Chapter 774. A Stronger Vessel for the Souls


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The monks have already been taken to the hospital. Japan also has its own hunters, but the question has already been resolved, and the monks themselves did not want to raise too much hype.

Upon returning to the temple, Yanmin Mo Fan immediately ran into the room where Mu Ning Xue was located. She has already recovered, and Nan Rongni gave her fresh mushroom soup.

Seeing that she was fine, Mo Fan shone in a smile.

– Strange, it seemed to me that I had slept very long. Why, when I woke up, did the sun just set below the horizon? – Zhao Man Yan felt very strange.

He did not even know what had happened during that time, and Mo Fang was too lazy to tell him everything in detail. Too many incidents.

– When we returned, those whose souls were collected, also came to their senses. Due to the fact that they were in this state for a very long time, they came to be weakened. After this, they will recover for a very long time, ”said Jiang Yu.

– They say that in Japan there are many magical creatures. We stayed in a monastery, and there, too, is a so-so place!

– The Sisyun City Magic Association is now investigating this matter. Very soon they will reveal our personalities and the fact that we got here illegally. We must get out of here as soon as possible, and Tokyo is too far from here, ”said Nan Jue.

Sisyun is located in the westernmost part of the country, while Tokyo is located in the east. You have to cross all of Japan to get to your destination, but they don’t have the opportunity to use the plane.

The next day, early in the evening, the whole team left Sisyun. Nan Rongni took medicine by rummaging around.

– Have you seen Zhao Man Yang? He hasn’t taken the medicine yet, ”said Nan Rongni.

– Not. I have not seen him since morning. Fuck, can not something happen to him again! – Mo Fan has already begun to worry.

– Isn’t he there? Said Jiang Yu, pointing to the small path behind the temple.

After a while, Zhao Man ran from the back of the temple, joining the team. Guan Yu, glancing at him, said coldly: “Can you just not shy away from the area, wasting our time for nothing, as if our mission is a tourist trip?”

Zhao Man Yan slipped to Mo Fan, standing beside him: “I tell you, yesterday I had a long sleep, which is connected to the mountain behind the temple. In the dream, everything was so confused, I say, as if in the gloom … “.

“What, didn’t anyone tell you what happened?” – sighed Mo Fan.

– What happened … oh well, don’t worry so much. I already had time to run to the mountain behind the temple, and what do you think I found there? Said Zhao Man Yan. His eyes sparkled.

“I suppose you found a shower vessel in the shape of a wooden fish with ancient inscriptions,” said Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan froze for a moment, and then, admiring, said: “You are just a guru! And you can think of all this! It really was a vessel for the shower in the form of a wooden fish, which is very similar to the one that was in my dream. I just took it with me, I have a hunch that this is a very, very expensive thing! ”

Having said this, Zhao Man Yan opened the fabric under which the vessel appeared.

Mo Fan opened his eyes and automatically took a few steps back.

Zhao Man Yan, this fool, does not even know how dangerous this thing is!

– Fuck! Why did you take it? – Mo Fan looked at the vessel in disbelief.

– How how. Of course, I know that stealing is not good, but if I do not take it, then it will seem to me that she is calling for me, and therefore I dream at night. This vessel is definitely somehow connected to me !!! – sincerely said Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan could no longer explain the whole point of the situation. After they had dealt with Nara Yuankun, no one could even imagine that this wooden fish belonged to forbidden objects, therefore it cannot be taken.

Not like taking, you can’t even touch this thing!

Who knew that Zhao Man Yan would carry this vessel that he dreamed of!

Is the ban on it does not apply?

– Nan Jue, look how is this possible? – Mo Fan immediately called the girl.

Nan Jue conducted a careful examination and concluded that there was still a spiritual connection between Zhao Man Yan and this vessel. It is not clear whether he brought this thing, because there was a spiritual connection between them, or because the vessel needed a new owner for the souls …

Mo Fan stretched out his hand to touch the vessel, and, as was to be expected, the yellow forbidden force immediately manifested itself. This power was so powerful that the frightened Zhao Man Yan immediately hurried to hurl this thing.

The wooden fish instantly regained its original appearance immediately after Zhao Man Yan again raised it.

Nan Jue frowned in thought.

She looked at Mo Fan and called him aside.

– How can this be? What, in the end, happens to this vessel? You shouldn’t take it with you, ”said Mo Fan.

– First, the wooden fish has already recognized its new owner. They became Zhao Man Yan, whose soul she swallowed first. It seems to me that between that dream world and Zhao Man Yan there is a connection. Then it was not a dream – it is quite possible that his soul somehow penetrated into the wooden fish, and as a result, his soul gained recognition of this thing, ”said Nan Jue.

The ban applies to everyone else, including Mu Ning Xue and Mo Fang.

– Is that possible? – asked Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan just fell asleep, and thus could seize such a valuable thing?

“According to the logic of things, you were the one who destroyed the demon of this wooden fish, which means that the vessel recognizes that you have more powerful potential.” I just noticed that the vessel pushes you with a strong ban. Not that it pushes away … rather fears. According to my reasoning, for many years the wooden fish did not have a master, so she could feed only the demon. In a normal situation, the vessel will elect the new owner of the one who destroyed his demon. However, it is you who is strongly avoided by wooden fish, this can happen due to the fact that there is already a more powerful vessel for souls on your body, which exceeds the level of wooden fish! – Nan Jue’s eyes sparkled.

Mo Fan was stunned. He lowered his gaze to the dark talisman that hung around his neck. Nan Jue looked at him too.

– Correctly, I say Mo Fan? – she looked straight into the eyes of the magician.

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