Chapter 786. Strikers of Thunder!


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The red flame continued to blaze brightly. Now the fiery ocean around was not even going to dissipate just like that … because Mo Fan’s opponent was a venerable magician of the plant element, if everything burns out, she will not be able to use her creepers, since they need support!

The burial of the celestial flame allowed Mo Fang to take control of the situation in his hands. This fiery ocean around at least protected it from annoying plants.

– Bloody boots!

Mo Fan knew that his rival was very strong. Having no sensible defensive artifact, he actually activated his bloody boots, which instantly enveloped his legs.

After Mo’s achievement of high-level magic, his speed increased markedly: he now ran even faster, leaving behind heavy traces.

He headed towards his opponent, and when she was only thirty meters away, he jumped high.

– Suppression of bloody boots!

This effect of bloody boots increased the power of Mo Fan’s legs – now his legs could press on the enemy with half a ton of force, and it was like a huge beast jumping from a height!

Wanyue Qianxun also reacted very quickly. Seeing that Mo Fan was flying at her at an enormous speed, and behind her back there was already a magical border, the girl immediately rushed over to the other side.

However, compared with the speed of Mo Fane’s bloody boots, the effect of her actions was not as impressive. At that moment, when Mo Fan landed hard on the ground, Vanyue Qianxun threw a shock wave into the air.

While she was in the air, the girl managed to release the magic, and two plant vines soared into the air to support her.

Mo Fan, seeing that the opponent uses the plants for help, immediately sent his lightning bolts to stop this attempt!

– Thunder!

Mo Fan corrected the direction of thunder rolls.

Lightning struck the space beneath the opponent, and the purple discharges like snakes stuck into the back of Vanyue Qianxun.

Peals of thunder had such power that the girl, not even having time to land on the ground, received another blow, from which her body began to rotate in the air.

Wanyue Qianxiun was in protective armor, so lightning could not hurt her, however, her body was raised to the height of 50 meters with electrical force!

She could not control her location now because she was suspended in the air!

– Emissions of flame!

The girl in the air has become an excellent target for Mo Fang’s magic, he will not let her go just like that!

Entry-level fire magic began to flare up on Mo Fang’s palm. And although the usual fiery ejection also could not hurt the girl, he was thinking about how to strengthen it!

The constellation for the constellation arose around the magician, and very soon more than ten fire emissions flashed next to him.

– Forward!

Fireballs soared into the air and began to collapse right in the place where Vanyue Qianxun hung!




Emissions of flame exploded in close proximity with the girl! The fireballs were about two meters … after several fire emissions erupted near the girl, the flames engulfed virtually all the space around her, and now Vanyue Qianxun could not hide!

The protective coat of the girl belonged to the artifacts of the highest level, so even after such a fire she did not disappear!

– Flaming fist – tower!

The girl struggled to the ground, but even now, Mo Fan didn’t think of falling behind her.

The fire began to attack her again, but Vanyue Qianxun had already managed to activate her water shield, which surrounded it with streams of moisture. Mo Fan thought about where her forces came from to release magic after so many blows received?

Flows of water surrounded her body one by one. Mo Fan counted a total of about six layers of water on her body, whereas even Zhao Man Yan’s similar protection reaches a maximum of four! This means that in the magic of water, it is several times greater than Zhao Man Yan!

“This is a tough one, in such a situation even I would have already broken,” Jiang Yu exhaled.

Before that, the girl with her plants did not give Mo Fang any chance to attack, but now the situation has turned in the opposite direction. One thing was clear for sure: these two will not let each other breathe!


– It looks so delicate and fragile, but in fact stronger than even a turtle shell! Still standing on his feet! – hard whispered Mo Fan.

Magic is very much exhausting any wizard, but now Mo Fan could not stop.

Wanyue Qianxiun was also not easy: she hurried to retreat to a safe place, without ceasing to maintain water protection in the activated state.

She did it because her coat could disappear at any moment!

Elements of fire and lightning are very destructive, and many artifacts can not withstand several such attacks!

– Up!

The girl’s speed was faster than Mo Fan’s speed. She removed the chain mail, which no longer protected her, and now she could only rely on her plants.

Since the magic of the burial by the sky flame was already half dispelled, Wanyue Qianxun could release her magic.

He moved his hand toward Mo Fan, and the gray-blue glow appeared again.

Using the fact that Mo Fan still does not react, the girl formed a crack in the ground, which reached 4-5 meters. From this crack, a huge liana appeared that looked like a thousand-year-old tree!

This plant was just awful and looked like a real monster!

Mo Fan took a few steps back … who knew that this plant would come out so quickly? The plant approached the mage and threw it into the air.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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