Chapter 767. The Non-existent Island (Part 1)


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Mo Fan even didn’t really realize what words he was saying in a sleepy state, that he managed to earn a slap in the face.

He did not dare to object to this slap, as it was not particularly painful. But he was embarrassed.

– You want to say that we must find a place where wormwood grows? If so, hit me again. But no, let Jiang Shao Xu again with his breast … Um … Let her smell again be heard, ”said Mo Fan hurriedly, turning to the heavens.

As a result, the pink fragrance of Jiang Shao Xu intensified again, making it clear that there, in the real world, they really heard his words.

Now was the guiding thread of communication, which is much simplified. The city of Sisyun was located on a sea island, on which it was definitely possible to find wormwood.

After a while, descending from the mountain, these two found a grass garden.

This garden looked very simple: it was fenced with a low fence, and inside was a white canopy that protected some plants from excessive sea moisture.

“It seems we have found the right place,” said Mo Fan Ai Jiang Tu after they went inside.

It seems that the ghostly girl was very well oriented in these places because even the territory to the south of this place was viewed very clearly.

After these two had gone inside, they saw an old man who was guarding this place. The old man was very surprised by the appearance of unexpected guests.

Mo Fan in English asked him if there was a girl named Gong Tian nearby.

The old man could only speak Japanese, but he did hear the name Gong Tian. Somehow he explained to the guys that she was at the sea cliff.

Passing in the southern direction of the garden, the magicians stumbled upon a wasteland, followed by a large sea stone that looked more like a small cliff.

Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu came up and saw a girl who was dressed very simply. Her hair was gathered in a high ponytail, the skin was snow-white, and her legs were tiny!

– That’s her? – asked Ai Jiang Tu.

Mo Fan nodded his head, heading toward the girl.

Mo Fan saw that she had a small knife in her hands, and she herself stood with her back to the wizards.

Judging by her movements, she knocked out some hieroglyphs on a cliff. She did it very clearly and diligently.

Mo Fan approached and stopped beside Gong Tian.

Gong Tian did not know that it was at that moment that the knife in her hands would break, and fresh blood would splash onto the stone, painting those hieroglyphs red that she had engraved so carefully.

Mo Fan could not read Japanese, but some Japanese characters are identical to Chinese, so he was able to recognize the name of that young monk!

The girl stood transfixed. She was bleeding, she was crying, and on her face was anguish!

– But why? Why don’t you all believe me? We really had nothing … – said Gong Tian, sobbing from tears.

Gong Tian abruptly stood up and ran.

Her eyes were closed. She ran down the cliff and jumped down.

Mo Fan was standing nearby. He saw her skirt fluttering in a jump, saw her face full of sadness, saw blood that dripped down …

Ai Jiang Tu was numb from what he saw. He had the impression that he was watching the suicide of a girl whose grief and sorrow knew no bounds.

“Is this … is this how many years she commits suicide?” – Ai Jiang Tu suddenly remembered that all the processes in this space are repeated.

– Hmm … and so she turned into a ghost? Said Mo Fan.

These two continued to stand there. Very soon, Gong Tian’s body was discovered, the onlookers grew larger, and after a while the police arrived.

– And what should we do now? – asked Ai Jiang Tu.

– I do not know. Apparently, this is not the ghost we are looking for – it’s just his memory, ”said Mo Fan.

“The smell of sandalwood …” Ai Jiang Tu said suddenly.

Mo Fan sniffed and really smelled sandalwood.

“They want us to go to the temple?” – guessed Mo Fan.

– It seems that yes!

Two magicians immediately rushed to go to the temple.

People now did not go to the temple: the news of the death of the girl came here.

The door of the temple was closed, and the monks, together with the senior minister, who once allowed Mo Fanyu and the rest to stay in the temple, gathered to discuss what had happened.

It was clear that they all knew Gong Tian. After the news of her reached the temple, the monks simply changed their faces. They looked at each other, and Mo Fan saw confusion in their eyes!

– She left a suicide note. Even if they committed suicide, we have certain obligations. The police asked us if we should hush up the matter, said the old monk Xin Yu.

– Hush up … of course, we must hush up this thing. If this becomes known, then people will stop coming to our temple! Said one of the monks.

– True, we are a temple for marriage, and reputation is very important to us. Her death is bound to have consequences for us.

– How can you say that? What was between him and Gong Tian … The fact that she is dead only means that there was nothing between her and Nara Yuankun, but we are responsible for that!

“Yuankun, we ourselves didn’t expect her to do this, be strong,” said Xin Yu.

Nara Yuankun sat on the prayer rug. His head was down, and it was not clear if he hears the words of those around him.

However, from the faded expression on his face, it was clear that he was restraining anger inside himself!

– A secret meeting with monk Qi Haya and some girl was noticed. They said that it was me and Gong Tian … you … you can distinguish ??? Now it is even better: Gun Tien killed herself for me! – Nara Yuankun rose from his seat, angrily pronouncing the words.

At one point, that same monk named Qi Hai said: “You were not in the temple that evening. When people asked Gong Tian where she was, she replied that she sat all night on a small island behind a cliff. However, behind the cliff there is no small island. Obviously, she began to lie to hide what was happening between you two. Funny girl … because she really led us to the cliff, showing where this island is. She lied more and more! You went on a date with her that evening, and now you accuse me! ”

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