Chapter 779. Footprints on faces


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Jiang Yu picked up the stone after he heard the warning.

He swung and with all his might threw him into the terrace of the hanging bridge, this stone almost touched the terrace.

At first, nothing happened in the airspace near the western security tower, but as soon as a stone was thrown in the direction of the suspension bridge, silver lightning immediately flashed in the air.

The swift lightning was several times larger and stronger than the one that Mo Fan usually releases. If any of them cut through the air, then it produced a visual impact. Behind the hanging bridge suddenly appeared several dozen of such powerful lightning. Furious sparkling wove a bright wall of lightning!

The stone disappeared, as if it had never happened. The wall of lightning remained in the sky for a few more seconds, spreading to the space in sight. It felt as if lightning had shrouded the western security tower. What can we say about the visual impact, if these lightning had a spiritual. Before this magnificent sight, the man seemed so tiny!

– Your mother!

The faces of the people, illuminated by lightning, were very pale. Who knew that such a small pebble could create such a frightening situation.

– If you behave this way, it will lead to big problems! – A man with golden hair began to scream angrily.

– We did not know that this would happen. This western guard tower looks completely ordinary. You blocked the eastern tower, but why was it necessary to make such a strong ban? This is, after all, the border with the city, ”Jiang Yu replied with astonishment on his face.

– And you did not need to come! We have already shown almost everything to you, I just could just come for you after the banquet in the evening, and do whatever you want the rest of the time! – Out of breath, answered a man with golden hair.

Vanyue Qianxion’s mood was bad, she was offended by Mo Fang, and, glancing at him, the girl turned and left.

Looking at her waist and buttocks, which looked great in her kimono, Mo Fan smiled involuntarily.

Besides the fact that the girl had a beautiful figure and a pretty face, she also had an arrogant character that was difficult to tolerate. She did not have what a normal Japanese girl has – tenderness, caring, kindness.

– I’ll tell you so, do not dare try to flirt with this arrogant beauty. I was trained in magic just to subdue such arrogant foreign women! Said Mo Fan.

“Didn’t you say in the train that you mastered magic to fight evil spirits and demons?” Jiang Yu asked.

– Do not bother me!

– Better not to mess with this jerk, teachers did not allow us to organize internal disorders, it is a pity there is no punching bag, which I would have beaten – said Guan Yu.

“Guan Yu, I will beat you right now in such a way that it will not seem like a lot!” Said Zhao Man Yan angrily.

– And I can not fight with you, because I do not want me, such a precious participant, to be replaced by some rogue. And I still need to show myself well in Venice, so until that time I will be patient with you, ”said Guan Yu.

– Fuck you! – Zhao Man Yan swore.

The banquet was at the bottom of the tower, there was a restaurant, which is not inferior in beauty to the castle. To meet the national teams arrived a lot of important people.

Of course, not without a group of arrogant young magicians from the detachment of state protection.

All these people were worthy magicians chosen by each educational institution. But many months of training were precisely in order to prevent participants from other teams.

Each participant must obtain permission from the government of the country in which he arrived. If there is permission from the rest of the world, only then can one participate in the decisive battle in Venice. It can be said that the western security tower in Osaka is the first place from which participants in the Chinese national team received permission. The fact that the teachers did not intervene and observed only from the outside did not mean that they didn’t make every effort in the battles for permission!

The combat strength of the state guard detachment of each country was not inferior to the strength of the competitors, and some even exceeded the strength of the national teams!

More than a hundred countries participated in the competition. Their last point should be Venice. And if it were not necessary to obtain permits from the state security, then all the teams would be able to get to the final stage, would that be the point?

The girls also arrived at the banquet, holding bags of items purchased in Osaka.

Near the table, Jiang Shao Xu was a bunch of bags of jewelry, clothes, shoes, bags.

– I remember how the participants of the national team of South Korea came to us, they trained hard, but we finished them so much in battle, there was no visible place. You babes are nothing too. The first time came to Osaka and immediately went shopping … What is the difference between you, the participants of the competition and ordinary city girls? – said the representative of the state security Osaka, who sits at the head of the table.

This representative of the state guard looked for 40-50 years, her hair was long, and her look was decisive. It was immediately evident that this was a strict woman with menopause. She didn’t like the way the girls behaved, and besides how she didn’t like asceticism either.

– I am a magician and a beautiful girl. But it seems to me that all these guys from the state security are completely ordinary, and they didn’t live up to my expectations. polite.

Having said these words, Jiang Shao Xu displeased all Japanese people sitting at the banquet.

Whether they were teachers, military, old and young magicians, or competitors, everyone raised their eyebrows in surprise, the atmosphere became tense.

“Look, don’t put a finger in her mouth!” But why are you expressing your opinion here? – Asked one seductive girl from the detachment of state protection. She did not hide contempt for Jiang Shao Xu.

“Honestly, this entire banquet of yours is a worthless undertaking.” We already ate lunch with all sorts of delicious dishes in Osaka. In general, it is strange. The city is a wonderful food, but the people are just the opposite, you feel uncomfortable with them. But we left footprints on your faces. Now we have to go to the next stage! – saying this, Jiang Shao Xu began to rise from the table, in her words was gunpowder, which was about to blow up this tower.

After these words, all the Japanese in the western tower were really angry with you!

Jiang Shao Xu saw permission badges issued to them by the state guards in the form of traces on their faces — an interesting metaphor that angered the Japanese in the tower restaurant.

At the banquet, silence immediately set in, but it was only a lull before the storm!

“Jiang Shao Xu, stop it …” Mo Fan pulled the girl by the sleeve.

Wanyue Qianxiun had already eaten and, rising from the table, she saw Mo Fan dissuade arrogant Jiang Shao Xu.

“You ate in Osaka, and we are still hungry.” If you want to fight, then wait until we eat, then we will arrange a battle, ”Mo Fan continued.

All the Japanese of the western security tower were very confused.

Wanyue Qianxun had not yet had time to let go of the anger, which rolled to her throat, as the silver spoon in her hand began to emit a sound of rotation!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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