Chapter 773. Destruction with a Flaming Sword!


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When Mo Fan looked at what was happening inside the wooden fish, he still had at least some regret about Gong Tian and Nara Yuankun, but now there was not a drop of pity in him!

This man controlled the curse magic, deftly controlled the demons … but when he used the faces of Mu Ning Xue and Zhao Man Yang to provoke him, Mo Fanya was finally overwhelmed by a wave of disgust!

Pathetic little man!

– Fire breakdown!

– Embody!

Nutro Mo Fania was angry, and the fire rose in her hand was already ready.

Some time after the flame of the fiery rose appeared, the fire became brown … the fiery hot woman incarnated in her daddy’s body, making his fire magic even more destructive!

Mo Fan himself at that moment looked like a fiery man – even his hair was blazing with flames!


The flames began to flare up even more, and the next moment Mo Fan caught in the fire turned into a flaming projectile, which went straight towards Nara Yuankun!

The temperature of the fire reached its limit, and the two red-faced demons, which were covered with the guise of Mu Ning Xue and Zhao Man Yan, wanted to prevent Mo Fang, were instantly scattered with his flame!

Now that Nara Yuankun did not have the protection of the red-faced demons, he hastened to get back with the wind and hide.

Nara Yuankun was stunned: he thought that Mo Fan was an ordinary Chinese magician who had come to Japan for internship and cultivation, but he could not even think that Mo Fan was not only a high-level magician, but also had such fighting capacity, which surpasses the power of most wizards!

– Want to run away? You have not tasted my fist yet!

Mo Fan took a step, and the land ahead immediately caught fire.


The fire seemed to be turned into a huge raging monster, and some kind of small bloody system of the curse element could not prevent it!

Recently, the fiery hetero has made great progress in cultivation, and when fiery metamorphosis turned into a huge fiery wolf. She looks like an agile wolf, only more than seven times! Mo Fan himself himself, using two types of his flames, did not even expect that as a result he would receive a fiery wolf, whose power would exceed even the force of a collapsing fist of nine dragons!

The fire wolf left no space for Nara Yuankun to hide.

The monk’s body immediately caught fire.

Mo Fan drew attention to the fact that even being a dead ghost, Nara Yuankun’s body was still exposed to the flame!

– You do not understand anything! You think you can kill me? I will not die in fire! – the face of Nara Yuankun began to bend.

His face turned red and a bone was already showing through on his head.

Disgusting demon … in fact, he was a magical creature. During his life as a monk, he went through honoring people and wanting revenge for the love that did not happen … now he was a demon who wanted only to kill !!!

“I really don’t understand, why are you still keeping the appearance of a monk?” Because of you, Gong Tian has become a slave of a ghost who tricks on the souls of people. Because of your revenge, you became even more cruel … look at yourself! How many people have you killed?

“You’d better get out of here with your curses and demons, until I use my flaming sword!”

Do you die in fire?

Does he really take Mo Fan for a fool? Thinks he didn’t notice anything?

– Do not teach me how to do. All who hinder me will die! Growled Nara Yuankun.

A bloody haze began to appear around his body, which spread in all directions, wriggling ferociously.

The bloody color had already reached Mo Fan, but he was standing at the same place, not even thinking about moving!

This magic could not harm Mo Phan: the fire surrounding his body incinerated this curse as soon as it crawled to the magician.

Mo Fan dramatically stretched his right arm high up, and there immediately formed a fiery sword!

Fiery patterns were clearly visible on the fiery sword, and in length it reached ten meters!

Mo Fan threw a cold, furious look at Nara Yuankun.

Although the demons do not possess the corporeal shell in all its understanding, their curses are clearly not refractory, which makes the criterion of these creatures noticeably weaker!

– Flaming sword!

After these words, a huge fire weapon dropped with the hand of the magician.

The curses of the demon Nara Yuankun instantly split from this blow. His body was divided into two parts by a fiery strip!

The split shell of Nara Yuankuna immediately wanted to unite again, but the monk’s body began to dissolve.

Fire blow destroyed this demon! Now only Nara Yuankun’s eyes were visible, which looked at Mo Fang as if they carefully remembered his face!

The power of the flaming sword was enough to destroy the demonic shell of the monk!


The sword remained lying on top of the mountain Manyin.

Mo Fan looked at Nara Yuankun dissolved in the fiery air, without even thinking about letting his dark talisman absorb the spiritual essence of this creature!

It will be enough for him if that monk disappears with his curses!

In any case, he did not deceive the trust of Mu Ning Xue.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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