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The selection of the military government gathered all the Martial Artists in the northwestern province. Before that, almost everyone thought that Shui Qianyue would shine and become the target of the five major military forces.

However, the final result, the most dazzling person is not Shui Qianyue, but the unknown Chu Xingyun.

Chu Xingyun not only joined the strongest Lingwu Wufu, but also obtained the permission of Yang Yan. Once in Wufu, he became a core disciple directly, enjoying many privileges and cultivate resources.

This kind of thing, everyone heard it for the first time and was deeply shocked.

“Wufu selection, has always had the habit of assessing the leader, but this time, there should be no need for this.” Gu Cyan mountain walked with joy, his eyes almost bent into crescent.

Chu Xingyun defeated Shui Qianyue, hit Gu Qingsong, and was selected by Ling Xiaowu in one fell swoop, becoming a distinguished core disciple. These honors, everyone sees in the eye, the position of the leader is already none other than him.

“Congratulations to the owner into the Lingxiaowufu!” The poison is also somewhat excitedly said. Just now, Chu Xingyun and Shui Qianyue saw that he was a little passionate.

“It’s just a quota. It’s not necessary to be so ecstatic.” Chu Xingyun performed very calmly. In his eyes, entering Lingxiaowufu was only the first step of his imperial city. At the same time, it was the most basic step.

“You can’t be humble?” Yang Yan rolled his eyes and immediately said: “After the selection of Wufu, I will give you two days to let you deal with family trivia. After you finish, you will go to Huangcheng with Yang Feng. Come to Wufu official enter name.”

In the middle of the speech, standing in front of Yang Yan, a burly middle-aged man strode out and nodded to Chu Xingyun.

This middle-aged name is Yang Feng, which is the closing discipline of Yang Yan. At the same time, it is also one of the elders of Lingxiao Wufu.

For Chu Xingyun’s innate talent, Yang Yan attaches great importance to it. I am afraid that during this time, other Wufu will have small movements. Simply let Yang Feng protect Chu Xingyun, and at the same time let Chu Xingyun know about some rules of Lingwuwu.

Talent, like Chu Xingyun, is rare. Yang Yan doesn’t want him to die.

“Official enter name ?could it be that after the selection, there is an assessment?” Scorpion smashed a bit, doubts.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “The selection of Wufu, covering the sixty-four cities of the Liuyun, from the various cities, the selection of teenagers with innate talent, as for the Imperial City, is extra independent, after all, the forces within the imperial city are complex, Talent The number is also very large, and the five major military forces naturally have to spend more time.”

Hear this, scorpion immediately understood.

It is no wonder that the selection of the military government only recruited such a small number of people. Most of the military figures are from the various family forces of the Imperial City. They are the main part of the five major military houses.

“On the specific matters of Lingxiao Wufu, I will explain clearly in the next few days. If the color is too late today, please return to rest. We will return to Xifeng City tomorrow morning.” Yang Feng is full of temperament and speaks. It is also very considerate for others.

Upon returning to the courtyard, Chu Xingyun noticed that Shui Qianyue on arena still stared at him with a hateful look, silver teeth biting, heart filled with coldness, and even killing intent.

“You still have to fight?” Chu Xingyun smirked, let Shui Qianyue shudder and shrink back. She just used the secret method and forcibly upgraded her own cultivation base. Now the time of the secret law is over, she is all in pain. It has become very weak.

Moreover, even the ancient pines of the Earth Spirit were injured by Chu Xingyun. Now, how could she be the opponent of Chu Xingyun? Fighting again, just looking for abuse, courting death.

See Shui Qianyue like this, Chu Xingyun coldly smiled: “If you don’t want to fight, then take the initiative to admit defeat, and my Chu Xingyun is not guilty of fighting.”

“Chu Xingyun, don’t be too much!” Shui Qianyue is apricot, staring at Chu Xingyun.

“When you made the next year’s appointment, how arrogant you are, think that own aloof and remote, you can easily step on my feet and show your ridiculous self-respect. Now, you are defeated, but you are not willing to admit the agreement. Say I am too much.”

