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After hearing this, everyone’s heart trembled.

Although Yang Yan had invited Shui Qianyue before, he just said it plainly and did not show strong desire.

But in the face of Chu Xingyun, Yang Yan is a little anxious, and said that to thoroughly explore the innate talent, it is clear that this shows that Ling Xiaowu is more important to Chu Xingyun.

As long as Chu Xingyun joins Lingxiaowufu, it will definitely be cultivated!

However, Chu Xingyun didn’t look at Yang Yan’s eyes. Instead, he looked at the three major military houses. The bright glow flashed in his eyes. It seemed to be thinking continuously.

“For the materials that can be made, we will never be jealous of Wufu, Chu Xingyun, if you have any requirements, you can come up, we discuss the discussion.” Yang Yan is more anxious, and quickly added a sentence.

Hear this, Chu Xingyun This time, looking back at Yang Yan, light said with a smile: “If you can promise me a condition, I can consider joining Ling Xiaowu.”

“Smelly brat, you don’t want to be too arrogant.” Yang Yan’s eyes sink, he pulled his identity like this, Chu Xingyun also said that he just considered joining, which is too much to give him face.

But when I think about the strength that Chu Xingyun just showed, he said solemnly: “Speak and listen.”

Everyone heard this, all of them were awkward, and many people laughed out loud. This Yang Yan, it’s really spleen, and it’s really interesting to talk about it while letting Chu Xingyun open the conditions.

“My conditions are very simple. After I joined Ling Xiaowu, I would like to become a core disciple directly.” Chu Xingyun said in a plain tone.


Yang Yan did not think about it and refused directly, said coldy: “Ling Yuwu’s discipline, divided into 3-Rank, respectively, outer disciple, inner disciple, core disciple, only the most outstanding people, have the opportunity to compete for the core disciple quota “”

“Furthermore, core disciple has many privileges in Lingwuwufu, and its status is not even under the elder. Once it enters Lingxiaowufu, it becomes a core disciple. Such a precedent has never been seen before. You change one!” Yang Yan said that he waved his hand. The voice has a non-negotiable tone.

Every core disciple is the hope of Lingxiaowufu. Once you enter Wufu, you have to become a core disciple. Such ridiculous conditions can be conceived by Chu Xingyun.

“Since Yang Grandmaster is not willing to agree, then forget it, I will choose other Wufu.” Chu Xingyun shrugged and showed no hesitation, and once again set his sights on the representatives of the three major military.

“Isn’t it a place for a core disciple? Teacher, you are an honor elder. This is still right. Hurry up and promise Chu Xingyun!” At this time, Qin Yuyan pulled Yang Yan’s sleeve and hurried.

“Core disciple’s place, how important is this, this Chu Xingyun is simply sitting on the ground, not yet getting started, there is such a mind, if you enter Lingxiao Wufu, the entire Wufu, is not going to turn over the sky?” Yang Yan 哼, The head is shaking faster.

“You are sure not to enroll Chu Xingyun?” Qin Yuyan apricot eyes micro-condensation.

“No tricks, the flow of the Imperial Dynasty has so many Talent, one less Chu Xingyun, no harm.” Yang Yan wants to be more certain.

“That’s okay.” Qin Yuyan sighed helplessly and said to himself: “Teacher said yes, Chu Xingyun’s innate talent is very high, but there are some imperatives in the Imperial Dynasty. However, his innate talent on Pill Dao seems to be really not comparable.”


The smile on Yang Yan’s face instantly solidified. Qin Yuyan did not say okay. This said, Yang Yan suddenly remembered the three pill recipes of Chu Xingyun and the “mixed yuan” that was taught to Qin Yuyan.

“A year ago, Chu Xingyun had not yet entered Pill Dao. One year later, he was able to refine the second-class medicine pill. I remember that I entered the second-level Pill Refining Master and spent three years before and after. Time?”

“Yes, the reason why I can become the Third Grade Pill Refining Master is thanks to the guidance of Chu Xingyun. In my opinion, if you give him a year and a half, to become the Third Grade Pill Refining Master, it will be almost effortless. It is not impossible to hit the six-stage Pill Refining Master.”

Every time Qin Yuyan said a word, Yang Yan’s expression changed once and became more and more exciting.

“But it doesn’t matter. The Institute Head of Cangfeng Wufu is also the Pill Refining Master. Although it is worse than the Teacher, you can also dig out the Pill Refining innate talent of Chu Xingyun. It is very likely to be in the future. In a few years, there will be a Pill Dao Talent in the Imperial Dynasty, and the Cangfeng Wufu should be famous for it!”

In this regard, Qin Yuyan once again sighed, a mouth, just ready to say a few words to Yang Yan, but saw Yang Yan jumped up, loudly said: “Chu Xingyun, you this condition I promised, as long as you Stepping into the gate of Lingxiao Wufu, you can directly become a core disciple!”

“This…” Seeing Yang Yan’s face in a hurry, the crowd is not stunned. Just now Yang Yan said how precious the core disciple’s place is. How long after that, how long did it agree?

Chu Xingyun turned back and squinted and asked: “many thanks Yang Grandmaster accepts my conditions, yes, I heard that it became the core disciple of Lingxiaowufu, you can enter the Lingxiaoge, pick a thing at random, this privilege, no know me……”

“This is naturally no problem. After you enter Lingxiaowufu, we will arrange for you to enter Lingxiaoge.” Qin Yuyan interrupted Chu Xingyun’s speech and made a look at Yang Yan next to him.

Yang Yan’s old face was slightly twitching, did not speak, just nodded.

“Well, I am willing to join Lingxiaowufu and become a portion among them.” Chu Xingyun finally showed a smile, and immediately confronted the representatives of the three major military forces, slightly clenched his fist: “many thanks the love of the three great military, the heart.” ”

The representatives of the three major Wufu are all didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, they don’t know, Chu Xingyun’s behavior just now is to use the three major military to stimulate Yang Yan, forcing him to make a choice.

However, they will not blame Chu Xingyun for this reason, but they feel more and more lost.

So innate talent, so thoughtful, this is the real Talent enchanting!

Ling Xiaowu received Chu Xingyun with a core disciple, which is definitely a big profit.

“They refused these three guys, saying that they are not thick and love, is it useful?” Yang Yan walked to Chu Xingyun, blowing his beard and blinking, apparently being put together by Chu Xingyun, which made him very uncomfortable.

As soon as he reached out, he handed a black Command Token to Chu Xingyun, Command Token, and walked the dragon snake, engraving the word ‘凌霄’, which is the certificate of the core disciple.

Chu Xingyun put the Command Token into the storage ring, his eyes were slightly bent, and a hint of laughter was revealed again, which made Yang Yan feel more awkward and whispered: “You guy, wait until Lingxiaowufu, you have received !”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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