Chapter 778. Forbidden East Tower


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– Qianxun, well, how has your character not changed for so many years? You did not ask them to leave? – there was an elderly man with sideburns. His hair gleamed gray.

– Yes, what is there to ask for that! This boy is so ignorant that he wanted to destroy our towers! Such rudeness is not acceptable even for me, the daughter of the Vanyue family! – said a girl in a kimono named Vanyue Qianxun.

“You also wanted to attack first, so not a scandal.” This must be our dear guests, ”said an old man with sideburns and approached the girl, glancing at her.

– Dear guests? – the girl was surprised.

– Old man, this girl obviously does not fumble at what is happening. You appeared on time, otherwise her beautiful face would be disfigured by me! Said Mo Fan.

The old man simply was taken aback: he could not even imagine that Mo Fan would be talking in this way.

Da Vanyue Qianxun will crush him with his sandals!

If Vanyue Mingjian of the older generation had not appeared here, she would have wiped this impolite boy into powder!

– It must be members of the Chinese national team that came here for an internship. Now is the time when they should be in time, ”said Vanyue Mingjian, going upstairs. He did not aggravate the conflict that had already appeared.

After these words, Ai Jiang Tu hurried to get up and show this strong old man his sign, which certified his identity.

The old man did not even look at the badge, because of this Ai Jiang Tu asked him: “Do not look? Are you not afraid that we may turn out to be cheats under cover?

– To hide behind this, you need to have certain inclinations. I don’t think there are fools who want to pretend to be members of the national team in order to look for problems with the strongest mages of the two towers, ”the old man said with a smile.

“And you are very confident in your people,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

After these words, Ai Jiang Tu from a large gate came a man with golden hair. Obviously, he heard this conversation, and with a self-confident smile, said: “There are not even a few people in all of Japan who can compare with us – how can you not be self-confident? Whether you are who you claim to be or not, let’s see how many rounds you will hold out in battle with us. ”

– Rounds? – Guan Yuy’s jaw dropped, – friend, do you really think that members of the national magic team of China are not worthy to fight with you?

“Since you understand it this way, then let it be so,” answered the golden-haired.

– It goes only when I put you and your people, I will remember these words to you. I will look at how you will lie, not having the strength to rise! And yes, you know, I hate your hair! – confidently said Guan Yu.

After the words of Guan Yuya, Zhao Man Yanu, who was standing nearby, became ill at ease.

Why else here to drag a Japanese hair?

“By the way, Zhao Man Yan, you are very similar to him,” Mo Fan began to laugh at his friend.

– Let our guests have a good rest, and I will determine the competition. Before we will be polite. We will take you to a double security tower, ”said Vanyue Mingjian, shouting people to accompany the guys.

– Oh yes. We have a few more girls in the team, but they will come later. You wait here for them and then politely spend them, ”said Mo Fan to the girl.

Wanyue Qianxiun has grown gloomy. Restraining her anger, she said: “Do you hold me by the servant who is guarding the door?”

“Since you understand it like this, then let it be so,” Mo Fan repeated the words of that golden-haired Japanese.

The golden-haired Japanese turned his head and looked at Mo Fang very unfriendly.

After entering the western security tower, it turned out that the bastion towers much higher than it seemed from the outside. The tower from three sides was surrounded by the formed river.

The water in the river was so clear that it could easily see the pitfalls, and the leaves reflected in the water reflection.

The water was as clear as if it was a mountain stream.

Above the water was a rotating wooden passage, passing through which one could get into the lower hall of the western security tower!

After three steps, the hall began, in which there was a large number of guards who were rushing back and forth. The local space was more like a labyrinth, on which sides there were rooms.

The stairs could go into the central part of the tower.

There were a library, a museum, a test site, a school, the main hall, a weapons storage, a forge, a pharmaceutical unit … and most importantly, it was all at the highest level!

In such rooms as the military council meeting room, observation pavilion, etc. arrivals could not pass.

The central part remained the most striking part of the tower: it was here that absolutely all devices were located. Therefore, this place was the most ideal for magical cultivation.

The golden-haired boy and Vanyue Qian-jun walked around here, and then headed towards the nearest cliff.

Mo Fan was surprised that it was possible to get into that corridor hanging in the air from the observation pavilion.

If it is forbidden to ascend to the top of the tower, this means that access to the eastern tower is also closed.

But the most important thing is that you can get to another tower only by a hanging bridge!

In short, the suspension bridge must be lowered from the western and eastern towers, and only then it will be possible to go to another tower along the corridor that hangs in the air!

– And the opposite tower is not open? Mo Fan asked curiously.

“This is forbidden territory,” answered the golden-haired.

– Very interesting! Isn’t this waste of resources the construction of a building one cannot enter? Mo Fan asked again.

– Who said that nobody should go in there? There, the entrance is prohibited only to strangers, – answered the golden-haired Japanese.

“Ah,” Mo Fan nodded his head.

The eyes of Vanyue Qianxun, who was walking nearby, flashed: “I warn you, you should not touch anything! A floating corridor is the only passage to another tower. Rocks, cliffs, cliffs – all this is not as bad as a ban. And do not say later that I did not warn you! If you approach the eastern tower, even stronger people will crush you into powder! ”

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