Even a narrow-minded person would have guessed that the charge was glowing in the eyes of Guan Yu. However, the guy did not lose time and ran to wake the rest.


Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue were left alone in the room. The guy kept thinking, at what point was her breathing different? At what point did she start to freeze?

No matter how he tried to wake her up, he did not succeed.

Seeing Mu Ning Xue in such a state, Mo Fang’s fists clenched and his chest filled with anger!

This Gun Tian, he will not leave her that easy!

Soon Nan Rongni came running, she immediately checked the condition of Mu Ning Xue. Mo Fang’s suspicions were confirmed – the state of the girl was the same as that of Zhao Man Yan. She, too, had a frozen body, she also did not regain consciousness. If to be expressed by the words of the locals – they were bewitched.

“Have you two been constantly watching her?” Asked Ai Jiang Tu.

“I … I may have fallen asleep on quite a bit, already in the morning, I was too tired,” Guan Yu said quietly.

“I watched closely all night. Nothing came into contact with it. I am also sure that that girl did not appear in this room, ”Mo Fan said very confidently.

“Two will stay here, will guard her. The rest are advancing, ”said Ai Jiang Tu.

“I never would have thought that if we were to come to Japan, strange events would begin to happen immediately,” said Nan Jue.

“All strange events always have a cause and effect. Guan Yu, Li Kaifeng, you go look for monks. They have been living here for a long time, they definitely know at least one reason for this phenomenon. Mo Fan, Jiang Shao Xu, Nan Jue and I will go in search of this girl. It does not matter what it is, we still find an explanation for everything. Jiang Yu, Mu Tinjin, you will go to the city to ask passers-by about the monastery! Any information can be useful! ”Said Ai Jiang Tu.

Already two fell into this spell, who could have imagined that the matter would take such a turn.

Now everyone knew for sure that it was necessary to understand the cause of these events — the girl Mo Mo spoke about: Gong Tian. After that, there will definitely be some visible result.

“Let’s go to the back of the mountain, I think there are some unknown things there,” said Mo Fan.

They had carefully inspected the front slope of the mountain and found nothing suspicious. However, the back slope … there may be what they are looking for. In the end, should this girl live somewhere, right?


All advanced to the search for information. Mo Fan, Jiang Shao Xu, Ai Jiang Tu, and Nan Jue four of them headed to the rear slope of the mountain. On the back side of the mountain there is one old, neglected trail. And apparently someone walked on it …

The forest along the trail was very thick. Stone lights could be seen on both sides of the road. And if you clean the path from weeds and earth, then you can see the marble.

“Mo Fan, I still can’t understand, let’s say this girl really has the ability to bewitch people, then why shouldn’t she use this spell on us all at once? Why wait when you call her names? Is knowing the name so important? ”Asked Nan Jue.

“I don’t understand it either, damn it, that monk can also see that girl. He certainly knows a lot of things about this witchcraft, ”Mo Fan cursed.

The fact that this young donkey-monk was not in the monastery did not like Mo Fang much!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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