Chapter 79: Reincarnation


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“Ah… oh, I’m sorry”

All of a sudden, Eleonor lowered his head looking sorry.

“What are you talking about?

When asked, she put the question to her face.

“Is that it? The name of the tyrannical demon king should not have been spoken for fear…?


Is that so?

You seem to have quite a bit of information on the Devil’s side even though there has been no interaction before.

Who looked it up where?

For what?

“Uh, well, after all, I don’t think it’s a good idea for someone else to call you names, do I?

“I don’t care, do I?

View Sasha.

“I don’t care either, but I don’t think you should tell me when you’re in college. If you get your eyes on the royalty, it’s a pain in the ass.”

Then Eleonor exhaled in relief.

“Good, with someone you two don’t care about. I was told in class never to say anything because it’s gonna be a big problem, and it’s all kinds of things when I say Demonic?

“Sort of.”

I don’t know how you seem to have such a loose personality to say this lightly with so much warning.

“But I’m sorry. I was overreacting.”

Eleonor gently tongues out, as if he had failed.

“Oh, wait”

Suddenly she stopped.

“I’m sorry, you’ve gone too far. This room is my destination.”

Turning back his heel, Eleonor opened the door to the room, which was too far down the street.

It’s a circular space that’s blown out.

I can see the stairs running from the ground floor to the top floor, but all the vast indoors are lined with narrow spaces and bookshelves, filled with books as far as I can see

“It’s the proud, magical library of the College of the Brave. Books on magic are gathered from all over Azesion. I guess the only inheritance I can’t look into here is going to Dilheid or some other country.”

Eleonor walked into the library all he knew on his own, and he reached in front of a shelf.

“If it’s a brave heirloom, I guess it’s in the books around here. Which brave heirloom do you want to know?

“It’s Cannon.”

“Wow. After all, the brave Cannon is well known even in Dillhayd!

But you’re not even playing, but you look like you’re having fun.

“Is it because you defeated the Demon King of Atrocities?

Hearing that, Sasha made her gaze harder.

“Ah… oh, I’m sorry. I want you to forget about that…”

Eleonor says sorry.

“I wonder what that means? The brave Kanon defeated the tyrannical Demon King?

Sasha steps over to Eleonor.

Not long ago, she would have revealed herself.


“I’m not sorry, I’m asking you what you mean. Is there a legacy that the brave Kanon defeated the tyrannical Demon King?

Eleonor nods sorry.

“Who built the wall?

“… er, walls?

“Four Walls. A wall that divides the world into four parts”

“Maybe you mean the < Four Holy Crossings (Al Yeento) >?

Sasha gives a surprise look.

“< Four Holy Crossings (Al Yeento) >…?

“It’s a junction created by the brave Kanon to protect humans, spirits and gods from the remaining demonic raids after he took over the Ravaged Demon King, but wasn’t that the story?

“Don’t be ridiculous”

He had a low voice like an angry one.

Sasha stares at Kiki Eleonor with both her eyes.

Hmm. Trouble.

I’ll hold Sasha’s head gently so she can forgive me.

“Hey… Hey… Anos… hand, suddenly, what do you want?

“Don’t be so angry, Sasha. I don’t know what’s strange.”

With that said, she turns that way, like a little messed up.

“… because it’s a wall you built with your life on the line…”

Whispering, Sasha shrugged so that only I could hear her.

“I’m glad to hear that. But a human being is a creature that modifies history in a convenient way. If you’re serious, you’re serious.”

“… if that’s okay with you… Hands… let go…”

As I was told, when I let go of my hand softly, “Ah,” Sasha leaks the word.

Turn your gaze to see what’s wrong.

“… nothing…”

And she leaned down.

“I’m sorry.”

Again, Eleonor apologized.

“Was that stopped now, too?

Kokuri, she nods.

“What’s happening when it’s the history of Dillhayd?

“A demon king of tyranny gathered brave men, great spirits, and creative gods into the Delzogate, and combined the magic of all to create a wall that divided the world into four parts. Unable to withstand the immense magic, the Demon King lost his vessel and was reincarnated two thousand years later, that is, in this day and age”

Eleonor is listening to my words with a pompous look.

“You don’t have to believe me. Ever since you were born, you’ve been told that brave men have defeated the Demon King.”

When I say so, Eleonor tries to nod, though bewildered.

“Don’t be fooled, Eleonor”

Cold, sharp voices flew in.

Turning his gaze, a man wearing a scarlet uniform, just like Eleonor, turned to his desk and opened the book.

He has pale hair and his eyes, cold as ice, peek from the back of his glasses.

“It is the devil’s modus operandi to masterfully manipulate words that even seem legitimate and confuse humans”

Hmm. Unlike Eleonor, it’s like exorcising hostility.

Even when it comes to the College of the Brave, it’s something with a variety of students.

“In the first place.”

Pathan, and close the book, and the man stands up.

And I slowly walked over here.

“Why should a demon king who has done everything in his power to atrocity build a wall that protects humans until he gives up his life? Not at all reasonable. Admiring my ancestors but not being able to acknowledge their defeat and even being able to think decently can only be described as foolish”

The man stopped and turned to me.

