Chapter 765: The Search for the Ghost of the World of Dreams


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Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu were determined to save the bewitched magicians, but this could be done by sorting out all this hell.

As Nan Jue said, in order to understand all these complicated things, you need to imagine that this is a different world – a world of dreams. To cope with a creature that leaves no shadow or trace, you need to enter its other world.

Jiang Shao Xu did as Nan Jue said — she was hypnotized by Mo Fang and Ai Jiang Tu. But Nan Jue did not know exactly how to introduce their spiritual essence into a wooden fish.

In fact, this wooden fish (at which the tact when reading prayers kept up) was used for the magic element of the curse. This curse sucked the spiritual energy into the fish, sharpening it into a trap. And the Japanese, who lived in these places, also became bewitched!

Saying that the inhabitants became bewitched is not an exaggeration. The use of the magic of the curse dealt a huge blow to spiritual energy!

During hypnosis, Mo Fan felt that his eyelids became very heavy. He closed his eyes, sitting next to the wooden fish.

But it was strange that, closing his eyes and opening them again, Mo Fang thought that he had almost completely recovered.

He looked at Ai Jiang Tu, who was sitting next to him, and realized that he had just opened his eyes, since the guy was in the same condition as Mo Fan a few seconds ago.

– Fuck! – unexpectedly swore Mo Fan.

Ai Jiang Tu stood up, looked around and realized that Jiang Shao Xu and Nan Jue had disappeared!

– What happened? Where are they? “Mo Fan began to look around in dismay, but there was not a trace of girls in that old temple.

– There is no wooden fish either. Where did they evaporate so quickly? Said Mo Fan.

“Anyway, let’s better go and find them,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

Something incomprehensible happened to Mu Ning Xue and Zhao Man Yan, and Jiang Shao Xu and Nan Jue seemed to evaporate. What is going on?

The guys went on the road from the temple, but soon noticed that the place was unusual.

They just remembered that when they came here, they saw a path overgrown with grass, and stone fixtures were hidden in lush thickets.

But now the path was completely empty, there was not even dust on the stone steps.

– What happened? – asked Mo Fan.

Ai Jiang Tu, too, did not know what was going on here, it was all very strange.

Mages went ahead and returned to this temple on this new path. Having arrived there, they saw that the temple was filled with people, which was also different from the real situation.

In the kitchen behind the temple, seven monks were dragging vegetables that were in large baskets. A fat monk gave instructions to the rest.

“Hey, you two! … The entrance to the rear slope of the mountain is forbidden, the temple is not open to pilgrims. Said the fat monk with irritation when he saw Mo Fang and Ai Jiang Tu.

Ai Jiang Tu and Mo Fan looked helplessly at each other, not knowing what to say. In fact, they both did not understand what the monk said, as he spoke Japanese.

The magicians returned to the temple again and saw that a string of pilgrims was stretching towards him, which gradually entered the stone gates of the temple.

Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu quickly ran to the temple to find Nan Junni, Mu Ning Xue and Zhao Man Yan. Arriving there, they saw that the temple was filled with Japanese, who appeared from nowhere. They could not find the magicians in such a crowd.

– Are we out of your mind? – Mo Fan in a panic looked at this temple

Ai Jiang Tu did not answer, just looked at the wall of the temple and only then said: “Mo Fan, perhaps we are in the world of wooden fish.”

Mo Fan was dumbfounded, but very quickly he understood the meaning of the words spoken by Ai Jiang Tu.

– That is, you think that the world that is inside the wooden fish is the temple? – scared asked Mo Fan.

– Yes, Nan Jue said that we will fall into another world, which is in this thing. In the real world, we sleep, and our consciousness wanders into the dream world of other people. Said Ai Jiang Tu.

Mo Fan was silent, he needed to think carefully about what he had heard.

The girl Gong Tian was a creature made of wooden fish, but the world inside this fish is half made from her memories, including monks, pilgrims, city dwellers …

– Exactly … We really are in a dream world, but we didn’t notice how we moved there! – Mo Fan sighed heavily.

By combining the magic of the curse element and the spirit, you can create a nightmare that is no different from reality. The spirit of damned people is buried forever in the world of dreams. Said Ai Jiang Tu.

Ai Jiang Tu possessed an element of curse, therefore, rather calmly reacted to this situation.

– Since we are in a world of illusions and dreams, can we not do everything that comes to our mind? – asked Mo Fan.

Ai Jiang Tu shook his head: “It’s better not to think so. This world of illusions is equated with reality – if we kill someone here, then the magical court will detect it and sentence us to death. And if our spiritual energy dies here, then we will never wake up in the real world. ”

– As if there is not quite the real world. We have no taste and smell. Said Mo Fan helplessly, chewing on a stump taken in the kitchen.

“But we feel pain,” replied Ai Jiang Tu.

“Okay, I didn’t understand anything about this dream world.” Let’s better find this damn creature, this ghost of the world of dreams, faster. Said Mo Fan.

But the dream world was still not a reality. Reassured, Mo Fan decided to carefully consider and understand what was going on here. And he soon discovered that there were so many differences between reality and this world. The state was as if he had not yet awakened, but was no longer asleep – sight, smell, hearing, touch, as if in a dream …

Mo Fan just realized that he did not feel the taste, chewing this stalk, but he felt a faint smell …

This smell was the smell of a rose, which usually came from Jiang Shao Xu, as if the girl was very close.

In fact, Jiang Shao Xu was in the real world, and she went to see if Mo Fan was sleeping.

Jiang Shao Xu did not think that her smell would disturb Mo Fang in the world of dreams …

But, being in front of the temple, Ai Jiang Tu and Mo Fan were in doubt … Where would they find this damn ghost, if people in this dream world were living, there were no differences …

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