“Shui Qianyue, you really think that the entire world is spinning around you. Everyone, everything, can’t work according to your meaning. Could you be that you don’t think, is your behavior so ridiculous?”

Chu Xingyun said slowly, said that there is no sneer on his face, but he is extremely serious, so that the crowd feels that his posture is tall and straight, and he stands with a sword, and his mouth is sullen, and he is frivolous.

On the other hand, Shui Qianyue completely faded away from Talent’s halo, and even became a little shameful, even the agreement did not dare to admit.

Feeling the crowd’s gaze, Shui Qianyue’s face is constantly changing, biting his teeth: “The original year’s covenant was made by Chu Xingyun own. I have never agreed to it from beginning to end. Since I have not agreed, I am not I wish to admit that nature is taken for granted!”

“That, according to your statement, is it to be ridiculous?” Chu Xingyun sneered with laughter. In such a situation, Shui Qianyue did not hesitate to keep her self-respect, it is really sad.

“Since you insist on saying that I am lame, that’s good, you and I will agree for another year. One year later, we will be in the Great Competition of the Wufu, and this agreement will be witnessed by anyone at the venue!” Shui Qianyue will sound The man has been improved so that everyone in the place can hear it clearly.

The strength that Chu Xingyun is showing now is indeed very strong, far better than her, but in Shui Qianyue’s view, this is only temporary and does not represent the future.

She owns the Fourth Grade Martial Spirit, and the more she is cultivate, the faster she can improve her strength, and Chu Xingyun, but Second Grade, is the kind of useless Martial Spirit.

Shui Qianyue just saw this, I feel that I’m going to suffer for another year, and I can definitely beat Chu Xingyun!

“Wufu Great Competition, all the Talents of the five major military houses, you have to declare war with me, can, when you are qualified to represent Yunmengwufu, I will consider it.” Chu Xingyun ignored Shui Qianyue Glowing eyes, turned around and left here.

For Chu Xingyun, from today, Shui Qianyue will grow bigger and bigger. In the future, Shui Qianyue can only raise one’s head and look up to him. From then on, the two will never meet.

As a result, this year’s covenant has no meaning at all for Chu Xingyun.

After Chu Xingyun left, Gu Qingsong came over and the sound somber was terrifying: “Shui Qianyue, see what you did!”

A few days ago, after he knew the news of the rise of Chu Xingyun, he was going to prepare the dispatch Expert and solve Chu Xingyun, so that he could never stop.

It was Shui Qianyue who stopped him and said that he would be burned on the arena, and it would be completely degraded and turned into an uncompromising waste, suffering from day and night.

Gu Qingsong saw Shui Qianyue so confident that he agreed.

Unfortunately, the final result, contrary to the imagination, Chu Xingyun not only made the limelight, but also received Yang Yan’s appreciation, and became the core disciple of Lingxiao Wufu.

Now, with the protection of Yang Feng, to assassinate Chu Xingyun, there is almost no possibility!

“Nothing is expected, but even if Chu Xingyun becomes the core disciple of Lingxiaowufu, then it will surely attract countless people’s criticisms. I am afraid that when he enters Lingxiaowufu, he will become the target of criticism. “Shui Qianyue hurried, this made Gu Qingsong’s face look better.”

In Lingxiaowufu, there are countless Talents, all of which are unruly existence.

Chu Xingyun just entered Lingwu Wufu, became a core disciple, surely many people are dissatisfied, coupled with Chu Xingyun’s frivolous nature, it is impossible to survive.

“This Chu Xingyun, although got the privilege of the core disciple, but he is faced with endless troubles, as long as you move a little bit, you can easily remove him.” Gu Qingsong thoughts a hundred turns, obviously there is Deal with the strategy.

He glanced at Shui Qianyue and threw a golden Command Token to her. The voice said indifferently: “If you come to Wufu as soon as possible, if you do something, don’t blame me for watching.”

After all, Gu Qingsong licked his sleeves and strode away from arena.

“Chu Xingyun, the grudge between you and me, the Imperial City is counted again!” Shui Qianyue clasped the Command Token of Yunmengwufu, her eyes became more and more hazy, she simply used Chu Xingyun’s blood to wash today’s suffering Shame!

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