Chapter 776. The Fights of the Four Oceans


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The train from the coastal zone gradually rolled inland. The stretching mountain range remained on two sides of the rails. Ecology in Japan is much cleaner than in China, which is why the air here is completely different – because of this, Mo Fan felt like he was not at ease.

Mo Fang liked big cities with stately buildings talking about abundance. In nature, there is usually a lot of every magical evil. And if someone wants to settle in one of the Japanese monasteries, he will first ask this person if he has money to check in at a normal hotel, and in general, does he know that Japanese monasteries are almost the most dangerous places ?

The train ride was much more convenient than on a yacht – at least you could sleep here peacefully.

Mo Fan was very tired, so he fell asleep quickly. When he woke up, he heard Jiang Yuya laugh.

– He also said that his eyes were dazzled, and thought it was an island! But we looked there, and no island was there! – said Mu Tinyin.

Mo Fan woke up, but he was too lazy to go to these guys to argue with them. Even if he had a premonition about the fact that the island really existed, now you can’t jump off the train and go to prove it to everyone.

Whether or not it is now his business.

“We have to go to Osaka,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

“Do we not go directly to Tokyo?” – asked Zhao Man Yan.

– We have to exchange experience with renowned educational institutions and institutions of Japan – this is a special order of our leaders. There is a Japanese magical institution in Osaka that we must visit before we go to Tokyo, ”said Ai Jiang Tu.

– Damn, but it will be fun! Exclaimed Mo Fan, he was already intrigued.

“Hey, you’re a backup, so this internship isn’t of any concern to you,” said Ju Jiming.

– How many more to Osaka?

– We will arrive soon.

– In Japan, a lot of magical creatures. I heard that a lot of interesting things happen at the coastline. If there is enough time, I would like to go there and see everything with my own eyes, ”said Jiang Yu.

Osaka is not distinguished by tranquility among Japanese cities, and is even somewhat similar to Chinese Xi’an, since there is always something happening there.

Sea monsters are the highest level among magical creatures. Japan is much harder to destroy than China, because even buildings here are built to be resistant to different types of attacks. If the sea creatures are within the city limits, it will not be so easy for them to destroy it.

In Osaka, things are still pretty good, but the most hectic in this regard is Tokyo.

Tokyo, of course, is the most prosperous and luxurious city of Japan, but at the same time large-scale naval battles constantly occur there. Sea monsters of various levels attack Tokyo day and night. Due to the fact that these sea creatures never succeed in breaking through the defenses of Tokyo or Osaka, the government receives huge profits from the valuable carcasses of sea monsters.

You could even say that due to sea monsters, the GDP of these cities is formed.

– Upon arrival in Tokyo, we will immediately go to battle. We will not go to Osaka itself, it will be enough if we solve their problem, said Ai Jiang Tu.

– Yes, the battlefield in Tokyo belongs to one of the combat sites of four oceans, so we don’t have much to do in Osaka! Said Jiang Yu.

– Are you sure that there is really cool? – asked Mo Fan.

– The coastline of Tokyo is much longer than you think. From each kilometer you can see sea monsters at the level of a servant, pack leader and commander-in-chief. The number of individuals there is enormous: in the Pacific this number of creatures is innumerable. The sea monsters themselves are not interested in the territory, their main task is the extermination of humanity … now there are a lot of monsters, and they want to seize human resources in order to prolong their existence. Even if they don’t get resources, nothing will happen either! There are so many dead in the battle of monsters that these losses somehow smooth out their constant growth, ”Jiang Yu said.

“No, some mass media constantly publish articles that people were awarded who were able to destroy a certain number of monsters, which made the sea even more peaceful …” said Mu Tinyin.

“Okay, you can also believe what is written in the media, and you believe me – the number of sea monsters is many times greater than the population of the planet.” If these creatures were interested in the territory, we would long ago have become their colony. And if there is a battle between the strongest land magical creature and the main sea monster, then the first is clearly not to be good! – said Jiang Yu.

– Needless to say, the human race is so weak! If everything was as you say, then we would have been long gone!

– I do not know why, but it excites me straight! Said Mo Fan.

– Because you’re sick.

– Do you think that I have been studying and cultivating magic for so many years just to sit and discuss it over a cup of tea ?! Not! I do this to exterminate such beasts!

“Then look, don’t describe yourself when you see such a huge slaughter with your own eyes.” “When the time comes, you’ll say it yourself, let’s discuss everything over a cup of tea,” said Guan Yu Mo Fanyu in a cold voice.

From these words, Mo Fan just grinned.

Does he really think that Mo Fan has not seen this? Even that very Xian: there everything was littered with corpses and bones! Mo Fan was not afraid of this, would he be afraid of sea monsters?

When the time comes, Mo Fan will get ready in advance: after all, these monsters are the same seafood!

– We will be in Osaka soon! – said Jiang Shao Xu. She was not interested in talking about monsters, she was interested only in food and shopping.

She often comes to Japan, so she mastered Japanese so well.

– Come on, I will treat you to something delicious! – exclaimed Jiang Shao Xu. She did not pay attention to the fact that someone wanted to relax, and the girls thought to buy more cosmetics.

Osaka is a cosmetic paradise, and there are plenty of sweets, snacks and teas.

The girls from the team were great lovers to eat, so when they heard about the food, they even forgot about why they came to Osaka. Their eyes wandered through the trains and the men here …

– C’mon, did someone else’s business really be handed over to us? – asked Mo Fan, looking at the Japanese women.

– This institution has connections with most universities. Didn’t you say that your sister is studying at the university? – said Zhao Man Yan.

– It is truth too. And I already forgot that we came here to create new connections.

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