Chapter 784. Seeds Growing in the Body


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Mo Fan joined the battle with Wanyue Qianxun, she was a skilled magician of the plant element.

To overcome the magician of the plant element, standing on a small piece of land, covered with seeds – this is madness!

Mo Fan ran away, running 100 meters from the battle. Staring at Wanyue Qianxun, he walked step by step on the ground, trying to make sure that he would not be captured by the plants.

Making sure he was safe, Mo Fan began to connect the constellations.

However, it was harder to cope with Wanyue Qianxion than Mo Fan thought. The speed of the average level of the magic of this girl was high. Mo Fan only wanted to use a powerful flaming fist, as a damn seed fell 50 meters from his legs again.

Mo Fan again ran away when he saw that the plant seedlings in an instant had turned into fierce monsters. This piece of land became their possession.

– Ha ha ha, we can assume that this is the official beginning of tricks with a trained monkey! – Japanese student began to laugh out loud.

Wanue Mingjian and Tenfang Xinzi were already smiling, suggesting that Mo Fan would quickly lose.

– This competitor is still running fast. But his magic is weak, look, he is bound hand and foot – said Vanyue Mingjian.

Those competitors who fought Wanyue Qianxun did not even withstand the first round. This Chinese magician of the elements of lightning and fire was quick-witted, because he resolutely ran away from the girl.

However, there was no point in escaping from the mage of the plant element.

“Now you are trying to endure real suffering,” said Vanyue Qianxun, smiling coldly, her gaze at one moment became fierce.

The girl stared at Mo Fan, determining in which direction he would run.

Plants are now flooded with a small patch of land, blocking the way. Wanyue Qianxiun again threw away the seed that radiated dark light.

This seed easily flew through the thick thickets of plants, unmistakably choosing the direction of Mo Fan’s retreat and, having caught up with the magician, it stuck on him!

– He is finished!

– This magician was too high about himself when he chose Wanyue Qianxun, but soon he will regret it! – said Xiaochi Xiangzi

To tell the truth, Mo Fan underestimated Wanyue Qianxun. The level of control of the element of the plant of this girl has already reached such a level that Mo Fan cannot be seen as his own ears.

Her speed of control was very high, the seeds of dark forest were very quickly scattered on the ground. But the worst thing was that this girl could make the seeds germinate from the human body!

When a seed clung to Mo Fang, he realized that his business was bad.

Although only a few seconds had passed, plants began to break out of Mo Fan.

Germinating plants looked awful, in an instant turned into lianas. Creepers tied Mo Fan, not waiting for him to take appropriate measures. And, having turned into a network, they covered with themselves a magician.

– Your mother!

Mo Fan ofigel. It seemed to him that he was put in a cage.

But the worst thing was that the plants sprung from his body. Layer upon layer they enveloped the magician, soon there was not a single gap left …

Even the thickest knife could not break through this layer of plants. Mo Fan’s limbs were still.

Mo Fan has already turned into a huge ball consisting of vines.

The faces of the people watching this scene have changed. The participants of the national team looked at each other perplexedly, not knowing what to say.

– Is this girl too terrible? It has a very powerful control element of the plant – said Zhao Man Yan.

“Powerful is not the right word!”

– How now to escape from these plants?

– We can assume that he lost.

Seeing that Mo Fan was finally tied up with plants, Guan Yu immediately put on a drop of tar: “Yes, this time we lost the battle with the state guard, the teachers will punish us for sure.”

The power of Wanyue Qianxion conquered all those who watched the battle. In fact, Guan Yu himself understood that he, too, could not have responded with a blow to such a powerful blow. This girl is a trump card of the western security tower!

– Apparently, we really underestimated the power of Japanese magicians. If we consider that this girl was not chosen for the national team of Japan, then what can we say about those who were selected? They are clearly much stronger! Said Nan Jue.

Strength can often be recognized at a glance. Looking at how Vanyue Qiangyun brutally cracked down on Mo Fang, it was possible to understand from the very beginning what the end of this battle would be. But it was difficult for some to accept it.

“Qianxiun, that’s enough,” Vanyue Mingjian decided to stop the battle, seeing the cocoon that Mo Fan was in.

– You can not count this battle – said Tenfang Xinzi.

“I lost because I lost, so we don’t need to …” Ai Jiang Tu didn’t finish.

– I did not lose anything! How can I, Mo Fan, lose? !!!

At this time, the roar of Mo Fan from the cocoon that was woven for him was heard.

– What are you stubborn! – Vanyue Qiansyun smirked, slowly turning and talking to Mo Fang, who was in a cage of lianas: Uncomfortable inside, huh? ”

Wanyue Qianxiun was no longer interested in continuing the fight, she began to leave the battleground.

The girl knew that today she was too cruel, but this boy was too self-confident!

– What the hell is an excuse! It is still not clear who should be the first to apologize. But if you apologize, it will be very generous of me to forgive you! Shouted Mo Fan.

Wanyue Qianxiun stopped, her face was impenetrable. She had heard for the second time how this jerk was swearing in her direction.

– Listen here, Mo Fan. If you once again say something rude in my direction, I will tell my plants to grow in every cell of your body and then you will taste the taste of my torture!

Hearing the words of Vanyue Qianxun, Vanyue Mingjian could not sit still, he immediately got up to stop the girl: “Qianxiun, no need to make trouble. He is just an arrogant competitor. Stop doing that”.

– This boy does not know what is politeness. And Qianxun will teach him good manners. Calm down, she knows the measure, said Tenfang Xinzi.

Vanyue Qianxun slowly went to the cocoon. She wanted to make sure that this guy was talking obscenities in her direction.

– Fool!

Mo Fan cursed again.

Wanyue Qianxiun was very angry. Her breasts incessantly rose and fell.

– Haha, of course, I’m a fool. And you, wise guy, are sitting in a cocoon, – Vanyue Qianxun laughed with a cruel expression on her face.

She knew that it was only a competition and she could not kill Mo Fang. But she could have him remember this suffering for the rest of his life!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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