Chapter 791. The Magical Creature in the Sea


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The next was a fight between Jiang Shaoxuy and Xiaochi Xiangzi.

A magician with an element of spirit has no reason to lose, since such a magician can deprive his opponent of any opportunity to release magic.

Mo Fan remembered the disgusting tricks of the magician while still studying at the University of Mingzhu: if Mo Fan hadn’t had a talisman that protected him from any such impact, he definitely couldn’t have won the battle with Ding Yu Myan!

Of course, the magic of Xiaochi Xiangzi is also nothing, except that an element of the spirit of Jiang Xiaoxu was her absolute advantage, so after a while, Xiaochi was doomed to failure.

Jiang Shaoxu high lifted her head and, arrogantly looking at the defeated opponent, said: “These are all your shortcomings, so you should not think that our team could lose to you.”

In all three fights, the Chinese team won, as stated at the very beginning.

At the end of the competition, all the guys returned to their rooms to rest. Indeed, the Chinese team was able to wipe the nose of these defenders of the security towers.

Deep at night, the Japanese general walked along a wooden corridor. Holding the phone in his hands, he spoke with someone carefully.

– recorded. I will send you information about today’s competition. It is a pity that they nominated only three participants, if they were one more, you could get more information about their tactics of combat, said the Japanese military.

“General Takagi, the people from your western security tower really disappointed.” I already received information from another unit, but your people could not get much, ”a muddy voice sounded.

– What about this … if you saw the second duel, then from there you can learn a lot of interesting things. This boy fought with Wanyue Qianxun, and he was able to release such fire magic that struck everyone around him. I reviewed the record again and realized that he also possesses the magic of the call. “He has a spontaneous contract animal that exactly belongs to very specific and powerful creatures of the element of fire,” General Takagi replied.

– Okay, now is not about that. What’s up with this damn Hatyan, and does not want to talk? – again there was a male voice.

“It seems not,” General Takagi replied.

– Well, then let him sit in the eastern tower for some time. It is interesting to me to find out who will be stronger, his will or tower!

“What if even he doesn’t want to talk like that?”

– Do you think that he will keep this secret even at the cost of his own life?

“I think … Qianxiun, so late, why are you still awake?” – during the conversation, General Takagi saw Vanyue Qianxun.

The girl was standing nearby, and General Takagi himself approached her.

She turned her head. She was wearing a beautiful floral kimono, and her body in the moonlight looked even more seductive.

– It’s too late, who are you talking to? – with a smile asked the girl.

“Um … one subordinate, he made a mistake in the case, so I scold him.” Matsumoto, in two days you better bring this plan to my office, otherwise I will send you to the link to the border guard guard! Said General Takagi into the phone in a stern voice.

At the other end of the phone, a man in Tokyo decided to play along with him: “OK, General Takagi, I’ll fix everything.”

– Everything. – General Takagi turned off the phone and put it in his pocket, after which he looked at the girl with tenderness.

General Takagi is about forty years old, of short stature, his face does not shine with elasticity. When he smiled, an incomprehensible glitter sparkled in his eyes, and it was difficult to understand what was behind him.

– Do not sleep? You’d better go to my place and have a drink of sake – my good friend gave me from Tokyo, I know you like this scent, ”said General Takagi, coming close to the girl.

“I want to sleep,” the girl replied.

“Well, then go to sleep,” the general did not insist.

– The east tower will be replaced soon. General Takagi, what about you? – asked Vanyue Qianxun, looking at the eastern tower.

“I will take only some things and go … oh, by the way, I regret what happened to your brother Hatyan.” We have already sent a lot of people to look for him, but we still haven’t found anything, ”said General Takagi.

Wanyue Qianxun did not answer, and continued to stand in the same place.

General Takagi went ahead. As he walked past the girl, a strange smile appeared on his face.

After he left, the girl continued to stand in the same place. She looked up to the top of the eastern tower.

– Are you really there? Why did they shut you down? – asked Vanyue Qianxun herself.

* Beep

* Beep

From the top of the tower began to be heard a siren, which cut the night silence.

Wanning Qianxiun, hearing the sound, immediately looking up, said: “Something happened!”.

The red glow, which was accompanied by the sound of a siren, alarmed the whole western tower, the inhabitants of which all this time were sleeping peacefully in their rooms. Teams of guards one after another ran up the stairs and corridors, heading up.

The west tower was actually a mountain fortress, to the east of which were the borders of Osaka, which separated the city from the magical creatures.

– There is something in the sea! Shouted a military magician at the outpost.

– What exactly? Can I see? – asked Vanyue Tszyansyun.

– It is at sea. It is not possible to make out, but more than a hundred of our warning devices that were lowered into the sea were destroyed! – answered the magician at the outpost.

– More than a hundred? Is it really a whole flock of magical animals?

– No, it seems only one!

After these words, the girl’s eyes filled with fear.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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