Chapter 788. The Sphere of the Element of Fire


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Mo Fan’s body began to flare up with a red flame, on which was still a snake mail. The flame was so powerful that it did not allow the green demon’s hand spell to harm the mage.

With the help of the fiery jackhead Mo Fan, he could now use a flaming sword, which was very useful in such a situation!

Holding the flaming sword in his hand, Mo Fan moved forward. In such a situation, the most important thing for him was to get out of this damn pit!

– Fire wings!

At the same moment ardent wings appeared behind the mage’s back, which soared heavily into the air. The heat emanating from the wings, perfectly rake thickets of plants!

Numerous vegetable shoots immediately burned out, barely coming into contact with fire!

The wings of fire gradually raised Mo Fan. Wanyue Qianxiun thought that all this time he was fighting with all his might, therefore she released her plant magic once more.

The hand of the green demon with its shoots again began to cover Mo Fan, trying to leave him buried under his thickets.

– Qianxun, what are you doing? This is already enough! – said worried Vanyue Mingjian.

Mo Fan will be very hard to get out from under such a layer of magical plants!

Wanyue Mingjian didn’t even think that a student from the Chinese national team would be in grave danger during the bout, so he began to noticeably worry about seeing what Wanyue Qian Yun was doing.

– He will be nothing! – said Vanyue Tszyansyun.

After her words from the vegetable pit, he began to look through the fire. The flames flared ever stronger. Even in spite of the fact that the plants spread out very quickly, the fire engulfed them, turning them into ashes.

Smoke blew through the air, and at some point a fiery silhouette soared into the sky!

This silhouette was more like a ball of fire, and now it was heading in the direction of Wanyue Qianxun!

She was unaware of the hidden power of Mo Fan, she could not even think that he would be able to break through the overgrown plants with a fiery shell. The girl hurried to take a few steps back, trying to avoid an aggressive attack from Mo Fang.

From afar, the fireball did not seem so huge, and as it approached it seemed to become more violent. The water shield that surrounded the body of Vanyue Qianxun was already starting to evaporate!

– Water curtain!

At that moment, she released the high level water magic!

Before her, a curtain of water formed, the strength of which, according to the girl, was enough to extinguish the approaching flame.

She slowed down. Through the noise of a spill, she sensed the approach of fire.

Wanyue Qianxiun began to retreat back, her blue mail was no longer effective, and behind the back was the edge of the arena …

When the girl had nowhere to retreat, the water curtain was finally able to fully open. Mo Fang’s magic went out under the influence of the magic of water, and now he could no longer press down on his opponent.


Mo Fan’s body seemed to have slid across the ground with a small light.

He looked up and saw that the whole fire of his body was now also extinguished under a water curtain.

Seeing that Wanyue Qianxun had not suffered at all, Mo Fan immediately changed his face.

Even so, nothing happened to her?

Her power is truly terrifying!

Mo Fan stood on a shred of scorched earth and stared at his opponent.

She, in turn, not believing her eyes, looked at her left leg, which was already actually stepping over the edge of the arena!

And although it is impossible to consider her as a loser in this battle, the fact that she, the teacher, ended up in such a situation, is no different from her loss!

“The flames on your body …” She carefully watched Mo Fanya.

– We will not gab! Victory or defeat … we will fight! – Mo Fang at this moment was too lazy to gab.

He joined his palms, after which two fragments of flame appeared around him, which, having joined, covered an area of ten square meters!

After some time, all unexploded sparkles of the neighborhood began to accumulate around the magician!

The airspace was now literally swept by the element of fire and resembled the burial of the heavenly flame!

– What else is it? – Mo Fan did not catch up with what is happening.

In the eyes of other people, Mo Fan understood that he was surrounded by some kind of unusual flame. Wanyue Qianxiun changed her face … the magic of water can not resist such a flame!

– You won.

Vanyue Qianxiun took a step with her other foot, and now she was completely outside the boundaries of the arena.

“But not yet …”

– Do not say anything. Just close your eyes and feel in full this fiery element that surrounds you … this is the sphere of the element of fire! – said the girl.

Mo Fan was first dumbfounded, and then he began to exult!

This is indeed the elemental sphere of fire!

At that moment, as Vanyue Qiangyun said, Mo Fan took a few steps back and closed his eyes, feeling the action of the magical sphere!

He understood perfectly well that this was not only his achievement – but the result of a merger with a fiery hetero!

He has reached the elemental sphere! Yes, it is even impossible to believe!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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