Chapter 794. Maybe we can negotiate?


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The door to the room was closed. However, no door could hold Mo Fan, especially if it was a lonely girl. Mo Fang didn’t need much: he just needed to find a window and everything, he was inside.

The human silhouette went to the open window. The window was old-fashioned, and the curtain on it only complicated the penetration inside. However, all this did not interfere with Mo Fan.

“Hmm, she doesn’t seem to be at home,” said Mo Fan and looked around. He noticed that the light in the spacious room was lit, however, Vanyue Qianxun herself was not there.

The room was made in both modern and classic style at the same time. The room reigned incredible order, there was not a speck of dust. Even on the bed there was not a single fold. On the dressing table were different bottles of skin care liquids, hand cream, perfume. And on the table lay a bandana, an extremely beautiful pendant. A soft kimono was hanging on a hanger …


This kimono is very familiar, it seems it was in him that she went today. Kimono is still fragrant woman. The smell immediately created in his head a vivid image of Vanyue Qianxun in a kimono.

“It smells great. It seems that she is still here, how can it smell so bad in the room … ”, Mo Fan very quickly felt the smell coming from somewhere nearby. It seemed as if from a bath …


Suddenly the door to the bathroom opened, and from there appeared straight and slender legs, from the sight of which anyone would have dried up in the throat!

Mo Fan first looked down, but then he unknowingly raised his eyes higher. His gaze passed over a damn sexy body!

Violet towel just covered the most necessary parts of the body.

Mo Fan swallowed, then looked even higher, as one would expect, a small towel can not cover the entire female body. The brains appeared big breasts. They were large, snow-white and ball-shaped, but not hung down.


Wanyue Qianxun wiped herself, but who would have thought that she would not be alone? The woman quickly reacted and covered herself with a towel, after which she immediately used lianas to remove her kimono from her shoulders.

After a couple of seconds, the girl put on her kimono, and Mo Fan could no longer admire such a sexy body.

“I give you five seconds to explain, otherwise you are a dead man!” Said Vanyue Qianxun coldly.

“This is … I … you did not understand, I did not know that you …”

“Two,” said Vanyue Qianyun coldly.

“I fucked * l, you calm down!”

“Three!”, Vanyue Qiangyun was very angry. Obsessed trees immediately grew in the room and filled with all possible exits. If Mo Fan cannot name at least one reason not to kill him, then she definitely will not spare him!

“Obsessed trees! I just saw them in the soaring corridor, I thought it was you, so I came here to make sure. How could I know that you were in the room, and also in the bathroom … I’m not at all what I think you are now! ”Explained Mo Fan quickly.

“Seven!” Said Vanyue Qiangyun after listening to Mo Fanya.

“Believe me! I just came from the tower, I really saw the same obsessed trees like yours. Otherwise, what other reasons would I have for coming here? I really am not one of those, ”said Mo Fan.

Vanyue Qianxun looked at him, and in the eyes there was an undisguised desire to kill.

Water dripped from her damp hair onto the floor, the atmosphere in the room was extremely strange.

“You say that you saw the same obsessive trees that I use?”, Said Vanyue Qianxun distinctly.

“Absolutely! I saw how obsessed gray-blue trees with flowers of the bell appeared in the floating corridor, grabbed three guards, and then immediately threw them out of the corridor. They died immediately, ”H. Mo hastened to tell.

“You tell me everything from the very beginning,” said Vanyue Qianxun with a stone face.

As soon as Mo Fan saw that the situation was not so heated, he sighed with relief.

No sooner had the guy breathed a sigh of relief, he noticed that two blue-gray bell flowers approached him from behind. From the flowers immediately appeared sharp thorns, which froze right in front of Mo Fane!

“Just try somewhere to lie!” Said Wanyue Qianxun.

Droplets of sweat immediately appeared on Mo Fan’s forehead. That is certainly “curious Varvara …”. Well, who would have thought that a small check would lead to such a situation!

Mo Fan did not think long about the current state of affairs and told in detail everything that happened to him.

A woman knew about the appearance of a huge monster in the sea, and Mo Fan described what happened in the tower, mentioned officer Ozawa, described the clothes of the guards of the soaring corridor. After all this, Wanyue Qianxun had no doubts that Mo Fan was telling the truth.

“I assure you, I’m not trying to cheat. Those obsessed trees really killed three people. Besides, I heard shouts on that side, as if someone was calling for help. For anyone anyone committed massacres there! And Wanyue Mingjian immediately drove me away! ”Said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan could not understand what is hiding in the eastern tower. In his head, images of those guards who were killed by the prohibition still surfaced. Fear shrouded the guy.

Vanyue Qianxiun lowered her head, it seems that the story struck her no less than Mo Fang.

The room was quiet, the smells were still hitting the nose. Mo Fan looked at Vanyue Qianxun, and the images of the dying guards immediately changed to perverse fantasies.

“Suppose that what you said is true, but why was it to break into my room? Besides, you have blackened my white name, I will inform you, and you will be punished accordingly. You no longer need to think about any international competitions, they are deporting you back to China! ”Said Vanyue Qian Yun shyly.

“Listen, I’m really not on purpose! Maybe we can agree? “, – Mo Fang’s head was spinning from what was said.

“We can”

Mo Fan was dumbfounded.

Damn it, so directly answered?

Can you really agree?

Only here Mo Fan would never have believed that Vanyue Qianxun is such a compliant woman. Is there some kind of dirty business waiting for him ?!

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