Chapter 792. Sea Beasts of Huge Size


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“What the hell? Who is stopping everyone from sleeping? ”Said Mo Fan, yawning. Then got out of bed. He was wearing only white pajamas.

All the others also woke the alarm. One by one, people left their rooms.

Seeing the red lights, Mo Fan thought that they were warning people. The guy’s face acquired a special expression, after which he muttered to himself: “It cannot be that in every city where I come, something can happen!”

Looking closely, Mo Fan realized that something had happened not in the city itself, but in the western security tower. The post in this tower warned that it is worth taking precautions.

Patrol teams hurriedly walked here and there. It was easy to understand where they were going. All these groups went to the tower.

There were a lot of people, so it was not difficult for Mo Fan to mix with the crowd and also go towards the tower. He really wanted to know what happened.


On the high white watch tower stood General Takagi and Wanyue Mingjian. Behind them stood a group of Japanese sentries. They all looked at a stretch of sea five or six kilometers from the tower.

The sea looked quite ordinary. The sea surface reflected the moon rays. However, in the sea one could still notice something unusual. It seemed as if something was seething.

In addition to this amazing phenomenon, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

“But what is this?” Asked Waning Mingjian with horror.

“It’s not very clear yet,” General Takagi replied coolly.

At some distance from the shore, at sea, people from the western security tower set up buoys. Usually, nothing like this happens in the area of these buoys, but if the movement of the animal is recorded, people will immediately find out about it.

Sometimes, some animals still swim for the buoys, after which the last ones trigger and give a signal, but in order to get a hundred buoys at once it is something unseen!

The most important thing was that all one hundred buoys claimed that it was one animal!

The distance between each buoy was no less than three or four meters. This could only mean one thing: the size of this monster is unimaginable!

“General Takagi, allow me to report. This creature swam deep into the water, ”said one of the newly landed members of the military intelligence, removing the wind wings.

“Ran away?” General Takagi asked incredulously.

Since the animal has gotten so close to the place where people live, then surely it is plotting something unkind. General Takagi has already prepared for a grand battle, but who would have thought that the monster would disappear under water like this?

“It is possible that it simply by negligence approached the border,” said Wanyue Mingjian.

“This cannot be an accident. Sea creatures of the highest class have a mind, can not be such that they do not know that this is our, human possessions. I want to see it personally, ”said General Takagi.

The general immediately called on a strong, strong beast. The head of this monster was like a tiger, and on its back were gray wings. As soon as the animal opened its wings, it became obvious that they were about seven meters in scope.

The gray-winged tiger waited until the general sat on it, after which it took off. Having spread its wings only a couple of times, the animal immediately covered a distance of several hundred meters.

“This is the celestial mountain beast of General Takagi, he is simply amazing!” Said one of the officers.

“They say that this animal is close in strength to the level of the commander. If he is lucky and he can raise the level of this beast, then the general will definitely become one of the most powerful magicians of the element of the call of the city of Osaka, ”said another officer.

“Yes, General Takagi stayed here for a while, with his strength, he should come to Tokyo … hey, hey, who else is this? No need to break into the outpost! ”, Said the officer, noticing the uninvited guest.

Vanyue Mingjian turned his head and noticed that the uninvited guest was a young man in pajamas.

The young man had a sleepy look, he frantically rubbed his eyes.

“Student Mo Fan, you should not be here,” said Vanyue Mingjian.

“Yes, I just came to see what happened. I can help with what I can, but everyone in the western security tower has such an agitated look, ”Mo Fan wondered.

“A huge animal has just appeared in the sea, but it seems that it has escaped,” answered Vanyue Mingjian.

The anxiety is already slowly fading away. Since the western security tower was an important observation point of the city of Osaka, the discipline here was appropriate. The people working here needed to keep an eye on everything. In addition, here the alarm signal was heard quite often.

“A huge animal? How big is it? ”Mo Fan asked immediately.

“We ourselves could not determine. None of the people met with this monster face to face, so we can only rely on the readings of the instruments. And the instruments say that the animal is gone, ”said Vanyue Mingjian.

“Yes, since more than a hundred of buoys worked at once, I thought that an unforeseen attack of a large group of monsters on Osaka begins. But it turned out that this is just a huge beast that swam here by mistake. ”

Mo Fan looked doubtfully towards the sea. The sea was calm, it seemed that nothing like this was happening here. The mere sight of the sea suggested that everyone was crazy about it.

“Well, since there’s nothing like that, then I’ll go to sleep,” said Mo Fan.

“Yes, go to sleep, in which case, the western security tower will cope with the problem,” said Vanyue Mingjian.


“And you, a student, next time you should not break into the tower!”

“Ok, then I went”

“Ozawa, escort him,” said Waning Mingjian to one of the officers.

“But here … does he really think that I will stagger aimlessly here …”, said Mo Fan.


Officer Ozawa walked along with Mo Fan. He had to personally make sure that the student would not go where he did not need.

While they were going down the stairs, Mo Fan noticed that the suspension bridge was lowered, after which he immediately asked: “Have you lowered the suspension bridge? Isn’t there a restricted area? ”

“And what do you think when troops are being moved from one point to another, then the security groups from there have to wait a day or two?” Odzava answered.

“And what is happening there that everyone keeps everything secret?” Mo Fan asked again.

“You don’t need that much …”

Officer Ozawa did not have time to finish off, as the yellow lightning of the ban appeared on the other side of the mountain. It seemed as if the lightning would have wanted to tear the cover of night to shreds and cross the bridge. Lightning is definitely headed towards the western security tower!

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