Chapter 763. The Vessel of the Ghost of the World of Dreams


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The path beyond the mountains turned out to be even longer than expected. On both sides of the narrow paths, stone lanterns were overgrown with weeds, which crawled onto the road, blocking the way.

It is obvious from the local vegetation that the people here are not met with pleasure, which extremely irritated Mo Fan, and responded with a fiery blow to every such vegetative barrier.

The trail began to climb the mountain, and stretches to the very top of the mountain valley, where Mo Fan noticed an unusually ancient brick structure, hidden under a thick tree, and overgrown with a grove of weeds, if not for a barely noticeable trail, it would hardly be found at all.

“Let me better, otherwise you also burned the building,” hurried to calm Mo Fang Ai Jiang Tu.

Only he said how his eyes became harsh, and immediately began to emit a silvery shine. Thickets of grass in front of them began to curl and, with cotton, break.

– Smash!

Ai Jiang Tu’s clothes swayed, under a powerful wind that swept through to the house, clearing the road behind her.

After that, the building became immediately visible.

It was an open Buddhist temple, very small: three steps, a terrace, and a guest room behind it.

Mo Fan rose, and noticed a thick layer of dust on things lying in the middle of the room …


Mo Fan loudly blew, and it turned out to be a wooden toy in the shape of a fish *, it used to be clearly smooth and shiny, and was used for beating sounds, it was covered with archaic patterns intertwined with letters that did not look like Japanese characters, rather like then ancient magic symbols!

Mo Fang thought it was familiar, and he had already seen all this chaos of letters.

—What is a wooden fish doing here? – Mo Fan ran his hand over her, she really was perfectly smooth, and a brilliant yellow lightning burst from the tree, striking Mo Fan in the finger that he had already pulled his hand!

– Ban? – Jiang Shao Xu said in surprise, looking at the wooden fish.

Mo Fan felt his finger go numb, looking attentively at the sparks passing through the tree.

“It looks like a magical artifact, strange why is it here?” Said Nan Jue.

Nan Jue was well aware of the various magical artifacts, she went closer to the wooden fish and examined it carefully.

Mo Fan was even more surprised, because he had never heard of such magical artifacts before, was it really possible, by breaking this wooden fish, to tear the enemy apart?

Nan Jue’s palm stopped over the smooth surface of the wooden fish, without touching it.

She closed her eyes, and concentrated on the wooden fish, the yellow lightning did not appear again, on the contrary, it calmed down and finally disappeared.

“There must be a defensive artifact, but its effect is not simple, like a defensive shield, but there is something secret in it,” said Nan Jue.

“I just need to know if this toy is related to the fact that they were bewitched?” Said Mo Fan.

– It is not clear yet. Give me a little time, I can know what is written on it, this thing is extremely ancient, I saw something like that only in Hangzhou, ”said Nan Jue with a serious look.

There seems to be no road ahead, and there is no sense to move deeper; therefore, it remains only to sit beside and wait for Nan Jue.

But when Nan Jue mentioned Hangzhou, something came to Mo Fang too!

He remembered the island on which Tang Yue took him with her, I remember, there was an ancient tower, the walls of which were filled with strange variegated symbols, and these symbols on wooden fish painfully reminded them.

– This locked is still strong, will she be able to hack it? Said Jiang Shao Xu, who was standing nearby, she also had a broad outlook and was interested in what was happening.

Ai Jiang Tu was well acquainted with Nan Jue, so he glanced at her, and said: “Plans, prohibitions, ancient curses are her realm, I think, not many magicians know better about her prohibitions.”

The ban is a kind of restriction that someone else touches a thing, equal in strength to the magic of the person who enchanted him, and, like a magic circle, requires special means for the magic to be maintained.

Housewares are the best carrier of prohibitions, because these chaotic magic symbols on a wooden fish probably create a magic barrier, and if someone touches it, it will immediately release its real power.

The power of the yellow lightning that had just passed through it was not small, and even Mo Fan, who cultivated the lightning, again would not dare touch the subject.

And the most important thing is that if you do not remove the ban from a magical artifact, then use it will not work.

Not a little time passed, and Nan Jue was also sitting, frowning over a wooden fish, obviously, the task was rather difficult.

Jiang Shao Xu was just about to speak, as Nan Jue finished and opened her eyes.

– Well, how? – asked Mo Fan.

Mo Fanyu was indifferent to the wooden fish itself, and only its connection with Gong Tian.

“I think you need to look at the girl, it’s likely that she’s going to be a vessel of the ghost of the world of dreams,” said Nan Jue.

—The ghost of the dream world? What is it? Mo Fan asked in surprise.

– This is an ancient creature, because it takes a lot of time to appear … You must know that magic artifacts and tools come in various ranks: ordinary, skillful, spiritual … Skillful possess spiritual nature, and spiritual, literally has a soul, Said Nan Jue.

Mo Fan was aware of such a difference in ranks, it looks like a division in elemental magic: ordinary, skillful, spiritual …

– The spiritual vessel has its own natural inclinations, also has its own soul, but when a lot of time passes, and the soul is very strong, it can develop into a ghost of the world of dreams. This ghost is very similar to elemental creatures, and is born straight from its own vessel!


A wooden slit drum in the form of fish, used in Buddhist monasteries to maintain rhythm during ceremonies and prayers.

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