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Chu Xingyun’s body and earth are getting stronger and stronger, and the spirit sword is slightly shaking. Sword cry is empty, a path of sword shadow is floating in the void, every way, it is so true.

“The world is full of trouble, a sword is broken!” Chu Xingyun gaze gaze, lightly spit out a word.

The overlapping of the sword shadow, instantly blended into the spirit sword, turned into a sinister sword of Ling Tian, and went away, stabbing the ancient Qingsong’s fist.

“No wonder he wants to gather the power of heaven and earth on the spirit sword!” Yang Yan suddenly felt a sense of ignorance.

He can clearly feel that the sword of Chu Xingyun, how terrifying, powerful, absolutely reached the Holy Class, and is still the most top-notch.

With Chu Xingyun’s current strength, it is impossible to display this level of word move, so he skillfully used the power of the world to motivate this word move.

“The power of heaven and earth is a kind of power that is difficult to control. It needs to have a deep understanding of heaven and earth. Even I have mastered fur nothing more. How old is Chu Xingyun? How can this be done?”

“And, this world is in the moment of his breakthrough Spirit Gathering, whistling from Between Heaven and Earth, which seems to be somewhat unreasonable, how did he do it in the end?” There was a lot of doubts in it, and I looked at the amazing sword with a stunned look. The head was completely a paste.

Not only is he alone, the audience is completely sluggish.

Not to mention that Chu Xingyun suddenly stepped into the Spirit Gathering realm, it was the mysterious breath that this sword exudes. They have never seen it before. They all have big eyes and blank heads.

Gu Qingsong stared at this sword light, and before he touched it, he felt the terrifying power. The sleeves burst open and the arm also began to crack a path of blood.


The fist and the sword light collided, and a frenzied strong wind broke out and swept across the Martial Dao arena. Immediately, in the eyes of the crowd, Gu Qingsong’s body flew out and sprinkled a little fresh in the air. Far from the arena.

“Hū!” Chu Xingyun Seeing this scene, he vomited deeply, the whole face became pale, and the body shivered slightly.

Just this sword, although most of it relied on the power of heaven and earth, but the spiritual power in his body was also taken out, leaving nothing but a trace.

When the crowd saw the embarrassing appearance of Chu Xingyun, no one dared to ridicule, but instead kept silent and made the entire square become absolute silence.

Gu Qingsong, Yunmengwufu pass the elder, authentic Earth Spirit powerhouse.

Such a powerful person was not only repelled by Chu Xingyun’s sword, but also injured. At this moment, everyone’s mind has not recovered, and the sword has just emerged over and over again, lingering.

“Bee!” At this time, the ancient Qingsong outside the arena stood up, his mouth opened, and the voice was filled with anger.

He glanced at the blood on his own body, and looked at the crowd with a dull face, deep in one’s heart, and a sense of shame.

As the elder of Yunmengwufu, the status of Guqingsong is so noble, one person is above, and under one thousand people, even in the imperial city of complex power, there is a place.

But today, he was injured by Chu Xingyun, and he was shot by a sword in front of everyone.

If this matter is completely spread, he will certainly become a laughing stock. Even Yunmeng Wufu will be shamed, and it will be regarded as a talk after the meal by other Wufu.

With this in mind, the entire face of Gu Qingsong has become distorted, and the madness has rushed forward, killing Chu Xingyun to wash away the shame that I have just suffered.

The heavy Black Tortoise Martial Spirit is integrated into the body. The ancient Qingsong is a flowing light, and the air makes a pēng pēng sound, but when it is a move, he finds that Chu Xingyun slowly raises the spirit in his hand. Sword.

If the body of Gu Qingsong is electric shock, it will involuntarily tremble, and the speed will be a little slower. Low shouted: “You are so weak now, afraid that even a three-year-old child can easily be defeated, bluffing, useful?”

“Is it bluffing, you can try it.” Chu Xingyun smiled at the ancient Qingsong, and raised the spirit sword, and his body resounded.

Gu Qingsong’s face is constantly changing, I want to make a move to kill Chu Xingyun, deep in one’s heart but there are some taboos.

The reason why the sword just hurt him, a large part of the reason is because he is too big, did not put Chu Xingyun’s offensive in his eyes.

But the general idea is that the power of the sword is indeed powerful.

Chu Xingyun is able to make such a sword. No one can guarantee whether he still has a hole in his hand. Otherwise, he can’t dare to yell in such a weak situation.

The more I thought, the more I felt that something was wrong with Gu Qingsong. I stepped back and took it back. I also stepped back a few steps.

The surprise in the hearts of the crowd has not completely dissipated. At this time, they saw that Gu Qingsong was frightened and retreated because of Chu Xingyun’s words. Each and everyone was shocked and held their breath, completely unable to understand what happened. thing.

Only the representatives of the Wufu, the bright glow in the eyes flashed, and I understood it.

“Through the Ancient Ancient elder is not willing to make a move, this is the case for it, and we should not waste time.”

At this time, the representative of Cangfeng Wufu couldn’t stand it anymore, started talking, and then looked at Chu Xingyun with a gaze, saying: “Chu Xingyun, I am willing to join you, I am willing to promise Choose a Martial Study or cultivation technique for you!”

Hear this, the sluggish people feel a bit of a blast, the Martial Study cultivation technique, the amazing conditions, more than a few times more than promised Shui Qianyue’s conditions.

However, this is also the case.

Chu Xingyun jumped three levels and defeated Shui Qianyue. In the face of Gu Qingsong’s pressure, he did not fear. He also stepped into the Spirit Gathering realm and wounded him. This kind of innate talent, simply can be said to be shocking, who Willing to miss such a monstruous talent genius.

“My Blue Wufu also promised a Martial Study or cultivation technique, and I can let an elder personally guide me, and all the doubts in the cultivation can be answered.”

“My Ziyang Wufu is the same, as long as you have any requirements, we can try our best to meet!”

The representatives of the other two major military offices also immediately opened their mouths, giving the conditions of own, which are several times richer than Shui Qianyue. Even they have forgotten Shui Qianyue on arena and focused their attention on Chu Xingyun.

“Chu Xingyun, I admit that you are eligible to join Lingxiaowufu!”

Yang Yanqing cleared the scorpion, facing Chu Xingyun lightly smiled, Lang said: “Ling Wei Wufu, is your best choice, only join Ling Xiaowu, your innate talent, can be completely excavated!”

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