“Don’t you think so, guests from Demon King’s College”

“Hmm. Totally agree, human. Then, with that decent thought and trick, you should think about it, too. The wall that divided the world into four parts, was it? What kind of magic barrier that can sustain all those years on that scale can be built with the magic of being human?

The man put his index finger on his glasses and said all the same.

“It’s impossible. But the fact that it is impossible tells the story that it is the work of the brave. There must be no reason for you, the Demons, not to be convinced. That the thoughts of the brave have done miracles in our human desire for peace.”

“Huh, Kuku”

Laughter leaks from the bottom of my belly.

“Kuhaha is a miracle for lack of things to say. It’s a terrible thing to say now and ever, a human being. Let me advise you, there is no convenient miracle in this world that can be achieved if you wish.”

“I’m not trying to make you understand.”

The man says to let it go.

“It’s about being careful. Don’t let the gods fool you.”

Men react to things like what they’re saying.

“By the way, are you a reincarnator?

Don’t break the cold look, the man said.

“Second in the brave college sequence. Ledriano Canon Azescene, patron knight of Holy Water, belonging to the selection class’ Jergacannon ‘, reincarnator of the first root of the brave Canon”

Are you the reincarnator of the first root of the brave Canon?

“Hmm. I don’t think so.”

Ledriano makes his expression look worse.

“What are you talking about?

“I said I didn’t think you were Canon’s rebirth. Or, of the seven roots, six are off”?

The seven roots of Canon originally came from other sources.

The original canon has one root.

As for the remaining six at the time of reincarnation, there is no wonder that they did not completely inherit the existence of Canon and have become degenerative.

“… you may withdraw.”


“The statement that I am not Canon the Brave, As you may not know, it is a matter of pride for us humans to inherit the roots of the legendary brave. Because not all of you can keep your mouth shut by denying it to the wicked.”


“I don’t know. Be proud of yourself if you want. I can’t help but focus on what my ancestors, what legendary braves, and what is boring.”

Redriano sighs.

“For your sake, let me just say it again”

He put his fingertips on his glasses and told him to threaten him cold.

That’s when.

“It’s too late, Redriano”

I heard voices from upstairs.

If I did my gaze in that direction, someone came in from the outside or was just sitting on the edge of the window.

A red-haired man in a scarlet uniform.

“I came because I sensed demonic magic, man, what’s this all about?

The red-haired man jumped off the second floor and landed just in front of Redriano.

“Let me name you first. The College of the Brave has four digits. He belongs to the selection class” Jergacanon, “the reincarnation of the third root of the brave Canon, the knight of destruction of the Holy Flame, Laos Canon Jilfo.”

One step, Laos goes forward.

“What’s your name?

“Hmm. Looks like you’re off, too.”

“What no…?

Laos looked blatantly grumpy.

“What is it now?

“Sounds like you have bad ears. You said you didn’t look like a canon.”

“Hey, I don’t even know your name, you devil.”

With anger, Laos utters words.

“You don’t know who did this to you, do you?

“Is that why you’re so angry? If you want to believe in false history, you just have to be on your own, but look at them and say something.”

Laos gave Kan a crippled look.

“Hey, we can still make it now. I’m not a ghost either. Everyone has a mistake.”

Let the magic rise from all over your body to intimidate you, Laos said.

“Admit that the tyrannical demon king was defeated by the brave and the brave built the wall. So I forgive you.”

There is nothing more to be laughed at in that word.

“Heh. Oh man, now don’t you lick me?

“Hmm. You got it.”

“… what no?

“A brave man defeated a tyrannical demon king? How dare you talk so blindly about something you haven’t even seen”

Laos stares at me. I was murderous in that gaze.

“Fine. Then I’ll tell you. Defeated the tyrant demon king, the power of this brave Kanon. That’ll convince you, too.”

“Laos, don’t. He is a guest. Injury can be a hassle.”

Ledriano said to stop it.

“What, I’ll do the holy sword without pulling it out. But he doesn’t seem to know anything about us. Instead of saying hello, I’m just going to show you the power of the brave.”

“Stop. I don’t want to be raped by you in this place.”

I laughed, I told him.

“I’m sure you want me to tell you something. The power and power of that brave man.”

“Look, this guy doesn’t seem motivated either.”

Redriano sighs like he gave up.

“Be prepared to dispose of”

Not caring about the word, Laos stepped forward.

Grabbing both fists all the time, the glowing flames clutter there.

“Don’t blink. Awesome, I’ll show you!!!

Laos is on the spot, poking his fist out of his mind.

The Holy Flame struck me with momentum.

“Hmm, when I say blink -”

I close my eyes.

At the next moment, the holy flame was extinguished and Laos was blowing backwards.

He plunged into the wall, knocking down a bunch of bookshelves, and he finally stopped.

“Is this what this is all about?


Laos doesn’t even understand why he was hit.

“… what the fuck…?

“What, I just blinked”

The wind pressure of the enchanted blink blew out the holy flame and tore the anti-magic of Laos to pieces.

“… there is… uh… hey…! Such an idiot…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Laos can hardly even move at the earliest.

“You keep it in your history textbook. The children of the brave were struck with one blink,”

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