Chapter 793. Powder Powder


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Mo Fan was so frightened by the sudden prohibition that he stepped back a couple of steps. The whole gloomy mountain, as well as the tower on it, lit up with a yellow glow. It seemed as though yellow lightning could destroy everything around at any moment.

“Is this … is it really happening almost every day?”, Mo Fan asked Officer Ozawa with astonishment.

The officer was scared too. Only he was about to answer, when he heard Japanese speaking from the soaring corridor.

Apparently, these were the guards of the east tower. They were confused and shouted toward the western security tower.

It seems that due to the appearance of a huge monster in the sea, most of the guards left. There are few people left in the eastern security tower.

“Immediately return to the central tower, I need to raise the alarm,” said officer Mo Fanyu and immediately ran back.

No sooner had Mo Fan opened his mouth, than Ozawa had already escaped, leaving the guy by the soaring corridor.

Mo Fan looked at the eastern security tower, surrounded by lightning, and this sight made him uneasy.

“Nobody accompanies me, it means it’s very easy for me to get lost, I will go there, ask for the road … yes, that’s right …”, Mo Fan muttered under his breath, carefully heading towards the soaring corridor.

He learned from his brother Zhao Man Yang that the prohibitions work according to this principle: if you try to penetrate a protected territory, you will be struck, but if you are already on it, then no matter how strong the ban is, it will not touch you.

Mo Fan walked step by step through the floating corridor. The guy involuntarily looked down into the space that was between the two mountains. Even in spite of the fact that lightning illuminated everything around, there was impenetrable darkness below.

Mo Fan has already passed about a third of the corridor, and there were no lightning bans on this part of the bridge. As soon as he raised his eyes, a pictorial picture immediately opened: dozens of lightning circled outside the soaring corridor. And what can we say about those that surrounded the eastern security tower, there were infinitely many. Mo Fan thought that if he somehow fell into the paws of these lightning in the air, he would instantly rub it into powder!

“These Japanese, what are they doing there?” Said Mo Fan, looking at the security tower and grimacing.

Suddenly, in the midst of sparkling lightning, vague silhouettes of three or four guards appeared. They were heading towards Mo Fan, and they looked as if they were in a difficult situation.

No sooner had the guards reached the middle of the bridge, when suddenly several obsessed trees sprouted from under it, which immediately entangled people.

Without waiting for Mo Fan to react, the trees immediately threw the guards outside the soaring corridor.

Outside the corridor there are so many lightning bans! In less than a second, the ban erased all three into powder!

Mo Fan was dumbfounded, a few seconds passed before he could recover.

“Mo Fan, what are you doing ?!” came the voice of Wanyue Mingjian from behind.

Mo Fan was scared, he immediately ran back.

“I told you! No need to wander where you want! ”Said Waning Mingjian, angry.

“I just saw …”, began Mo Fan.

“This is our business, and we can handle it ourselves! Return to the central tower immediately, or I will punish you in accordance with local rules! ”Said Vanyue Mingjian.

“I just saw several guards killed …”

“Whatever you see there, it does not concern you, Ozawa, escort him!” Said Waning Mingjian ominously.

The officer approached Mo Fan, his face was grim.

Mo Fan did not know what to say, so he decided to just leave the soaring corridor.


“Please do not have to go anywhere, the entrance to the tower is prohibited, soaring corridor is also included in the restricted area. It was lucky that the teacher Mingjian noticed you, he is usually gentle towards people. Now, if it was General Takagi, he would not let you go so easily, ”Officer Ozawa intimidated Mo Fan.

When they reached the central tower, the prohibition’s lightning slowly calmed down. However, the questions in Mo Fang’s head have not gone away.

“I just saw how obsessed trees appeared on the bridge and threw several guards outside the soaring corridor. Those people were immediately killed! ”, Unwittingly told Mo Fan about the incident to the officer Ozave.

“You do not need to flog crap! We have only one high-level plant element magician in the western and eastern tower – this is Wanyue Qianxun. It seemed to you exactly! ”, Officer Ozawa answered irritably.

“Why are you so annoyed? I did not say that it was Vanyue Qian-jun! ”, Said Mo Fan, doubting.

“Am I annoyed? I just think you don’t need to blacken Miss Qianxun for no reason. You no longer need to tell anyone this. Especially you shouldn’t approach General Takagi with a similar conversation, ”Officer Ozawa quickly answered.

“Is she like you?” Asked Mo Fan.

“But … no, what are you talking about?”, The officer answered in confusion and blushed.

“Well, yes, maybe it seemed to me, in the end, the prohibition lightnings shone very brightly. Yes exactly. Do you know where Vanyue Qiangyun’s room is? We had a misunderstanding before, I didn’t think that after that she would help me, I would like to apologize to her tomorrow, ”said Mo Fan to the officer.

“Well, her room is at the end of the corridor. Qianxun is the most upright man in the western security tower …, ”Officer Ozawa quickly replied.

“Yes, yes, well, we have already arrived, so I will go to bed as soon as possible,” said Mo Fan, quickly closing the door to the room behind him.

Officer Ozawa was a responsible person, so he decided to stand near the door of Mo Fang, to check that he did not run away.

Mo Fan, once inside the room, decided that the situation was just hilarious.

He opened the window, and his body turned into a shadow. Even if he had jumped out into the corridor, officer Ozawa would not have noticed.


Mo Fan quietly moved under the cover of night. After a couple of seconds, he was already in the corridor the officer was talking about, and a moment later, he was at the door to the Qianxion room.

After Wanyue Qianxun used her plant element on him, Mo Fan could say with certainty that those obsessed trees that the guards had thrown off were very similar to those she used!

Wanyue Qianxiun is one of many people from the western security tower. It seems like she has no obvious reason to kill people. Those three living ones per second have ceased to exist, and this is exactly what will shake anyone! But the reaction of all the others was very strange. It seems that the secrets of the eastern security tower is more important than human lives!

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