Chapter 789. Friendship with the Elements


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– Wanyue Qianxun finally admitted defeat! – Tenfang Xinzi abruptly rose from his seat, not wanting to look at Wanyue Qianxun.

Vanyue Mingjian, the Japanese military and the rest of the audience looked at the girl in confusion.

The teacher lost the student in the exchange of experience, it was completely unfair.

Although the strength of the participant in the national team was amazing, people from the western security tower understood well that the power of Wanyue Qianxun was much stronger.

“She didn’t even use her knowledge, why did she admit defeat …” said the Japanese military.

– In exchange of experience with the participant of the competitions, it is also too much to use its element sphere! However, Vanyue Qianxun could choose not to continue the battle. I think that she has her own reasons for this, said Waning Mingjian.

The leaders looked at this picture and were perplexed. What could have been said about the students from the western security tower, they all had their mouths open in surprise, and their facial expression became dull from the inability to realize that Vanyue Qianxun could lose!

– What happens in the end?

“Vanyue Qianxun shouldn’t lose, she just doesn’t want to measure herself again!” – said the commander Ji Guanf.

– But be that as it may, this member of the national team Mo Fan is very strong! We all do not have such power to go into battle with my sister Qianxun!

– True, I do not even know whether the squad leader will become his worthy opponent.

Commander Ji Guanfa immediately proudly puffed out his chest, saying: “How can I not be his worthy rival, how many of your competitors from other teams were defeated by me?”

“But you never had to force Qianxun to use 2 high-level magic elements!”

– There were other circumstances!

“Mo Fan is some kind of anomaly!” Turned the battle with the teacher in such a direction! – Jiang Yu raised his thumb up in the form of approval.

– Pff, what, never saw how others deliberately admit defeat? Said Zu Jiming.

“Look, Mo Fan is standing there like an idol, Vanyue Qianxun is there too, as if they are talking about something.”

“Maybe Mo Fan accepts congratulations from her?”

Others could not feel the presence of the elemental sphere. Because Vanyue Qianxiun was suppressed by Mo Fang, she understood that he possesses the sphere of the element of fire.

Wangue Qianxiun was a teacher, and, realizing that Mo Fan had reached such limits, she unconsciously decided to let him use this skill. The elemental sphere is a very rare gift, so it could not allow not to give Mo Fang a chance just because of her anger and dislike.

There were different elements in space that could not be seen with the naked eye. Only if the magician uses his own perception, then he can discover all these little lives.

Speaking of the element of fire, where this element is distributed, it is always very hot and dry.

As for the water element, it is wet and foggy in the place of its distribution.

In the aforementioned areas, magicians with the power of thought invoke elements a few hundred meters and even kilometers around themselves, becoming a kind of center of a cluster of elements.

If the power of a magician’s mind is very powerful, then a high concentration of such elements appears around him and this space is called the elemental sphere of the magician.

Elemental sphere can suppress the power of an opponent. If the space is replete with one type of elements, then this means that other elements weaken.

Therefore, in the battle of high-level mages, the elemental sphere is a very important ability. If one magician does not possess such a sphere, then a huge difference in strength appears between the magicians.

Mo Fan in turn drew attention to the fact that only after a high level, almost every magician embarked on a new path of development of magic, so the skills that the magician possesses appear in a different form. Enough only the power of control and the magic of different elements can be used in a completely different way. This allows the magician to become quirky and agile!

In addition, after the magician reaches a high level, there is a noticeable jump. Multilevel magic of three elements is connected, plus additional skills that the magician has realized on his own. And then it immediately becomes noticeable that a high-level magician is very different from low- and medium-level magicians, as if he had passed a rebirth!

The elemental sphere is equal to the boundary of the power of control of the magician. Those magicians who do not have such an area, use their magic according to the established pattern. But those who possess a sphere can use magic as they like. Even if the spiritual energy was hit hard, the magician would still be able to invoke defensive magic.

Mo Fan changed his attitude towards Wanyue Qianxun, because she diligently directed him to comprehend the elemental sphere.

In fact, not every high level magician has an elemental sphere. If the magician collides with the sphere of the element of fire, then it exists in the synthesis with a small hetero. Only with co-cultivation can a high level of fire control be achieved.

– Little girl, we are faced with the element sphere, push on! Said Mo Fan quietly.

– Jin

The little girl tried her best. After the death bridge, she put all her efforts into pleasing Mo Fang. Heterka diligently cultivated to master the elemental sphere one day!

– Let’s call elements of fire within a radius of one kilometer! – said Mo Fan to hetero.

Mo Fan and the hetero will have to work hard, deciding on this step. If everything works out, then the element sphere will be formed. If nothing happens, then it is not known when such an opportunity will appear again.

Elements of fire seemed like little fire elves flying in the air. To invoke these elements, you need to be friends with them. Since Mo Fan fought well with Wanyue Qianxun, these little fire elves truly hated the magician!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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