Chapter 780. And Three Will Be Enough


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The Japanese from the western guard tower had not yet begun to eat, as they were already fed up with such behavior!

They have magical talents in Japan – more than enough. In addition, Japan is not the last in the list of the most magically powerful countries. How dare they come to share their experiences and behave themselves so cheekily!

“Since you want to get knowledge with such zeal, then you don’t need to say that it happened by chance. In this case, the battlefield will be ready immediately after tea drinking, ”the woman said.

“Yes, teacher Xinzi”

Several people, in the form of her students, immediately got up from the table and ran away to prepare the fields for clarifying the relationship.

Vanyue Mingjian wanted to say something, but seeing that he could not do without a fight, he only sighed.

This is certainly a group of hot-tempered youth, could it not be possible not to disrupt such an important event?

Sinzi – most likely was the head of the state security detachment, because when she heard her words about the upcoming fight, the young students’ eyes lit up.

A blond man named Gan Bensun smiled. He was not a patient man. When he accompanied the guests, he already tried to figure out how to attack them. Who would have thought that the guests themselves will start to run so openly?

If they really thought that the state guard detachment was just people, then they were greatly mistaken.

They were as powerful as the team of magicians from Japan.

Participants from the state security unit could easily replace any of the Japanese team of magicians. In addition, if at least one of them shows himself perfectly, then there is a big chance that this person will be sent straight to Venice. And who would not want to go to Venice to become famous throughout the world? That is why even people from the state security unit try their best to get such an opportunity!

“We will eat and negotiate the conditions of the fights. Group fights or one on one? I prefer one-on-one, ”he immediately turned to the Guan Yu case, while looking at Gan Bensong.

“One on one so one on one. Let each party choose five people, ”said Xinzi’s teacher.

“Teacher, choose me, I will come up with no one else for this,” said blond Gan Bensun.

Teacher Xinzi shook her head and said: “That will not work, let the guests choose.”

Guan Yu looked at Gan Bensong and said: “Well then, I choose you.”

“Master, all the preparations have been completed, the protective barriers have been set,” said student Tengang Xinzi, who had just entered the hall.

“Well, then let’s not waste time, let the battle begin!”, The woman said, nodding.


The battlefield was located south of the sea. It seems that such a huge territory has not always been used for its intended purpose. When no one fought, this place turned into a helicopter landing area. The students had just time to see how a black helicopter flew away from there towards the sea.

The site was diamond-shaped, on three sides it was surrounded by three buildings. Around the site is not something that there were no barriers, there was not even a railing. Coming closer, it was possible to notice that the stones from which the walls were made were not very dense in appearance.

In such arenas, one of the most important things is the density of the stone, because if it is too weak, then even with a protective barrier it will simply destroy it with magic.

“This diamond-shaped arena was created by Hui Jing. No need to worry, these walls will withstand any magic you can create. You are still far from the level where you can crush these walls, ”said one of the girls.

This girl’s name was Xiaochi Xiangzi. In everything she did and said, there was a personal dislike for Jiang Shao Xu. This was evident even during the banquet.

Of course, this hostility was noticeable, who would tolerate such an arrogant Chinese woman!

“We will not hit the stones, we will hit in the face” – Jiang Shao Xu could not help but answer this girl.

Xiaochi Xiangzi smiled and laughed, and after a couple of moments her face had already acquired a stone, calm expression.


“You will agree among themselves,” said Tenfang Xinzi.

Ai Jiang Tu led his group to a remote place so that they could easily decide who would go to fight. However, there could be no question of calmness: a part of the team was already so eager to fight that nothing could be done about it.

They quickly picked those who would fight.

“We have already chosen people, these three will fight,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

These three have long been ready. These were Jiang Shao Xu, Guan Yu and Mo Fan.

“You were already told in the banquet hall that you need to choose five, and these five will choose their opponent. What, are you not able to count? ”, Blurted out Gan Bensun.

“Since we will fight five times, then after three wins, are we not winning the series?” Asked Ai Jiang Tu.

“And why are you, why did you choose three people?” One of the Japanese, dressed in military clothes, said angrily.

If he were thirty or forty years younger, he would immediately show them where the crayfish spend the winter!

This guy doesn’t put their people at all!

“All the same, you are handsome!” Said Jiang Yu, showing his thumb up.

“It’s just ten out of ten!” Said Zhao Man Yan.

“This means that neither Jiang Shao Xu, nor Guan Yu, nor Mo Fan can lose,” said Nan Jue.

“I don’t know how the others are, but I’m definitely not going to lose,” said Guan Yu, showing with his whole face the desire to fight first.

Guan Yu approached the Japanese. There were ten of them, including Gan Bensong and Wanyue Qianxun.

Nine of them were kneeling in the front row. There were white silk ribbons on their heads. In Japan, this meant an unshakable fighting spirit, while in China it meant mourning.

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