Chapter 775. Accompanying Vessel


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Rest few hours later

In fact, Nan Jue was not very interested in that vessel of wooden fish, but the vessel that Mo Fang had, interested her much more. However, she could not take the mage aside and talk with him face to face.

The level of the vessel of wooden fish was high, and no one could break its forbidden force. And the fact that this vessel gave birth to such a demon as Nara Yuankun indicated that the force of the vessel was very powerful.

This vessel was frightened of Mo Fan, so the only explanation may be that Mo Fan has a vessel that is stronger than this one.

– I have already said that these vessels have a spiritual essence. They, like other creatures, have their own character, inclinations for something, and they respond to the mood of the host. But between the vessels there is a division into levels. This wooden fish ignores you, even if you killed the demons, the vessel does not allow you to touch it, which proves that it is afraid of your vessel. I think that your vessel also has an absorptive capacity, and a vessel of wooden fish, proceeding from the principle of self-preservation, tries to push you away from it with all its might — as soon as Nan Jue started talking about the vessel, her eyes lit up with bright light.

The magical tools were the subject of this girl’s feverish research. Therefore, a vessel of wooden fish received her attention. But who knew that she would accidentally find out about Mo Fanya’s big mystery!

Very strong! Mo Fan’s vessel was much stronger than a wooden fish-shaped vessel!

– Haha, what are you kidding me? I am a poor and culturally backward person, not that you are rich and educated. The only thing that I inherited from my family is a pretty face. And there is no other, what vessel can there be? – Mo Fan laughed dryly, which sounded a bit feigned.

Your mother, now, because of Nan Jue, everyone can guess the existence of a talisman. Mo Fan knew that the talisman wanted to swallow a vessel of wooden fish, but the fish was also strong. The strong prohibition that was imposed on the vessel did not allow talisman Mo Fan to absorb it.

“Okay, I know that it’s not easy to share such a big secret with everyone. I have carefully studied the vessel of wooden fish, and now I want to borrow your vessel from you in order to explore it too. I am sure that one day I will need my help, but then you will have to share this secret with me. Nan Jue was a tactful person and didn’t want to beg Mo Fang.

Mo Fan exhaled slowly.

His talisman was a secret about which no one knew.

“Don’t you wonder why only you saw the ghosts of the world of wooden fish alone?” – Nan Jue laughed.

– BUT? “Mo Fan raised his eyebrows in surprise, now it seemed to him that Nan Jue was a sly fox, so it was impossible to give up so easily.

“Your vessel is clearly connected to a vessel in the shape of a wooden fish.” There will be time, go to the island on Lake Xihu in Hangzhou, look at the wall paintings on this island, and who knows, maybe she will enlighten you, – said Nan Jue.

“I was already there,” Mo Fan replied.

– And on the Tien Shan was? Asked Nan Jue.

– No, what is it? – interested in Mo Fan.

– The same ancient hieroglyphs, as on that island in the middle of Xihu. It’s a pity that I haven’t found the translation of these hieroglyphs yet, otherwise everything would have been solved very simply, ”said Nan Jue.

“Well, if I have the opportunity, I’ll go,” Mo Fan nodded with his head.

Looking at Mo Fang, Nan Jue wanted to laugh.

This guy, even under the threat of death, does not admit that he has such a treasure as this vessel. But if you gently pull the thread, he can open this secret.

– Oh, you used to say about some kind of accompanying vessel. What does it mean? – asked Mo Fan.

– The accompanying vessel is a special vessel that is associated with the spiritual energy of a person. Other people will not be able to take it away unless the spiritual energy of the owner is destroyed. The owner of such a vessel can be only one person, a wooden fish is also an accompanying vessel. You have such a vessel, now Zhao Man-yan also has it. Even if it seems that someone might be a more suitable candidate for such a vessel, he will still run away to his present owner, ”answered Nan Jue.

Mo Fan nodded his head as a sign that he understood, but in fact, it was for him a dark forest. Mo Fan was at the elementary school level in the knowledge of magical objects and tools, so what was beyond his level was incomprehensible to him.

On the one hand, he hurt Zhao Man Yanu, but made up for this by giving him the opportunity to have an accompanying vessel, so Zhao Man Yan should even be grateful to Mo Fang.

Everyone packed up their belongings. The monks were kind to the magicians, so using their position, they bought tickets for the train to Tokyo.

The train followed the seashore, so Mo Fang was very comfortable to sit and look out the window, thinking of something, admiring the beauty of Sisyun city.

“This is the same rock, shouldn’t there be an island on the other side that Gong Tian was talking about?” – suddenly asked Jiang Yu to Mo Fang, sitting near the window.

The window was small, but Mo Fan was almost completely out, thus blocking the view to other people.

Hearing the words of Jiang Yu, he looked at the stretch of sea where the continental shelf adjoined the Pacific Ocean was. Unfortunately, the mountain on which the Yanmin temple was located stretched very far and the view was blocked by it, starting from Sisyun city.

The railway turned over the mountain and Mo Fang managed only to catch a glimpse of that direction.

In fact, being in a dream world, Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu had already seen this picture, but there was no island there.

The morning sea fog has not cleared yet, so the sea ahead looked a bit blurry.

There was an echo of the train signal, indicating that the train had turned.


The wind blew into Mo Fan’s face, he inhaled the fresh wind, looking at the sea.

But Mo Fan’s eyes opened wide with surprise!

In the morning fog a little island appeared!

Mo Fan thought it seemed to him, so he concentrated all his thoughts and looked away again. But without waiting for Mo Fan to make out this island again, the train entered the tunnel and Mo Fan’s gaze met with darkness …

The tunnel was very long, waiting for it to become light again, Mo Fang had no opportunity to see that rock.

– What seemed to me? – Mo Fan sat in a daze.

– What? Jiang Yu asked.

“It seems … it seems I have seen that nonexistent island, about which Gong Tian spoke,” said Mo Fan, not believing his words.

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